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Daniel Howell Snapchat Username & Snapcode

A YouTube Personality, Daniel Howell is best known for his self-titled channel, Daniel Howell. Hailing from England, his videos have gained him more than six million subscribers to date.

In addition to his YouTube career, the twenty-something is involved with several projects- for instance, he had made a voice cameo in the popular Disney animated film, Big Hero 6 (2015). That same year, he also released a book with his close friend, Phil Lester.

How Daniel Howell Became Famous

In 2009, Howell launched his original YouTube channel, danisnotonfire, after being encouraged by some friends. As more and more videos filled his page, his following only grew. Before long, he had more than one million subscribers on the platform.

A few years into his career, a second channel was created- this time with his close friend, Phil Lester. Dedicated to video games, the two have played numerous titles including Mario Kart 8, Sims 4, Slender, and Outcast, to name a few. As of 2018, they have earned over 3 million subscribers.

Daniel Howell’s Other Projects

In addition to what he’s accomplished on YouTube, Howell is also noted for his radio show, which he hosts with Lester. Available through BBC Radio 1, it has been ongoing since 2013, though it recently received a name-change to The Internet Takeover.

Besides that, the friends have also written a book together called, The Amazing Book is Not on Fire, which was released in 2015. A massive success, it topped numerous Bestsellers list including the New York Times Best Seller list.

Not long afterward, it was announced that they would be embarking on a theatrical show across the UK. During the tour, they also performed their original song, The Internet is Here.

Throughout his career, he has received numerous accolades including a Sony Golden Headphone Award, and two British Online Creator Awards, among many others.

Daniel Howell’s Snapchat Name – Not on Snapchat!

daniel howell

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the YouTube celeb is on Snapchat right now! We’ll let you know as soon as he joins.

Daniel Howell’s Other Social Media Accounts

What is Daniel Howell’s Personal Facebook?

If you’re a fan, be sure to check out his official FB fan page at @danisnotonfire

What is Daniel Howell’s Twitter?

Interested in following his tweets? Head on over to his Twitter account at @danielhowell

What is Daniel Howell’s Instagram?

Want to check out his photo feed? You can find his Instagram account at @Danielhowell

What is Daniel Howell’s Youtube?

Don’t forget to drop by his official YouTube channel here.

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