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Norman Reedus Snapchat Updated Username & Snapcode

Norman Reedus is an American actor who has appeared in many movies and tv shows, notably besides William Dafoe in the Boondock Saints. However, he is most well known as Daryl in the popular AMC zombie thriller The Walking Dead, which was based on a comic book of the same name.

How Norman Reedus Got Famous

He was born Norman Mark Reedus on January 6th, 1969 in Hollywood, Florida. The family moved to Los Angeles, California, where Norman grew up. When he got older, he got into making art. He also worked as a mechanic for a motorcycle shop in Venice, California. Norman didn’t keep his art to himself. He was a painter, sculptor, photographer, as well as a video artist, and he showed his art at various local shows. Deciding he was not well rounded enough, Norman Reedus got into acting, first on the stage, then in film.

In 1997, Guillermo del Toro made the sci-fi/horror film Mimic, and Norman played alongside Josh Brolin and Mira Sorvino. It was his first time acting off the stage, and it might’ve gotten him type-cast as an unrefined, red-neck type character. In the next 7 years, Norman landed roles in movies such as Deuces Wild, American Gangster, Six Ways to Sunday, 8mm, Hero Wanted, and Moscow Chill.

Norman Reedus’s Acting Career

His first starring role was in the Giovanni Rodriguez film Red Canyon in 2008. After that, he showed off his Irish heritage in The Boondock Saints, where he played the role of Murphy MacManus. He also guest-starred on the paranormal TV show Charmed as a main character’s boyfriend. Norman’s next starring role on a movie was on the flick Hello Herman, which opened in the summer of 2013.

In 2009, Norman Reedus landed the role of Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, which was based on a comic book. Although Reedus’ character was not in the comic book, Daryl Dixon quickly became a fan favorite, and the role earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Saturn Awards. The fame from his various roles let him engage in his other passions. He released a book of photography in 2013 and held art shows in Berlin, Frankfurt, and NYC. Norman also showed off his modeling skills over the years, both for mid-90’s music videos and, later, for Prada.

Norman Reedus’s Romantic Life

In 1998, Norman Reedus began dating Helena Christensen, who is a famous supermodel. They dated for five years and had a son together named Mingus. While they are no longer together, they are still friendly. They share custody of their son. In March of 2017, Norman confirmed that he was dating Diane Kruger. He and the actress starred together in Sky, an indie foreign film that showed at the  2015 Toronto International Film Festival. She had been in a 10-year long relationship with Joshua Jackson of Dawson’s Creek fame before dating Norman.

Norman Reedus Snapchat Username -bigbaldheadchat

norman reedus snapcode

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Norman Reedus Other Social Media Accounts

What is Norman Reedus’s Personal Facebook?

It does not look like Norman Reedus has a public Facebook profile like us non-celebrities do, but his official Facebook page has lots of content and is updated regularly. Fans of the Walking Dead star can join Norman’s 6.8 million followers by clicking here. He often promotes his Shopify store called Big Bald Gallery for his photographs, which the about page describes as “Beautiful and terrifying.” Norman Reedus’ other content includes candid photos of the actor in a panda suit, memes, complaints about needing more coffee, and video clips from the Walking Dead.

What is Norman Reedus’s  Instagram name?

You can find Norman Reedus on Instagram under the username bigbaldhead. The actor follows only 948 people, which is a paltry number compared to his 5.7 million followers. Join them by clicking here. Reedus posts some pictures from his time on the set of the zombie horror hit The Walking Dead, as well as candid videos of his black cat Max, interesting mash-up images or gifs of himself among the cast of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or on an arrow that he shot, and Go-Pro footage of himself riding his motorcycle. In August of 2017, Norman Reedus posted his support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey with a photo of the Texas state flag.

What is Norman Reedus’s Twitter name?

Fans can find Norman on the microblogging platform under the Twitter handle wwwbigbaldhead. The Walking Dead actor has over 3.5 million followers and has tweeted 11.9 thousand times. Norman Reedus uses Twitter to reblog his Instagram photos, share news articles about his photography, and post about the Walking Dead mobile game, as well as his Spotify listening habits. He also uses his fame for good to signal post a Gofundme for a tourist from China who was mauled by dogs. You can also occasionally find updates for different conventions that Norman and his cast mates will be attending. Click here for all that awesome content and more.

What is Norman Reedus’s Kik Username or Code?

Like most celebrities, either Norman Reedus does not have an account on the messaging app. or he is not giving out his username to just anyone.

What is Norman Reedus’s YouTube Page?

Norman does not have a YouTube page of his own, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find awesome Norman Reedus content on the video sharing platform. Fans have put together videos of the actor being funny during interviews or his best scenes from the Walking Dead. There are many videos of his appearances on shows such as The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, and CNET. One of the first videos I found was of Norman describing how he got discovered for drunkenly yelling, which may not come as a shock considering his slight redneck affect and appearance.

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