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Savannah Soutas Snapchat Username – 2018 Profile ID

Savannah Soutas is a social media influencer from America. She is into photography on a professional level, which leads to building her Instagram following to millions of fans. Savannah is also popular on the app.

How Savannah Soutas Got Famous?

Savannah was born on March 2, 1993, in Orange County, California to Deborah Soutas. Her sister’s name is Chantelle. Her parents introduced her to modeling when she was a baby and enrolled her in dance when she turned two, but the talents that would make her famous were professional photography and blogging.

The first social media platform that Savannah took over was the lip syncing site She grew her audience to over 9 million followers. Both she and her daughter Everleigh are featured on the channel. Savannah had her daughter when she was 19, but she no longer speaks to the father. Since then, she has gotten married to Cole LaBrant. The two share a YouTube channel with over 4 million followers. Most of the content on the channel is in vlog format – the family even filmed their whole trip to Disney World.

Savannah Soutas Snapchat Name – Savvvsoutas

savannah soutas snapchat 2018

If you’d like to follow Savannah and her family on Snapchat, just click this link.

Savannah Soutas Other Social Media Accounts

Savannah Soutas Personal Facebook Account

Savannah’s least-liked social media account is obviously her Facebook. She rarely shares posts with her 533,000 followers on the site. Occasionally, she posts ads for her clothing line or cross-posts from other social media. Her most recent original post is from December 22, 2017. The devout Christian put together a playlist of her favorite worship artists on iTunes along with her husband and donated the proceeds to churches and charities. The playlists cost $10.

Savannah Soutas Twitter Username

Savannah is followed by 550,000 fans on her Twitter account. She has tweeted over 1800 times, using her platform to share inspirational quotes and Scripture. On March 9, 2018, Savannah celebrated hitting 3 million followers on Instagram with a tweet and a picture. Savannah also alerts fans to when she and her husband post-Q&A videos so they can tweet their questions.

Savannah Soutas Instagram Username

Instagram is a great outlet for Savannah. She posts some of her professional photography, as well as amazing photographs of her, her husband, and her daughter. She deserves all of her 3,100,000 followers on the platform.

Savannah Soutas Kik Username 


Savannah Soutas Youtube Username

Savannah and her husband Cole share a very popular YouTube channel which comes to 4.8 million followers. The couple shares much of their family life on the channel, including their wedding video, the day that she lost her wedding ring down the sink, and Everleigh’s dance competition videos.

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