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Jonathan and Drew Scott Height, Weight, Age & Wives in 2018

Twin brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott are best known for co-hosting the reality television series, Property Brothers. Originally premiered in 2011, it is currently in its sixth season. Incredibly popular, the primetime show has spawned a number of spin-offs such as Property Brothers: At Home, Brother Vs. Brother, and Buying and Selling. Interested in learning more about the siblings? Keep reading, we’ve accumulated tons of information below.

Jonathan and Drew Scott Personal Facts – 2018 Update


Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott


Jonathan Scott: Licensed Contractor, TV Personality, TV Host

Drew Scott: Real Estate Expert, TV Personality, TV Host

What are they Famous For?

The twin brothers rose to fame in Property Brothers, a reality series which follows the pair as they scout, purchase, and renovate previously neglected houses.


The brothers are 39 years old

Date of Birth

Their birthday is on April 28, 1978


The pair were born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. Currently, they reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.




They are of Scottish Descent

Jonathan and Drew Scott’s Height, Weight & Body Facts

How Tall – Height in Feet

Jonathan Scott: 6 ft 4 inches

Drew Scott: 6 ft 3 inches

How Tall – Height in Meters

Jonathan Scott: 1.95m

Drew Scott: 1.93m

Weight in Pounds

Their weight has not been disclosed to the public

Weight in Kg

Their weight has not been disclosed to the public

Body Measurements

This information is not available at this time

Waist Size

Their waist size is not disclosed

Foot/Shoe Size

Information on their shoe size is unavailable

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color


Personal Life

Relationship Status?

Jonathan Scott was previously married to Kelly Ully from 2007 to 2013. His brother Drew, is currently engaged to Linda Phan.

Jonathan and Drew Scott’s Girlfriends



Joanne Scott


Jim Scott


As far as we know, they do not have any sisters


The youngest in the family, they have an older brother named James Daniel who is two years their senior


Neither of the brothers has any children.

High School

The brothers went to Thomas Haney Secondary School, where they played volleyball and basketball.


The twins moved to Calgary for university after their graduation.


For now, information on their salary is unavailable.

Net Worth

Unfortunately, information on the Scott brothers’ net worth is unavailable at this time



Random Facts



Favorite Food


Favorite Actor


Favorite Book


Favorite Movie


Favorite TV Shows


Favorite Music Artists


Favorite Sports

Both of the brothers are basketball enthusiasts; growing up, they often played together- sometimes a few hours per day


Born on April 28, they are both Tauruses

Phone Number

This information is currently unknown


This information is currently unknown

Jonathan and Drew Scott’s Social Media Accounts & Usernames

Jonathan and Drew Scott’s Instagram Username 

The brothers have separate Instagram accounts; you can visit Jonathan’s Instagram page here and Drew’s page here.

Jonathan and Drew Scott’s Facebook Account 

You can visit the Property Brothers’ official Facebook fan page here

Jonathan and Drew Scott’s Youtube Channel

You can visit the Property Brothers’ YouTube channel here

Jonathan and Drew Scott’s Twitter Username 

You can check out Jonathan’s tweets here, and Drew’s tweets here

Jonathan and Drew Scott’s Snapchat Username 

The brothers are not on Snapchat at this time

Other Interesting Facts:

  • At the age of seven, they started a business with their parents called JAM, where they made and sold nylon-wrapped clothes hangers
  • As children, the twins often rearranged the furniture in the home
  • Jonathan spent his sophomore year in Alberta, though he later returned to Maple Ridge after his grades started to decline
  • While they were in high school, Jonathan gravitated more to theatre compared to Drew
  • An illusionist, Jonathan began to study the art of magic as a teen; he later joined the International Brotherhood of Magicians
  • As young boys, the brothers performed as apprentice clowns at a number of events, sometimes earning as much as $100 per hour
  • As a young adult, Drew pursued acting and eventually landed roles in Madison, Breaker High, and Smallville
  • The twins are known for their goofy senses of humor- notably how they poke fun at each other in public
  • They have a large female fanbase, partly due to the fact that their TV show began on a W Network
  • Drew has a black belt in karate
  • A fan of The Walking Dead, Drew was once invited to the aftershow, Talking Dead to give his insights on “zombie property values”
  • The twins have worked with Michelle Obama on her initiate, Let’s Read Let’s Move in the past
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