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ANNKE NOVA Orion Wireless Security Camera Review

If you are looking to up your security game, or you’re just a fan of cool gadgets, let me introduce you to ANNKE Nova Orion. This little security camera looks pretty ordinary but hides lots of cool features within itself. In today’s review, I’ll show you exactly what I mean by that, and we’ll go over everything in-depth, in order to discover whether the Orion is worth purchasing. Let’s get started!

What is ANNKE Nova Orion?

ANKE Nova Orion is one of the newest products in the world of home security. It is a wireless security camera packed with lots of smart features that you didn’t even know you wanted. But you are about to find out, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Other than providing the basic surveillance and recordings like every other security camera, the Nova Orion offers lots more. For example, if you already have some ‘smart home’ gadgets, it can interact with them. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First things first, right?

What is the company that creates the Nova Orion?

The company that created this impressive little camera is called ANNKE. ANNKE is a young company, focused on creating and innovating video security products. The company operates in several countries and has over 50 million worldwide customers.

What exactly is the ANNKE Nova Orion Wireless Security Camera?

Nova Orion is one of ANNKE’s newest and most innovative products to date. As its headline implies, it is a wireless security camera, meaning that you place it in your home for video surveillance. Unlike traditional surveillance cameras, this one offers streaming straight to your smartphone, so you are able to see what’s going on around the house at any time. But that’s only where things are getting started. Let’s go over some of the key features of the ANNKE Nova Orion.

ANNKE Nova Orion Key Features

Auto Tracking

Using the auto-tracking feature, the camera will record any moving object, person or animal that passes near it, so it will always record the important bits.

Cloud Storage

On top of the local storage option (up to 128 GB micro SD), you also get a free month of cloud storage included with the purchase. That way you are able to access your recordings from anywhere in the world. It also ensures that no recordings are lost!

SmartHome – Alexa & IFTTT

annke orion nova smart home This is probably my favorite feature of the Nova Orion. You can integrate it with all of your already set-up smartphone gadgets such as voice assistants (Alexa, Google Home), FireTV, Google Home and more. You can also integrate it with IFTTT (If This Then That, you can find the app on your Play Store or AppStore), so for example, you can have it turn on once you leave your house (through your phone’s geolocation). That way you don’t have to worry about setting it on and off constantly, it does everything itself. Smart!


Two-Way Audio

The Orion Nova has both a built-in microphone and a speaker, meaning that you can talk to your family while you’re away. Or vice versa of course. Or you can make spooky sounds to deter intruders…and have their reaction recorded. What a fun situation, other than the fact that you have burglars in your home. I’m just trying to say that the possibilities are endless!

Video and Snapshots

The Nova Orion records crystal clear 1080P footage so you will be able to see everything in high detail. Same goes for the snapshots, of course.

Panoramic Image

The camera has an option to record a full 360 view of the surrounding space, pushing out any blind spots, so you won’t miss anything.

Privacy Protection

However, it’s smart enough not to record you in your private times. You can easily just enable the privacy mode manually, or automate it with the previously mentioned smart home integrations. The camera is there to record while you’re away, not why you’re around, and it knows that.

Quality Recordings At Both Daytime and Nighttime

Any camera can make recordings look good on a bright day. But lots of them crumble once night settles. Not the Orion Nova. With its IR night vision, it will provide top quality footage even during the darkest surroundings.

Plug and Play

Most other security systems are a hassle to set up, with countless wires and settings. The Nova is a simple plug and play product that you’ll be setting up in minutes after it arrives.

Remote Access

annke orion nova push notification You can remotely access your Orion Nova through your smartphone or computer, with the corresponding programs. That way you’re able to stay on top of everything that’s going on, no matter where you are.

Push Notifications

Once paired with your smartphone, the Nova will notify you when it detects anything suspicious, so that you can tune in live and see what’s going on. That way you can focus on whatever task you’re doing, knowing that Nova has your back.

ANNKE Nova Orion – Is It Worth The Purchase?

In my opinion, this is a definitive yes. If you’re looking to get a surveillance camera, get one that does everything right. Which would be the Orion Nova. Even if you don’t need all of the smart features, it’s not a bad idea to have them readily available. I can wholeheartedly recommend the ANNKE Nova Orion as my no. 1 choice for a smart home security camera.

You can buy the ANNKE Nova Orion Wireless Security Camera on Amazon. Use the special promo code “PLLNDCOW” for a 15% discount on us! You’re welcome. 🙂

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