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What Happened to Carey Hart – 2018 Update

Carey Hart is known for a couple things. The first, and chief among them, may be his daredevil-ish attitude for motocross, as Carey Hart is a mainstay of the X Games and motocross world. One of his famed achievements is that he was the first to attempt a backflip on a motocross bike, but not the first person to ever successfully land a backflip on a motocross bike. Outside of the motocross world, Carey Hart has some notoriety in the music world, as he is a known bassist and has performed with bands like Pennywise and Disturbed.

Carey Hart is also known for his marriage to Pink, the musician; together, the two have two children and have amicably stayed together for a strong marriage and to raise their children. Carey Hart’s relationship with Pink plays an important role in his public image. Read on more to find out about Carey Hart’s life and what he’s recently been up to in 2017.

Carey Hart’s Life

Carey Hart was born in 1965 in Las Vegas, Nevada, to a single father. His father owned a construction company, and unfortunately, his parents had divorced when Carey was young. As time went on, he received a present from his father – a dirtbike – and started to compete in local races when he was only a four year-old. At age 18, he turned from a local competitor into a motocross pro rider. At this point, he started to compete in supercross, which he just found was not fun.

Since he realized that racing high-speed motorcycles was just not enough to satisfy his thrill-seeking appetite, he tried something different; he became a freestyle motocross rider, which was an emerging sport at the time. Riders would perform tricks and jumps in a specified amount of time. The course is around 275 by 185 feet, and judges would award points for tricks and styles that appeared in competitions.

Rather quickly, Carey Hart became a prominent leader in the freestyle motocross world. At the Warped Tour, he showed off never-before-seen moves which helped to elevate and expand the sport, as well as advance Carey Hart’s own career throughout the late 1990’s into the early 2000’s. Soon, Carey had sponsors and was earning hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, solely in advertisements. He also began to compete in more premier events, such as the Gravity Games and the newly-founded X games. Carey Hart would go on to attempt to become a household name by becoming the first person to ever complete a full backflip, although he would fail the attempt.

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Carey Hart in 2007

Failing his “Hart Breaker” maneuver, a backflip, Carey Hart injured himself severely. He would suffer from numerous pulled ligaments, and even a compressed vertebra in his back. Carey later dryly commented, “I was just ecstatic that I didn’t kill myself.” A year later at the 2001 X games, he would again attempt the devastating Hart Breaker, but would injure himself again. This time, he would suffer from numerous broken foot bones, broken ribs, and a bruised tailbone. He was injured so severely that he could no longer compete in the X games, but he did not remain idle. He joined up as a bassist for the band Pennywise, where he could continue touring the X games although in an entertainer’s capacity.

In 2002, Carey Hart’s career would finally start to crescendo. He finally completed his Hart Breaker maneuver and would receive a silver medal for the “Big Air Discipline of Motocross” category in the 2002 Summer X Games, and would go on to receive a gold medal in the same category at the Australian X Games. He also made his first movie appearance, appearing in movies like Ultimate X: The Movie (2002), Flipped Out (2003,) and even as a cameo in the film xXx, starring Vin Diesel. He also appeared in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

Unfortunately, Carey Hart would severely injure himself yet again in 2004, and this time his injuries demanded that he receive extensive recovery and rest. He would turn to his less-physically-demanding activities to fill his time, and in 2005, he joined the cast of The Surreal Life on the VH1 channel. The Surreal Life was a reality show which mixed together a variety of minor celebrities and has-been celebrities in a house in Los Angeles, where a camera crew follows them around and records their daily activities. In the show, Carey Hart shared a house with names like actor Bronson Pinchot, Apprentice competitor Oma-rosa Manigault Stallworth, former baseball player Jose Conseco, and former model Janice Dickinson.

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Carey Hart would continue his guest celebrity appearances, and even make an appearance on the television show Inked, which broadcast on the A&E channel. Inked centered on a tattoo parlor that Carey Hart himself had opened with Las Vegas nightclub-promoter John Huntington. The show featured Carey Hart managing his property, as well as working with customers. Overall, the show was a success and would set a standard for tattoo-focused shows in the future, and Inked would be renewed for several seasons. The following seasons would follow other tattoo parlors than Carey Hart’s and John Huntington’s.

In 2005, Carey Hart came out publicly with the fact that he and singer Pink have been dating for several years. In 2006, the two were married. Pink had proposed to Carey Hart with a sign during one of his races in California, with the sign saying “Will you marry me?” At first, Carey ignored the sign, seeing it as a joke, but Pink held up a sign that said “I’m serious!” He would exit the race, pick up Pink on his motocross bike, and complete a lap with his new fiance. The two were married in January of 2006 at a Four Seasons resort in Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, Carey Hart and Pink underwent some unsteady waters and in 2008, separated. His brother died due to injuries sustained in a motocross event in August. Pink supported Carey during this time, and the two would come back together in 2009. The Hart family then founded the XTRM Hart Foundation for some fundraising in Tony’s memory. In April of 2009, Pink had announced that the two had gone to marriage counselling and were back together, and were never truly divorced.

In June of 2011, Carey Hart and Pink welcomed their first child, a girl. Money that was paid to the Hart family was donated to children’s charities. In November of 2016, Pink would announce that she was expecting another baby with Carey Hart, and their baby boy was born in August of 2017.

What is Carey Hart Doing Now in 2018- Recent Updates

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Carey Hart in 2016

Not much has changed for Carey Hart, outside of him taking a long leave of the motocross world. Unsurprisingly, Carey Hart has stepped away from the dangerous world of motocross and has taken on a more traditional father role. His last X Games appearance was in 2012, where he placed with a bronze medal, and since then, he has not made many appearances in games. However, he is still frequently seen riding a motocross bike, albeit at much slower speeds and with more protective gear.

Carey Hart and Pink still have a strong, loving marriage, and Pink has even spoken out on the subject by saying things like “she wants to stab him with a fork sometimes” and has even admitted to handing Carey Hart back her wedding ring, although the two have just recently welcomed their second child, Jameson, into the world. The marriage is still strong, and social media images can be found with both Pink and Carey Hart in them together. Carey Hart has also appeared in numerous of Pink’s videos, with appearances as recent as 2015. It can be assumed that Pink has put her music career to the side so she and Carey can raise their second child, Jameson, with some relative privacy and comfort.

Carey Hart is alive and well to this day, although the speculation remains uncertain if Carey Hart will ever see fit to return to the motocross world. Together, it is estimated that Pink and Carey Hart have a combined net worth of about $135 million, with Carey Hart being worth $20 million and Pink being worn $115 million. The two of them combine together for an interesting marriage that breaks traditional gender roles, and set a positive role model for everyone.



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