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Katt Williams Net Worth – 2018 Update

Best known for his standup, his appearances on The Boondocks as “A Pimp Named Slickback”, and probably also for getting choked out by a middle schooler, Katt Williams, for better or worse, is always entertaining to hear about. Here, we will take a look at Katt Williams net worth, as well as some frequently asked questions about his life.

Katt Williams Net Worth – $10 Million

How Did Katt Williams make their money & wealth

Katt Williams gained his fame through three things: Permed hair, colorful outfits, and big laughs. The first in a line of comedians to dedicate themselves to “gangsta comedy” by diving into every facet of it, Katt Williams quickly gained prominence as one of the wittiest and enthusiastic comics around. While his earliest performances were lost to time, Katt would start making national waves in 1999 when he performed at the world-famous club, The Improv. He would show up with several Comedy Central specials thereafter as well as the big sign he made it, his own HBO special. After the HBO special, offers started rolling in for him to play roles in movies, tv shows, even video game and animated characters such as one of the more memorable characters in the Boondocks “A Pimp Named Slickback”. As of 2018, he has also released a new stand-up special out of Jacksonville, Florida called “Make America Great”. If it is similar to any of his other specials, it’ll be full of good topical comedy, and also give his side to the many arrest stories that have flared up between his previous specials and this one.

Katt Williams Personal Life & FAQ:

Is Katt Williams married?
Yes, Katt Williams has been married to Eboni Gray since 2010, though their relationship story is something that deserves far more than a single question on the FAQ section to fully understand what’s going on at a personal level.

Katt Williams Salary & Annual Earnings in 2018-
It is estimated that Katt Williams own salary is in the ballpark of $240,000 from both stand up concerts and merchandising.

How much money does Katt Williams make per concert –
Per each Katt Williams show, though each venue is different in payouts, one could reasonably estimate the average made by Katt per stand up show is around $3,000 per night. Not bad, considering many Americans take home that in a month or more of work.

KattWilliamsHouse Katt Williams House –
Katt Williams House is a sprawling estate just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. With enough room for his rather large family, as well as being the set of the start scene of his stand up film “American Hustle”, it’s a somewhat well-known residence.

Katt Williams Car –

While currently there is no data about Katt William’s present ride, Katt at one point gave away both a Lamborghini Aventador and a Cadillac Escalade.

Charity and donations and philanthropy- While not associated with any charities directly, there has been a few times where Katt Williams has done some pretty cool stuff. This has included sending a handwritten note and $1000 cash to a woman who needed a kidney transplant who showed up to one of his shows.

Katt Williams Achievements – Katt Williams was nominated in 2007 for the Teen Choice Awards choice comedian.

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