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Brooke Mahan Net Worth 2018

Brooke Mahan, or Brooke Horrell-Mahan as she’s also known, is one-third of the biggest parenting network on Youtube, the hugely popular ‘What’s Up Moms’ channel. Alongside her friends and fellow moms Meg Resnikoff and Elle Walker, Brooke has become a major influence in the lives of over two million moms around the World, and I’m guessing quite a few dads too.

With a subscriber base that has grown enormously quickly, and many opportunities to sponsor and promote products and services in the multi-billion dollar parenting sector of the market, Brooke and her fellow stars at What’s Up Moms have landed themselves a lucrative and rewarding career as the go-to gurus of parenting for millions, but exactly how much money has Brooke made out of her online fame?

Brooke Mahan Net Worth 2018 – Not Known

How Did Brooke Mahan Make Her Money & Wealth?

Before she found unexpected online fame as the DIY and craft expert at What’s Up Moms, Brooke was born in May 1978 in Cornelius, North Carolina. She attended Arizona State University before moving to Los Angeles, where she worked in the relatively unexciting World of corporate sales at FedEx for eight long years. In July 2010 she married her husband, Michael, and the couple had their first son, Lincoln, in 2013. In Brooke’s own words, motherhood hit her ‘Like a ton of bricks’, but she soon found some much-needed help from fellow moms who knew exactly what that feeling was like.

Brooke met Elle through Andrew, who played basketball with Elle’s husband, and she was soon asked to join the What’s Up Moms pair to bring her craft skills into the mix. Making videos was such a change for Brooke that her first four-minute video took over seven hours to produce, but her contributions helped grow the channel into what it is today.

The trio diversified into parodies too, in early 2014 they performed a take-off of Iggy Azalea’s ‘I’m so fancy’ that they called ‘I’m so pregnant’, as Meg was eight-and-a-half months pregnant at the time. The Video was a big success with millions of views, and even Iggy Azalea herself gave it a nod of approval. ‘I’m so pregnant’ has since had over 50 million views and that first big hit brought lots of potential sponsors to the channel.

A Kohler-sponsor video in mid-2014 brought plenty of positive attention to What’s up Moms from marketing blog AdAge, and soon other sponsors such as Target, Disney, Puffs, and Fruit of the Loom were attracted because of the positive publicity, and the wholesome family-friendly content that the channel produced.

Now in 2018 the What’s Up Moms channel has over two million subscribers and has gained over a billion views with its mix of vlogs, shows and lifestyle tips for moms, dads, and expectant parents, and Meg, Elle, and Brooke have forged a place as the most successful parent support group online.

Brooke Mahan Personal Life & FAQ’s

Is Brooke Mahan married?

Brooke married Michael Mahan in July 2010 and their first child, Lincoln was born in early 2013. The couple had a second son, Calvin in 2015. When they married Michael was the CEO of TV guide Network, but in February 2018 he became the CEO of Dick Clark Productions, the largest entertainment production company that specializes in TV entertainment award and music award shows.

Brooke Mahan’s Salary & Annual Earnings in 2018

Brooke Mahan Net Worth
Brooke with her sons Calvin, and Lincoln

Brooke Mahan’s net worth has not been disclosed, but after an eight-year-long successful career in corporate sales, and with a husband who is CEO of a large production company, the couple is likely to have a reasonably large annual income. In March 2017 Naibuzz calculated an income for the What’s Up Moms channel of around $1,500 per day, or $550,000 annually, and at the time the channel had only 1.6 million subscribers and 650 million total views. If the estimate was correct, and with sponsorship deals with companies such as SoftPack and Venus Swirl are taken into account, as well as Affiliate marketing deals with Amazon, it’s reasonable to estimate that each member of What’s Up Moms is earning at least a quarter-of-a-million dollars per year from the various income streams connected to the channel.

Will the What’s Up Moms team be expanding in the future?

Brooke, Elle, and Meg see the channel as a community-driven project, and although it’s turned into a lucrative career for the three moms, they are determined to keep the primary focus of their efforts firmly on the needs of moms and plan to work with as many different community groups as possible.

Where can I follow Brooke and the What’s up Moms team online?

Apart from the What’s Up Moms Youtube Channel, the trio also run a Twitter account and Facebook page, and in addition, Brooke also regularly posts on her personal Instagram account.

There is also the What’s Up Moms website that’s packed with more parent-friendly content than any mom could possibly get through in less than a week, and in case you’re thinking that you could never be as good a mom as Brooke, don’t worry, because she’s the first to admit she’s not perfect. In the past Brooke has revealed that at least twice she’s taken her son to pre-school when it hasn’t been a school day, and once it was even the first day of spring break. Brooke always reminds moms to do everything they can, and not to worry about the things they don’t get right, as parenting is an ongoing process, and nobody gets everything right.



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