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Luna Blaise Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Luna Blaise is a multitalented teenager who has shown her love of acting and music since she was 5 years old. Recently, she released a brand new single called “camera roll,” and is going on a world tour.

How Luna Blaise Got Famous

Luna Blaise Boyd was born in Los Angeles on the first of October in 2001. Her father is a director, and Luna showed her acting chops from an early age. She began working as a model and actress at the early age of 5. She landed gigs in advertisements for large brands such as Target, Gap, and McDonald’s. Eventually, she got her big break in 2013, when she was cast in a film written by James Franco. Soon after that, she was cast as Nicole on the ABC show Fresh Off the Boat. When her character came out as a lesbian on the show, Luna partnered with GLADD in real life as an LGBT+ ally. She is also currently focusing on her music career.

Luna Blaise Snapchat Name – lunaxoxo

luna blaise snapchat

If you would like to add Luna to your Snapchat account you can do so by clicking here.

Luna Blaise Other Social Media Accounts

Luna Blaise Personal Facebook Account

Luna chose not to make her Facebook profile page public, but you can still follow her on her official Facebook page. She has 44,635 followers on the platform. She posts frequently, using the site to promote her new singles, her tour, as well as other things that she is involved in. The About section claims that Luna’s official page is run by her mother.

Luna Blaise Twitter Username

The teenaged actress has almost 90,000 followers on Twitter. She has tweeted over 6,500 times. Luna joined the micro-blogging platform in late summer of 2014. She uses it as a journal of sorts, as well as a way of self-promotion. Whereas her Facebook page is run by her mother, it seems like her Twitter account is self-run.

Luna Blaise Instagram Username

Luna has posted 768 times on the photo-sharing platform. She is following a mere 400 people versus the 732,000 that get her updates. The official account mostly features high quality, professional images.

Luna Blaise Kik Username or Code

She does not have an account on the Kik messaging app.

Luna Blaise Youtube Username

Luna joined Youtube on July 1st, 2016. She has 52,000 subscribers on the site, which she uses to show her fans her official music videos.

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