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Roman Atwood Net Worth 2018 – How Rich is Roman Atwood Actually?

I’ve got to be honest, being old enough to remember a time before cell phones and cyberspace I don’t like everything that modern technology has to offer, but aside from my ever-increasing technophobia there’s one part of the modern internet that I can’t imagine having to live without, and that’s Youtube. I’m continually amazed that Youtube has only been with us for just over a decade, so influential has it become to all of us. In the ten years of it’s existence Youtube has evolved into the most watched media outlet of all time, far more popular than any TV show, magazine or movie, and it appeals to anyone, even old dinosaurs like me.

Youtube has evolved with it’s growth too, and certain types of content have risen to the top of the popularity heap. Gaming has always been popular, as well as the countless crazy conspiracy theorists, but in the last few years vloggers have become the newest type of Youtube star. They’re watched and followed by millions, with every tiny detail of their lives shared by fans around the World. Roman Atwood originally became well known on Youtube with another popular genre, that of the pranking channel, but these days Roman has re-invented himself into an all-together more serious and mature type of internet personality, and he has never been more successful, or wealthy. But exactly how much is Roman Atwood worth now in 2018? Read on to find out.

Roman Atwood Net Worth 2018 – $10 Million

How Did Roman Atwood Make His Money & Wealth?

Roman Bernard Atwood was born in the small town of Millersport, Ohio on May 28th 1983 to parents Curt and Susan. His interest in making videos started at a young age, and after saving up $300 to buy his first camera he began making short, and in his own words ‘stupid’ videos for fun. By the time Roman got to junior high he was filming short sketch style comedy videos with a few friends, and by the time he got to high school he was focusing on improving his editing skills to give his short films a more professional look.

Roman’s interest in film-making was his main passion at the time, and he didn’t see how learning about history and other subjects at school was going to help him in his chosen career. In 2001, aged just 18 he married his high-school girlfriend Shanna Reilly just weeks after graduating, and opted out of continuing his education at college, despite the warnings of his parents and teachers. He took a job at the family rope-making business, Atwood Rope, to support himself and Shanna, but it was an unhappy time for him as he desperately wanted to be able to make videos full-time. In 2004 the couple had a son Noah, and Roman stayed at Atwood Rope throughout his early twenties, although he still produced videos part-time and dreamed of getting his first big break in the film-industry.

Roman Atwood’s Early Career – The Nerd Herd

Roman Atwood Net Worth
The Nerd Herd Was Roman’s Jackass-Style Video Series

In the early years of the new millennium the Jackass franchise was hugely popular, and perfectly suited to Roman’s ‘stupid’ style of video production. There were millions of copy-cats to the professional stunt-men of MTV fame and Roman was no exception. He worked with his brother Dale and some friends to produce a series of DVD’s featuring some Jackass-style shenanigans called the ‘Nerd Herd’. It was fairly light-weight stuff, mainly Roman and his friends falling off bikes and jumping off roofs into bushes, but no-one got hurt and Roman’s editing skills made them entertaining enough to sell at the travelling rock show, the ‘Warped Tour’ in 2006 and they managed to sell a few hundred copies, but film-making was still not profitable enough for Roman to do it full-time.

Roman got what he thought was his first big chance in the film-industry in 2007 when he was invited to Los Angeles to help work on a movie, but he was disappointed to discover it was a very low-budget production and what he later described as ‘Not a movie at all’. His personal life took a turn for the worse the following year when he discovered that his wife had cheated on him during his time in LA. Roman was devastated and the couple divorced, he later described it as the most devastating time in his life, but he decided to fully immerse himself in film making to get through the rough times.

Roman Atwood’s Early Youtube Pranks – Sketch Empire

Roman worked on a few local commercials in Columbus and joined Youtube in 2010 with a group of other pranksters, including Dennis Roady, long-time friend Chase Gilroy and a few others. The new channel, called ‘Sketch Empire’ featured various hidden-camera pranks played on unsuspecting members of the public and soon started gaining traction amongst the prank-loving community on Youtube. Originally the humor was edgy, with the pranksters going black-face, throwing fake babies into ceiling fans and even pretending to shoot police officers, but the first big hit for Sketch Empire was the ‘Epic Cooler Prank’ released in April 2011, where Sketch Empire members would suddenly appear with an apparently heavy and full cooler and throw the contents of it over passers-by. The cooler was of course empty, but it was the generally positive reactions of the victims that made the video such a success. The following year ‘Epic Pee Prank’ was uploaded to Youtube, and this time Roman and friends were appearing to urinate in public in front of police officers, but of course they were just using a water bottle, and the generally relieved and positive reactions from the police once again amassed millions of views and thousands of new subscribers for the channel.

Roman met Brittany Smith in 2009 at the wedding of Chase Gilroy. Roman was the best man and Brittany was the bride’s sister. The couple had a son, Kane, in 2011 and as the Sketch Empire channel grew and Roman became a more responsible parent, he cleaned things up a bit. The channel was re-branded as the Roman Atwood channel and the older, and edgier Sketch Empire videos were removed. Roman still pushed things a little too far at times, notably on a couple of occasions when he convinced Brittany that he had blown their young son up, or when he convinced her that he had accidentally thrown young Kane off a staircase, but Brittany always forgave him eventually. On one occasion he decided to prank Brittany that he had cheated on her, but Brittany gave him a taste of his own medicine on that occasion, she had seen the hidden camera and revealed that she too had been cheating. She only relented and admitted she was pranking Roman back when he was virtually in tears.

Roman Atwood Vlogs

Roman Atwood Net Worth
The ATM Robbery was a Prank, But the Police Weren’t Laughing

In 2013 Roman launched a second Youtube channel, Roman Atwood Vlogs, where he intended to document the life of his family and leave the pranks to his original channel. Roman may have deleted his occasionally offensive early prank videos, but he was still quite edgy on occasion. In 2014 he conspired with fellow Youtube Prankster VitalyzdTV in a prank where they appeared to rob an ATM. The ATM was a plastic fake, and so was the money inside, but the prank was realistic enough for the pair to get arrested for disorderly conduct and inducing panic after several 911 calls from shocked witnesses. The case went to court and the courtroom was packed with hundreds of fans of both Roman and VitalyzdTV, but eventually the case against the Youtube stars was dismissed, as it was ruled they were expressing their art and thereby protected under freedom of speech.

In 2013 Roman, now followed by millions on both his Youtube channels and millions more on other social media platforms launched his online store ‘Smile More’, selling a variety of T-shirts, bracelets, sunglasses and even pens, and his millions of fans, generally known by the admittedly cool name of the ‘Roman Army’ flocked there to boost Roman’s earnings even more. The more mature Roman has now retired from the pranking game, he no long uploads to what he calls his ‘Old Dusty Channel’, but that old channel still receives millions of views a year, and now has almost 10.5 million subscribers and has amassed almost 1.5 billion views, but even those impressive figures are eclipsed by his vlogging channel.

Now in 2018 Roman Atwood Vlogs has over 12.5 million subscribers, and has achieved over 3.5 billion views. The vlog channel features Roman, Brittany and their sons and has a far more mature and friendly feel to it, Roman’s biggest prank in recent months has been chasing Noah around with a tiny frog on his hand. Roman boasts a big following on other social media platforms too, he is followed by over 5 million on Instagram, almost 2 million on Twitter and another 1.5 million on Facebook, all of which helps to boost his impressive Youtube income with even more sales at the ‘Smile More’ store.

Roman Atwood Personal Life & FAQ’s

Is Roman Atwood married?

Roman Atwood Net Worth
The Atwood family : Noah, Roman, Brittany and Kane, all smiles for the camera.

Roman and Brittany have never tied the knot officially, but have now been together for more than seven years. The pair have never spoken about getting married in the future but the strength of their relationship is clear to see for all of their millions of fans. The Atwood family show as featured on Roman Atwood Vlogs is due to have another star in the near future too, Brittany and Roman announced in late 2016 that they will be having another child, a daughter later in 2017. Hopefully Roman will not be pretending to blow this child up too, but with Roman you can never quite tell when a prank is around the corner.

Roman Atwood’s Salary & Annual Earnings in 2017

Roman Atwood Net Worth
Natural Born Pranksters Is Roman’s First Feature Length Film

Roman Atwood was only the second Youtube star to receive two of Youtube’s Diamond Play awards which are awarded to channels that have over ten million subscribers. Roman Atwood Vlogs, on which he uploads videos most days is the 58th most subscribed channel on Youtube and his earnings from that channel alone are approximately $2 million per year. His original pranking channel hasn’t uploaded a new video for over a year now in 2018 but still receives millions of views every year, boosting that figure even more, but Roman’s ‘Smile More’ store increases his annual earnings by at least another $2 million annually too. He Starred alongside Dennis Roady and VitalzdTV in a feature film ‘Natural Born Pranksters’ in 2016, and even though it was not greatly received by the mainstream media, sales of the VOD and DVD have been fairly steady in the year since it’s release. Roman has also embarked on a tour with fellow Youtuber FouseyTube in North America and Canada entitled ‘Roman vs Fousey’, and the pair plan to take the road show to Europe at some time in the future. Finally Roman is estimated to make about $1.5 million a year from endorsements and brand deals each year, he recently signed a deal with Scott Toilet paper and all of his income streams combined leave him with an annual income of around $8 million.

Where Does Roman Atwood Live?

Roman Atwood Net Worth
The Atwood Family Home in Millersport, Ohio

Roman, Brittany and their children live in a three bedroom, two storey home in Roman’s home town of Millersport, Ohio. The three bedroom home is set in 5 acres of land and as all of his viewers will know, it’s a beautifully furnished home perfect for a young family. Everything inside the Atwood family home seems perfect but with Roman you can never be sure when it’s going to be turned into a giant ball-pit or filled with fake snow, because Roman may be a more mature family man these days, but he’s still a prankster at heart.

Roman Atwood’s Future Projects & Accomplishments

Roman has signed a deal for an upcoming book, reportedly taking a big advance for an autobiography, and he has also produced a board game ‘War & Pieces’ that was designed by the whole Atwood Family. Roman’s future on Youtube is likely to focus more on his Vlogs rather than the edgier pranking style that shot him to internet fame, but it’s his likeable personality and nice-guy image that makes him one of the most popular Youtube stars now in 2018. Last year he was nominated at the Streamy Awards for ‘Entertainer of the Year’, and although he didn’t win that award, he was named the best Youtube comedian at the Shorty Awards, as well as the brains behind the Best Brand Campaign at the Shorty Awards in 2015. Whatever the future holds for Roman Atwood and his family, you can be sure that you’ll be able to see it all.

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