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Phil Robertson Net Worth 2018 – How Wealthy is the Businessman Now?

American businessman Phil Robertson is best known for his role in the reality series, Duck Dynasty. Hailing from Louisiana, he grew up in rugged conditions alongside his six brothers and sisters in a small town. Due to their financial setbacks, the family often hunted their own meat, whether it was fish, squirrel, or deer.

Despite the various difficulties that he faced as a youth, he was a successful student and went on to obtain both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in education. From there, he worked as a teacher for a few years, before returning to his roots with the invention of the Duck Commander Call in 1972. A year later, Robertson established his own company, Duck Commander.

In 2012, he became a household name after landing his own TV show, Duck Dynasty on A&E. Since then, his company has only continued to flourish. According to various sites, Phil Robertson currently has a net worth of $15 million. Although it may be obvious, let’s take a look at his different streams of income.

Phil Robertson’s Net Worth 2018 – $15 Million

How did Phil Robertson Make His Money & Wealth?

robertson 2Born on April 24, 1946, Phil Robertson grew up with his six siblings in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. Throughout his childhood, the family lived in less-than-ideal conditions due to financial setbacks; for many years, they had no toilet, bathtub and electricity. To save money, his parents rarely bought groceries at the store, they grew their own vegetables and fruit and hunted their own meat. Despite the circumstances however, Robertson recalled in his book that “[they] were always happy”.

As a teen, he was involved in numerous sports including track, baseball, and football. Upon graduating high school, Robertson was offered a football scholarship to Louisiana Tech University, where he studied physical education. Continuing to play as a quarterback, he was also a member of the Louisiana Bulldogs during his time as a student. Quite the celebrity, he caused quite a stir after arriving at the college in 1966.

A star player, he was in fact, recruited by Paul Harvey to play professionally for the Washington Redskins at one point; however he ultimately declined as it conflicted with his other passion- hunting. Four years later, Robertson obtained his bachelor’s degree, after which he returned for a master’s degree in education. From there, he supported himself by working as a teacher.

Having always been an avid duck hunter, Robertson eventually grew dissatisfied with the quality of duck calls in the early 70’s. Taking matters into his own hands, he later invented the Duck Commander Call in 1972; shortly afterwards, he established his company, Duck Commander. Today, they manufacture and sell a variety of duck-hunting and deer-hunting merchandise (the latter of which is under the Buck Commander brand).

While it was a successful local business, it wasn’t until his third son, Willie Robertson started working at the company later on that Duck Commander grew to become a multi-million dollar empire. As of 2012, their annual revenue was over $40 million. Although his son has since taken over most of the work at the company, it’s obvious that Robertson had earned most of his wealth directly from the brand.

In 2012, Robertson’s company gained nationwide attention after being the focus of the new reality series, Duck Dynasty. Premiered in March 2012 on A&E, it portrayed the lives of those who worked at the family-operated business. A huge hit, it broke numerous records on the network; at the peak of its popularity during season four, it had drawn in over 11.8 million viewers.

After starring as a main cast member in the first four seasons, Robertson returned as a recurring character from season five and onwards. On March 29, 2017, Duck Dynasty came to an end after well over 100 episodes. Not only did the show raise their notoriety, but it also made tens of millions from advertising sales. Reportedly, it had earned over $80 million from the first nine months alone. From merchandise sales, they also generated another $400 million.

Although it’s unsure whether or not a portion of those numbers went to Robertson, he would have been paid a considerable amount by the network for starring on the reality show- our best guess is that he probably earned a few tens of thousands per season.

Speaking of which, Duck Dynasty isn’t the only TV show that’s come about- in the late 2000’s, Robertson’s company was also featured in the series, Duck Commander and Presents: Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour. In 2014, between season six and season seven of the original show, Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty also aired on A&E.

Since then, he’s also appeared in various other programmings such as Conan (2012), The Wendy Williams Show (2012), The Soup (2012), Live! With Kelly and Michael (2013), Fox and Friends (2016), and A Football Life (2015), to name a few.

In 2013, the Duck Commander founder published his memoir, Happy Happy Happy, which he co-authored with Mark Schlabach.

Phil Robertson’s Personal Life and FAQ

Is Phil Robertson Married?

Yes, his Robertson has been married to his wife, Marsha Carroway since 1966; high school sweethearts, they had dated for two years prior to tying the knot. Although their marriage was rocky at one point, due to his “rock ’n’ roll lifestyle”, it has  been long-standing and solid ever since.

Does Phil Robertson Have Any Children?

Yes, the couple have four children- sons Willie, Jase, Alan, and Jules Jeptha. Met if not all of them have been featured on A&E’s Duck Dynasty.

Did Phil Robertson Go to College?

Yes, the successful businessman went to college. Upon finishing high school, he attended Louisiana Tech University on a full football scholarship. After obtaining his bachelor’s in physical education, he went back to get a master’s degree in education. Naturally, Robertson remained active in football during his college career.

Where Does Phil Robertson Live? Pictures of Phil Robertson’s House

Phil Robertson and his family currently resides in West Monroe, Louisiana, close to the headquarters of Duck Commander. From what we’ve seen from satellite images, their home appears to be decently sized, and is surrounded by nature on all four sides.

What Kind of Car Does Phil Robertson Drive?

Information on Phil Robertson’s vehicle is unavailable at this time.

Phil Robertson’s Career Accomplishments

From living in rugged conditions as a child to being the founder of a multi-million dollar enterprise, Phil Robertson has proved himself to be a successful businessman (even if his son was the one responsible for the company’s boom).

A reality star, he’s appeared in the reality series, Duck Dynasty for well over 100 episodes over a span of five years. In 2013, Robertson was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice TV: Male Reality/Variety Star.

Recent Events

Phil Robertson recently appeared as a recurring cast member in the eleventh and final season of Duck Dynasty on A&E.

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