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Zipcar Promo Codes & Discount Coupons (2018 Update)

In this day and age, owning a car can be costly. Still, what alternatives are there besides taking public transit? While taking the bus or train can be convenient in some cases, there are limits to where you can travel on such means of transportation. In addition to that, waiting for public transit can be a hassle, especially when you’re low on time.

Ultimately, its due to the above reasons that car-sharing has become as popular as it is today. As long as you have a valid driver’s license, there are many options that allow for you to rent a car by the minute, hour, or day.

A popular car-sharing company., Zipcar has offered its services since 2000. As of 2016, they had over 1 million active members across nine countries. If you’re looking into renting a car, whether it be for a short or long period, why not take a look at what they have to offer? While you’re at it, why not take advantage of some discounts and offers?

Zipcar Promo & Coupon Codes – July 2018

If you’re about to rent a car anyway, why not save some money in the process? If you’re interested, you’ll first want to create an account either on their official website or through their app. Next, simply do the following:

Step 1:Click and use this link for a free $25 credit to your Zipcar account. The coupon will automatically be added to your account.

Step 2: That’s it, you’re set!

More About Zipcar

Co-founded by Robin Chase and Anteje Danielson, Zipcar released their first set of cars in Boston, Massachusetts in June 2000. After running into a few difficulties with funding, they successfully secured $10 million in funding by Benchmark Capital. Today, there are offices in San Francisco, Toronto, London, and Vancouver.

Like most car-sharing services, Zipcar members are able to reserve a self-service car via their website or app, after confirming vehicle availability. In the United States, each reservation allows a driver to use the car for up to 180 miles for every 24 hours. For those who are interested in renting a vehicle, there are three different plans available, the “Monthly Driving Plan”, “Extra Value Plan” and the “Occasional Driving Plan”.

Once a car has been reserved, the user will be given an access card that is capable of opening the vehicle at the appointed time. Not only does the reservation include access to the car, but it also includes a gas card, vehicle insurance, and up to $15 in reimbursements for items such as car washes and window wiper fluid.

Depending on where you’re located, the rates for the plans will vary slightly. In general however, you can expect to pay around $7 to $8USD per hour and around $65-75 per day. For more information, you can visit and check rates at their official website.

Once you’re done with the vehicle, simply drop it off in a designated parking spot. After that, all you need to do is lock it up with your Zipcard or app. If necessary, you can extend your reservation via text message or app.


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