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Purple Vs Saatva

Purple is new, and as a result, have had less opportunity to help their community. It is understandable that they have fewer donations under their belt, and it is something I hope will change in the future. Saatva is a long-standing company in the field, and I have recently discovered their full list of philanthropy, and it is impressive. They donated mattresses to victims of Hurricane Sandy and have donated mattresses to pretty much every charity you can imagine. Both companies have donated returned mattresses to local charities.

Purple Vs Saatva Mattress Build Quality and Materials

They say you shouldn’t read a book by its cover, but they never mentioned mattresses. The cover material can tell you quite a bit about the overall design philosophy of a mattress. Take the purple for example. They use a tri-material blend to create their topper, a mix of Poly-Lycra, polyester, and viscose. they combine to create a material that is durable, porous and stretchy. That last one is not an adjective I would use with any other mattress topper, but when you consider the comfort layer of the Purple, and how it works, you will see the need for an elastic cover material. It tells us they have thought it through. Purple know how to give you the as much comfort as possible from their mattress, and the attention to details is impressive. Saatva went for cotton. 100%, simple and pure. I love me a cotton topper, extra soft, durable, though not as much as the Purple’s, and more porous than most other materials. The best thing about the Saatva is the Euro-style pillow top, extra comfort built flush with the mattress. It has given them the edge in all head to heads regarding the topper material, and there is no exception.

Winner – Saatva

More so than usual the Saatva is removed from the Purple. The tech on offer by both companies could not be more different. The Saatva is an old school mattress with modern flourishes. It uses a coil spring foundation layer, with wrapped contour coils on top to create a mattress that provides unparalleled support, and amazing comfort. The Purple looks to the future, basing its design on a hyper-elastic polymer layer, with a few layers of support foam backing it up. The Polymer comfort layer from Purple is impressive in its simplicity. Fist take a look at the material. I found it quite jarring when I first saw it, but after seeing, and feeling, it in action I am converted. I expect to see this tech further refined and implemented elsewhere. The layer is a rapid response, it provides excellent support and it depresses in the areas that require, creating a yielding firm mattress. The base support foam layers are 4″ and 3″, with the 3″ layer acting a bridge of sorts. one of the more impressive benefits to the elastic polymer layer is the lack of heat retention, a problem at plagues most foam based mattresses.

The Saatva is a five-layer monster of a mattress. At base, we have the aforementioned coil springs. Coiled springs offer better support than the polymer-foam combo, but they do tend to be slightly less comfortable when sleeping with a partner, with one person’s contours interfering with the other slightly. Next is a layer of wrapped contour coils, mitigating the contour disruption and creating what is probably my favorite mattress layer of all time. Topping that is the memory foam and rounding the whole thing out is an edge support system, for durability. The memory foam heat issue is solved here the old fashioned way, with metal and aeration.

Winner – Draw

Purple Vs Saatva Overall Review

This is a near-impossible choice. Saatva has combined an awful lot of materials to craft this bespoke quality mattress, but the quality on offer from Purple can match the Saatva is many important ways. In addition, it has been reported that the Purple is much better for those with back pains. How much truth there is to that I cannot comment on, but I can see why that might be the case. Overall I have to give this one to Purple. The Saatva is more impressive when you break it down, but the clever way Purple have put together their new sleeping experience has swayed me here.

Winner – Purple

Saatva Vs Purple – Pricing & Returns Policy

Again, yes Purple does not offer the full range of sizes. It might take them off the table for you, but for everyone else, there is certainly something there. It might look like the Saatva is the cheaper option overall, but this table does not take shipping into account. Saatva charges $99 for shipping and considering their mattress cannot be compressed to save space that is something of a bargain. It does put the price on par with the Purple though, in the Queen at least. The Purple comes out on top in the other two size categories it offers.

 Size PurpleSaatva
Twin XL$699$699
Cal KingN/A$1299


The customer service offered by both firms is fantastic, as is usual in the mattress industry. First, the warranties cover everything, including visible sag. Both Purple and Saatva are industry leaders here, offering 15 years of coverage, against the industry standard of 10 years. They also offer competitive trial periods, with Saatva offering 75 days and Purple offering a more substantial 120 days. In all honesty, you should know whether or not you’re keeping your mattress within the first 30 days or so, so that difference isn’t much of one. Overall, with a slightly better price and a longer trial period Purple has this section won, if only by a hair.

Winner – Purple

Purple Vs Saatva – Conclusion

The vanilla Saatva is more alike in terms of feel than most other mattresses I have compared to the Purple. I would argue that the Purple offers something unique though. A pain alleviating firm mattress that is comfortable for all sleeping positions and provides the pliability of a soft mattress. It offers more versatility than the Saatva. I love the Saatva though, and I don’t know which I would buy if I had the money right now, but I have to give this one to the Purple overall.

Overall winner – Purple

Bedding Add-Ons

Mattress protector – There are few things worse than wrecking a new thing. Dropping an ice cream cone, bricking a computer, crashing a car, these are all things you do not want happening to your mattress. thankfully there is a solution. But a mattress protector. I picked up a SafeRest a few months back and can confirm that it protects against Pepsi and Bees, I don’t want to talk about it, if not the other things I mentioned. You can find one on Amazon, and I’m sure I left a discount link around here somewhere. Ah! Here it is. click here to apply a small discount to it too.

Sheets – I go on about cotton sheets a lot. Needless to say, I am a fan of how cotton feels. It is cool to the touch, smooth and comfortable. None more so than high thread count cotton. I made the switch to good quality cotton sheets a while back and would never use anything else again unless I was forced to but I cannot imagine a situation where the use of non-cotton sheets was life and death. I found some on Amazon for a decent price and I’ll leave the link at the bottom, how useful is Amazon, right? 1500 Thread Count Wrinkle & Fade Resistant Egyptian Cotton Sheet.

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