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Kristen Hancher Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Hailing from Canada, Kristen Hancher is best known on, where she has over 19 million fans. Since her rise to fame on the music platform, the blonde has also made a name for herself on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. In fact, she even has her own YouTube series called, Misshaps.

Considering all of her online activity, it’s not surprising to know that she has a solid fan base on social media. For instance, the teen has over 4.5 million fans following her photo-feed on Instagram alone!

How Kristen Hancher Became Famous

As it happened, the teen initially rose to prominence on the live broadcast network, YouNow. Though she gained an audience there, it wasn’t until she joined that her popularity really started to take off. Since the beginning of her career, she has gained more than 19 million followers on the platform, making her one of the most popular users on the app.

Kristen Hancher on YouTube

In 2015, her presence grew further after she joined a collaborative YouTube channel called Muser Family; some of the fellow members included Taylor Skeen and Loren Beech.

Since then, Hancher has also created herself a personal channel in 2016. Known for her tutorials and challenge videos, her content has gained her more than 705,000 subscribers, with more than 10.8 million combined views as of February 2018.

Today, her most popular upload, Transition Tutorial has generated nearly 4 million views. Aside from that, some of her other top videos include DIY Slime – Testing Different Types With Friends (1.4 million views), Dares with Friends- I Got Laid (1.1 million views), Dares in Public (840,000 views) and Q & A (734,000 views).

Kristen Hancher’s Personal Life

Since 2016, she has been in a relationship with fellow social media star, Andrew Gregory, who is perhaps best known on Instagram.

Kristen Hancher’s Snapchat Name – daddy_dolansss

kristen hancher sc

Want to know what the blonde is up to when she isn’t on YouTube? You can add her to your Snapchat friend list by clicking here.

Kristen Hancher’s Other Social Media Accounts

What is Kristen Hancher’s Personal Facebook?

If you want to follow her on FB, you should check out her official fan page at @realkristenhancher

What is Kristen Hancher’s Twitter?

To stay on top of her tweets, be sure to follow her on Twitter at @Kristenhancher

What is Kristen Hancher’s Instagram?

While you’re at it, why not follow her on Instagram? You can find her official account at @Kristenhancher

What is Kristen Hancher’s Youtube?

You can view all of her videos on her official YouTube channel here


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