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Kelianne Stankus Snapchat Username & Snapcode

A social media celebrity, Kelianne Stankus won acclaim after performing a routine in Justin Bieber’s music video, Sorry. Hugely popular, the MV has since been played over 2.9 billion times on YouTube.

Since then, the twenty-something has gained an impressive following on platforms such as Instagram and In fact, she has already amassed over 1.1 million fans on the latter- where she frequently incorporates her gymnastic skills into her videos.

Prior to joining the dance troupe, she was a competitive gymnast for the US Team. In the past, she had competed in San Jose and Florida in the early 2010’s.

How Kelianne Stankus Became Famous

A member of the Acrobats, a performing dance group, the blonde rose to fame after directing and performing in the music video of Justin Bieber’s hit song, Sorry in 2015. A smash hit, the MV went on to yield her a significant amount of attention. In fact, she and the rest of the group later became audience favorites on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

With her multiple television appearances, the former gymnast has earned herself a significant following over the past few years. On alone, she has captured over 7.5 million hearts to date. Some of the other platforms that she’s active on include Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Kelianne Stankus’ Personal Life

Born and raised in the U.S., she took up gymnastics at a young age. One of three children, she has two siblings named Lucas and Cody. Currently, the 21-year-old resides in Los Angeles for her social media career.

As far as we know, the dancer is currently single and not in a relationship- something that was confirmed by one of her recent tweets.

Kelianne Stankus’ Snapchat Name – Kelianne123

kelianne stankus

Want to see more from the dancer? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Kelianne Stankus is active on Snapchat. Want to add her to your friend list? To do so, simply click here.

Kelianne Stankus’ Other Social Media Accounts

What is Kelianne Stankus’ Personal Facebook?

You can check out Kelianne Stankus’ Facebook fan page by clicking here

What is Kelianne Stankus’ Twitter?

Unsurprisingly, she is also active on Twitter. You can check out her tweets here

What is Kelianne Stankus’ Instagram?

Of course, there’s also her photo feed on Instagram. You can find her over at @keliannestankus

What is Kelianne Stankus’ Youtube?

Though it’s a little sparse (for now), she does have a YouTube channel that you can check out here.

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