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SoFi Bonus Code – Get $100 Free Promo for 2020

SoFi is a new form of finance company that, while offering traditional refinancing of student loans, medical school loans, or even mortgages, ditches the typical red-tape snagging and headache-inducing complications of your average bank. It’s forward-thinking, and wants to help you become up-ward moving, whether through your own business ventures or simply by the opportunities that lower monthly student loan payments can allow.

SoFi $100 Free Bonus Code (Updated January 2020)

To automatically activate the best current deal available at SoFi all you need to do is visit the following link below:

Get $100 Free At SoFi – Best Current Deal Link

By clicking on this link, you are eligible for $100 out the gate, which is a fantastic rebate and can help make your first loan payment even easier. The link above can be shared by anyone to save them $100. So if you have friends who are looking to refinacne a loan, take out a new personal loan, or just work on their finances, it may be worth the time to fully investigate SoFi.

Why SoFi?

Loans. Most of us have them. Most of us hate them. I can say that due to both University and Grad School, I am currently swimming in debt. I could probably fill an Olympic sized swimming pool with my debt. And I am slowly, but surely paying it off. You know what makes it a bit harder though? That every month, a bit of my payment is chipped away by the standard federal interest rates, and honestly, I’ve been meaning to refinance for a while, but I’ve been hesitant.

Big banking systems have always seemed off-putting to me, and I’ve always had my share of concerns about what bank I could trust, and feel alright giving money to while paying off my debts more quickly. In my searching, I happened to find SoFi.

It should also be noted that for parents of students, PLUS loan refinancing is available for anyone who owes $5,000 up to $100,000 currently. In addition to lower rates and a streamlined loan process, most people will find there are no loan origination fees, no early prepayment fees, and the wonderful customer service rare gems. But would you like to save even more money? Of course, you would.

Cody Carmichael
Cody Carmichael
University graduate in Psychology, and health worker. On my off time I'm usually tinkering with tech or traveling to the ends of the globe.


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