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Sofie Dossi Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Sofie Dossi describes herself as a “self-taught contortionist, hand-balancer, and aerialist.” She competed in the 11th season of NBC’s America’s Got Talent using her interesting talents and was got the coveted Golden Buzzer. She has had an impressive career as a sixteen-year-old and will continue to grow in her career.

How Sofie Dossi Got Famous

Sofie was born in California on June 21, 2001. She only started teaching herself how to contort her body at the late age of 12. She trained herself using a YouTube video and ended up basing her whole career on that skill. In addition to her America’s Got Talent stint, Sofie also has collaborated with many famous YouTubers, including the controversial Logan Paul. Sofie also has a shop on her site, selling a collection of inspirational clothing. You can find those here.

Sofie Dossi Snapchat Name – SofieDossi

sofie dossi snapchat

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Sofie Dossi Other Social Media Accounts

Sofie Dossi Personal Facebook Account

Sofie pulls in content from her YouTube and Instagram accounts to fuel her official Facebook page. She has a regular posting schedule of every three days for her 129,157 followers.

Sofie Dossi Twitter Username

She joined Twitter in March of 2015. Since then, she cultivated 30,000 followers. Sofie’s brand works better on a visual platform, so it is understandable that she is not as popular on Twitter as she is on other sites. She often retweets her fans though, so she is definitely worth a follow.

Sofie Dossi Instagram Username

Sofie has posted 413 times to her almost-one-million followers on Instagram. There’s plenty of awesome content on this account, such as candid. selfies, and contortion photos that are previews of her YouTube videos. My personal favorite photo is one of her and fellow social media star Alya while they are wearing white sweaters with black cow spots.

Sofie Dossi Kik Username 

Sofie Dossi does not use the Kik app or have her username available publically.

Sofie Dossi Youtube Username

Sofie has an impressive 1,430,116 subscribers on her official Youtube account. The channel is divided into convenient playlists such as Challenges & Dares, Vlogs, Skits, Collabs, Performances, and Popular Uploads. Some of the most notable posts include her America’s Got Talent performance videos and the video where she scared Ellen with how flexible she is.

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