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WinX MediaTrans Giveaway: The Easiest Windows iTunes Alternative For Backing Up An iPhone

My iTunes was a bit of a cluttered mess, hundreds of tracks across a wide variety of genres, and for all intents and purposes they are mine. So When I went to back everything up I found my options lacking, before coming across MediaTrans. When it comes to speed and utility WinX MediaTrans has you covered, enabled batch processing, playlist edits, and two way sync, alongside a clean aesthetic design, a clear hold over from the Mac version, allows you to customize what you transfer. At its core the software is fro backing up your iPhone to a windows machine, and it does so with a minimum of hassle.

WinX MediaTrans Design

WinXmediatrans embedded  I have looked into a variety of iPhone back up solutions on the market, and while the vast majority are able to do what they say they can, they are also a little more expensive, and rather unappealing to look at. MediaTrans has a crisp and clear GUI, to the point where figuring out how to make it do what you want will take no time at all. A good start to this.

WinX MediaTrans Giveaway – Fully-functional Version Free Trial

I am a big fan of free trials. I like to get to grips with everything a program has to offer before I drop the cash on it, and I am happy to say that WinX MediaTrans offers a free 15 day trail on the program, well worth checking out. After that there are three packages to choose from, a simple year long license, a lifetime license for one computer and a lifetime license for multiple computers. Best value is the lifetime license, at $35.95. The simple license is $29.95 while the most comprehensive package is $64.95.

They are also currently running a WinX MediaTrans Giveaway.  It doesn’t make any sense to not enter!

WinX MediaTrans Features

Now back to the features! The best way to transfer photo, video and music between iPhone, iPad and Windows computers. It is also the simplest way to Back up your iPhone to PC.

The most important facet of WinX MediaTrans, or at least I imagine it is for most, is being able to transfer your photos from iPhone to Windows. Doing so normally can be time consuming, with iTunes offering little in the way options here. With WinX MediaTrans you can batch process your entire photo album at once, you can even set a few choice options that cut the required storage a fair bit to. The aforementioned GUI is a god send here, as it makes transferring your photos, or indeed any file type, quick and simple. A few clicks is all it takes. The explorer here is nice too, allowing you to browse your photos and custom select files for transfer, delete files on the fly, and do so at a blisteringly fast pace. It is faster than iTunes due to the batch processing that I mentioned earlier. Photos generally don’t take up too much space, but larger 4k images can get pretty dense, the on board compression software makes sure that even you largest albums take up the minimum space necessary.

What is true for photos is true as well for video. Transferring is quick, and you have compression options. In addition there is the two way sync option, allowing you to sync folders between devices, so what happens to one happens to the other, a unique and long term useful feature. File format issues are non existent here as well, as WinX MediaTrans can do on the fly conversions to make sure that anything you move from your computer to you iPhone works perfectly. A nice touch there.

The organization options are top notch too. You can move photos, delete them from your iPhone Camera Roll and Photo Library. The same is rue of you iTunes library, not to mention that your playlists can be made in any way you want, without the limitations imposed on iTunes playlists. You can do the same with eBooks too, making it a complete entertainment organization tool.

That might be enough for some firms, I mean, the features listed seem pretty comprehensive, but there are a few more choice cuts for us to dissect before we move on. You can create iPhone ringtones on a whim and mount your iPhone or iPad as portable storage. Not bad at all.

iTunes for windows is far from an ideal software solution. It used to be horrendous, so credit where it’s due it has gotten better, but it pales in comparison to the OSX version in a number of key ways.  I have used it, and the downgrade from the Mac version is noticeable. Visually the Mac version is better, with better font rendering, and  iTunes Windows has issues with file transfers, both in terms of speed and straight up not knowing where the file is. WinX MediaTrans does away with all that, it is faster, it has better file management and it is easy to use.

WinX MediaTrans Mini Tutorial

WinX Medaitrans photos Using the program is very easy. I have mentioned before that ease of use seems to have been a key part of MediaTrans design goal, so many of the features are simply a click away. You plug your iPhone or iPad into the Windows computer and run the software. It will take a look at your hardware and bring up a menu, showing the name of the hardware and a number of options, like Photo Transfer and Music Manager. Clicking on any options brings you to the explorer, showing the file list. Click on what you want to transfer then click export. That’s pretty much it. The option to add and delete items is alongside the export button, making those features easy to use as well.


WinX MediaTrans Conclusion

The core look of the program is divine. Simple and elegant, not to mention easy to understand, a real boon there. The core features are robust, my pick for the best way to transfer iPhone and iPad data to you Windows computer. The free trial is excellent, allowing you to really figure out if this is the right option for you, and when you do decide to buy you will notice the price compares very favorably to the competition, undercutting many of the other, lesser, options on the market. I highly recommend you give WinX MediaTrans a go as an iTunes alternative for Windows PCs.

Barry W Stanton
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