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MrCrainer Snapchat Username & Snapcode

A Minecraft enthusiast, MrCrainer rose to fame for his self-titled YouTube channel, on which he has more than 2.7 million followers. Aside from his main channel, he also runs a joint account called “Thea & Crainer – Minecraft” with his partner, Thea Kornum, a fellow YouTuber.

How MrCrainer Became Famous

Hailing from Denmark, he joined YouTube a few years back in 2014. In his late teens at the time, he kicked off his channel with a few Minecraft videos, which to his surprise, quickly took off. Within a few weeks time, he had already started to gain popularity on the site.

Inspired by his initial success, he continued to fill his channel with content; eventually, he also began to include other game titles. With that, his following steadily increased; before long, he had reached his first milestone- one million subscribers.

From then until now, he has amassed more than 2.7 million subscribers with over 545 million video views. Today, in addition to gaming videos, he also uploads content such as reaction videos, vlogs, and more. Some of his most popular titles to date include My Real Voice, This is Chocolate, Destroy Cobblestone, and Minecraft: Five Nights at Freddy’s Troll.

MrCrainer’s Other Activities

Aside from his main YouTube channel, he also runs “Thea & Crainer – Minecraft” with his girlfriend, Thea Kornum. Recently launched in March 2017, the pair has since gained more than 848,000 subscribers on the site, with more than 107 million lifetime views.

As its name implies, the couple uploads a variety of Minecraft content to the channel- all of which easily gain tens of thousands of views.

Besides YouTube, however, you can also find MrCrainer interacting with fans on other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. For your convenience, we’ve listed his accounts at the bottom of this page.

MrCrainer’s Snapchat Name – MisterCrainer

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What’s the YouTuber up to when he isn’t making videos? Find out by following him on Snapchat- you can add him by clicking here.

MrCrainer’s Other Social Media Accounts

What is MrCrainer’s Personal Facebook?

You can check out MrCrainer’s Facebook fan page by clicking here

What is MrCrainer’s Twitter?

Want to stay up to date with his tweets? If so, be sure to follow the YouTube star on Twitter here

What is MrCrainer’s Instagram?

Want to check out his photo feed? If so, head on over to his Instagram account here

What is MrCrainer’s Youtube?

You can visit his main YouTube channel by clicking here

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