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Purple Vs Loom and Leaf

The Loom and Leaf is as close to foam heaven as you can get. The multi-tiered foam build from Saatva spared no expense, in either its comfort or its R&D budget. The only issue I had during my review was the price, sure you get what you pay for but even still. Part of me believes that we may never improve on the core memory foam design offered by the Loom and Leaf, which is probably why the Purple doesn’t use memory foam at all. The Purple is a unique build fresh on the market late last year, after running a successful Kickstarter. Rather than the usual three tiers of foam, with memory foam providing the bulk of the comfort, the Purple uses a hyper-elastic polymer top layer that can both hug your bodies contours and provide pain-relieving support. The look of the material may frighten small children, but the results are very impressive. Comparing these two may be akin to comparing chalk and cheese, but let’s try and do it anyway.

Company Vs Company – Purple Vs Saatva

In other Saatva reviews, I expressed my confusion of the lack of apparent donations from a company as successful and long-standing as Saatva. It turns out I was very wrong about that. They have donated mattresses to all kinds of charities and even provided relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Purple cannot really compete in this field. So young a company, but they are still certain to donate all returned stock. I fully expect Purple to be as generous as their competitors in the long run though.

Winner – Saatva

Purple Vs Loom and Leaf Mattress Build Quality and Materials

Let’s start at the beginning, tends to be a good place to start. In the beginning, there was a mattress topper. It covered the entirety of the mattress and that was about it. These days we expect a little more from our mattress toppers, they must be porous, durable and comfortable. The Purple is all of those things, and more. Specifically, their mattress material, a blend of Poly-Lycra, polyester, and viscose, is pliable too. That is important, as their comfort layer is an elastic polymer that needs the cover material and the sheet to move in unison with it. The choice of material here speaks volumes about the design of the mattress overall, and the attention to detail is good to see. But it can’t really compete with the Loom and Leaf. The Loom and Leaf mattress uses a 100% cotton cover, almost as durable and more porous. It is also quilted for added comfort. The look of these mattresses is actually quite similar, so no point gain there. In terms of overarching design the Purple wins out, but in terms of pure comfort, you cannot beat the quilted cotton of the Loom and Leaf.

Winner – Loom and Leaf

On the inside, we have two mattress that are very different. The Loom and Leaf is an extension of the current popular design philosophy, many layers of different foam densities and a heat mitigator. The Purple is a piece of brand new mattress tech perched on two base foam layers. They both feel fantastic, but for very different reasons. The Loom and Leaf has 5.5″ of high density support foam topped with a transition layer. The transition layer acts as a bridge between the support foam and the memory foam that follows it., allowing them to provide support and comfort at the same time. Next up is another layer of memory foam. Now long time readers will know that memory foam has a heat retention issues. Double up the foam and you should have double the issue, but this is not true of the Loom and Leaf as that second memory foam is cooling gel infused. That cooling gel makes sure the mattress remains at a constant comfortable throughout the night.

The Purple is a three layer design. At base, we have 4″ of high density support foam topped with 3″ of slightly less dense support foam. The real magic happens in its top layer. A Hyper-elastic polymer layer that feels very different from memory foam. Instead of depressing all over, and relying on the base layer to provide support, the Purple’s elastic polymer layer provides support in areas that need support and contouring in layers that need contouring. It really has to be felt, but if you can imagine a firm mattress that yields in all the right places you have a broad idea of what to expect. It means we have arguably the best mattress for someone with back issues. The issue of heat retention doesn’t come up here though. It does not use memory foam, and the comfort layer is full of holes anyway. there is maybe only one other mattress that is as cool as the Purple, the Layla for those who really need to know.

Winner – Draw

Purple Vs Loom and Leaf Overall Review

these really are two different mattress for two different kinds of consumer. I prefer the Loom and Leaf, but then I don’t suffer from crippling back ache. If you have tried a memory foam mattress solution in the past and found it lacking in support then I don’t think the Loom and Leaf is what you are looking for. The Purple might be the better choice for you. It’s unique tech, and wonderful sleeping experience, is something you will not have felt before. And if you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund anyway. You lose nothing by trying them both out. Overall I would still argue that the Loom and Leaf is the better mattress.

Winner – Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf Vs Purple – Pricing & Returns Policy

I’ve said this on all the Purple head to heads thus far, but it bears repeating. Purple have focused on the most used mattress sizes, and as yet do not offer the full range. That said, if are looking for a Twin XL, Queen or a King you are in luck. Priced here the Queen will set you back $999, that includes a small discount. There is no shipping cost with the Purple. The Loom and Leaf is also $999 for the Queen, but it ignores the shipping cost, something no other direct to consumer mattress companies has. Thus the adjusted price for a Queen sized Loom and Leaf is $1098. Now I would argue that the build quality on offer from Loom and Leaf warrants the extra $100, but it really comes down to personal needs.

SizePurpleLoom and Leaf
Twin XL$699$799
Cal KingN/A$1399

The customer service offered by both firms is impressive. It seems to me that the mattress industry is the last great bastion of good consumer protection practices. The Loom and Leaf’s trial period is much less than the Purples, being 75 days to Purple’s 120, but they each offer an extended warranty, 15 years, a full five years more than the warranties offered by their competitors. Remember folks that warranty covers viable sag. Not a hard call this one, in terms of raw figures the Purple has them beat.

Winner – Purple

Loom and Leaf Vs Purple – Conclusion

Another hard call, seems the Purple is giving everyone a run for their money. It is the lack of direct comparison in terms of feel that makes these Purple head to heads so difficult. If you have tried memory foam builds and found them too hot, or not comfortable enough, or they worsen your back pains, then go for the Purple. The experience offered is unique, and in the long term, it may help you sleep better. The Loom and Leaf is a distilled experience. Years of foam designs culminating in decadence. If you know memory foam is for you then dream of owning a Loom and Leaf.

Overall Winner – Loom and Leaf

Bedding Add-Ons

Mattress Protector – Spending a large sum of money on anything can be a gamble, so it is best you take all the precautions you can. Buy a mattress protector. Something that will prevent accidental damages from spills, cuts, bugs and fire. I got a SafeRest a few months back and it is working pretty fine. You can find it on Amazon, and You can click on this link to automatically apply a discount rate. Or go somewhere else, I’m not the boss of you.

Sheets – Always always always get a high quality sheet. And by high quality I mean cotton. And by cotton In mean high thread count cotton. Anything else is fancy toilet roll. The difference it makes to your sleeping experience might not be a much as a new mattress, but it is still substantial. I bought a few new sheets some months back in prep for these reviews and I was almost as impressed with the sheets as I have been with the mattresses. These are the ones I bought, 1500 Thread Count Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Egyptian Cotton Sheet.

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