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Patti Stanger’s Net Worth 2018 – How Rich Is The Millionaire Matchmaker?

Patricia  Stanger, also known as Patti, is most commonly known as a reality television personality and businesswoman in the United States. Most people know of Patti from her work on “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” Today we are going to look at the different ways that she has grown her fortune.

Patti Stanger’s Net Worth 2018 – $ 4.5 Million

How did Patti Stanger make her money and wealth?

Early Life

As a young child, Patti was adopted by Rhoda and Ira Stanger, a second generation matchmaker. After being adopted she moved to Short Hill, New Jersey where she would live her entire childhood. Patti was raised within the Jewish faith and still practices the religion as of 2017. She attended Millburn High School and graduated in 1979 at the age of 18. She then went on to attend the University of Miami and earned a bachelor of fine arts in 1983.

Early Career

Her first job in the public eye was a marketing director for Great Expectations, a dating website. Patti then founded her business, Millionaire’s Club, in January of 2000. The Millionaire’s Club was designed as a place for wealthy men and women to find love via her unique matchmaking service. The Millionaire’s Club was a huge hit among users gaining thousands of users within the first year alone. After her successful first year with The Millionaire’s Club, Patti went on to work in the fashion industry. Stanger worked for several years within the fashion industry for several different brands including Saks Fifth Avenue, Joujou Jeans, and Union Bay.

In 2008, Patti was offered a life-changing offer to have her own reality show. This was the beginning of “Millionaire Matchmaker.” The show debuted that year on Bravo and had amazing views. Patti’s job on the show was both as host and as an executive producer.

The show features Patti’s matchmaking skills in action, with each episode of the show inolving two different millionaires who are on the search for the love of their life. Patti, a third generation matchmaker, guides them on their journey to finding love. She first meets with the contestants individually to determine what type of partner that they would like and other helpful information. Patti is known for her quick and direct comments towards contestants on the show and has even gained quite a bit of controversy surrounding some of these comments.  At the end of each episode, viewers find out whether or not the couple has decided to continue their relationship. If the couples do decide to stay together, viewers will see regular updates that will indicate whether or not that the couple is still together.

Patti Stanger Net Worth Radio e1498669052862 In 2009, Patti Stanger released a book titled “Become your own Matchmaker: 8 easy steps for attracting your perfect mate.”  The book was a massive hit among fans of “Millionaire Matchmaker” selling several hundred thousand copies upon the release date.  Also in 2009, Patti was hired to host a radio program 4 days a week titled “P.S. I Love You.” The radio show debuted on XM satellite radio on channels 22 and 24. The show was first scheduled for Sunday nights, but was then moved to Thursday evenings in July of that year and became a permanent program for the station. At the time of this writing, Patti still continues to host “P.S. I Love You” every Thursday night on channels 22 and 24.

Patti Stanger Personal Life and FAQ

Is Patti Stanger Married?

Patti Stanger Net Worth Andy Friedman e1498668943135 No, Patti is not currently married, but she has been engaged before. Patti was engaged to Andy Friedman for a year before breaking up with him due to a disagreement regarding children.  As a result of calling off the engagement, Patti was criticized as people felt that she could not be a matchmaker if her own personal relationship could not last despite arguments.

Does Patti Stanger Have Children?

No, she does not, but she has openly spoken about her desire for having children. She broke off her engagement from Andy Friedman when he confessed that he did not want to have children when she absolutely did. This dispute caused big problems in the relationship, and ultimately caused them to call of their wedding.

Controversy Surrounding Patti Stanger

There has been tons of controversy surrounding Patti Stanger. The most controversy has come from comments made by Patti that others have found insensitive.  One example of her controversial remarks was when she told a homosexual man that she thought he was straight as she thought he did not look or act like a typical homosexual man. She also made hurtful comments towards Jewish men and smart women which people took great offense to. As a result of these remarks, Patti was forced to issue an apology via social media, but some people felt that it was not a good enough apology due to the nature of the remarks made.

Another controversy surrounding Patti is the fact that she is currently being sued as of the time of this writing. Patti is being sued by a woman who she referred to her friends dating service which promised great results.  Patti referred the women because in Patti’s words she was too old to be one of her clients. The woman paid $15,000 for the membership and now claims that she did not receive the service that she was promised as she only went on one actual date, which is far different than what the company advertises.

Where is Patti Stanger’s Current Residence?

Patti currently lives in Los Angeles, California in a home that she purchased in 2009. The home is valued at over $1 million. The home has 6 bedrooms and at least 4 bathrooms. What a great way to spend her fortune!

Any Surprising Facts about Patti?

While her beliefs have changed overtime, a surprising fact about Patti is she once was a Wicca, and was into the practice of Witchcraft.  She practiced the Wicca traditions for six years, but found the most fascinating portion of the religion was its worship of the Earth and natural energy.  Today, while Judaism is her primary faith, she still talks about casting the occasional soul mate spell when love needs a little help.

Where did Patti Stanger Attend College?

Patti Stanger attended college at the University of Miami. She attended the College from 1980 to 1983 graduating with a bachelor of fine arts.

Does Patti Stanger Like to Travel?


Patti Stanger Net Worth Hawaii e1498669602491 Yes, Patti loves to travel, and believes that travel is one of the few things that can make her actually feel wealthy.  Her favorite place to go, when she feels the itch to travel, are the beautiful beaches of Mauii, Hawaii.  Patti has also confessed that she can still enjoy the occasional romantic getaway to the chillier winters of Telluride, Colorado.  Her travels to Telluride have always been interesting and full of culture, but her favorite time to go is during the Telluride Film Festival.

Does Patti Stanger have any upcoming projects?

Yes! Patti has a ton of upcoming projects that fans are sure to love. Patti also has several appearances and scheduled events booked throughout the year where she will be promoting the release of her new clothing collection that will be available for purchase online. She will also star in the feature film “ Sharknado: The 4th Awakens”.

Patti also plans to host and produce  “Million Dollar Matchmaker,” a spin-off from her original series “The Millionaire Matchmaker”.   In this spin-off Patti will take over the 21st floor of a high end resort.  Each week two new millionaires will check-in to the resort. During their stay, Patti will teach them “love lessons” before each millionaire goes on the same date twice, and does so with two potential matches.  In the end, the millionaire and their date can learn how “suite” love can be, or end up checking out alone.

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