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WonderShare Fotophire Review

If you’re like me and are always in need of a good photo editor, you’ve come to the perfect place! Today I will be reviewing the WonderShare Fotophire, one of my favorite photo editing programs, so you definitely want to keep reading. Let’s just get right into it.

About WonderShare Fotophire

What is WonderShare Fotophire?

WonderShare Fotophire is a photo editing toolkit which consists of five tools; Photo Editor, Photo Cutter, Photo Eraser, and additionally, Photo Maximizer and Photo Focus. When you add it all up, you get a pretty powerful toolkit for all of your image enhancement needs. In today’s review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at all of this software’s features, as well as its ease of use, which are the two main things I care about when using such programs.

What is the company behind this software?

The company that makes Fotophire is called WonderShare. They focus on creating all sorts of software, ranging from multimedia all the way to phone data recovery. WonderShare created dozens of useful products, but amongst their best-known ones is Fotophire, which we are reviewing today.

WonderShare Fotophire Features

As previously mentioned, this toolkit consists of several tools, so I’ll be splitting this portion of the review accordingly.The basic version of the toolkit consists of the three essential tools that I’ll be focusing on. The best thing is that there’s a completely free trial, so you can experience all of this before you decide whether you want to buy the toolkit or not. So follow along – first up is the Photo Editor!

About Photo Editor

FotoPhire Photo Editor
The effects from Photo Editor can really make your photos ‘pop’.

When you first launch Fotophire, you are greeted with the option of selecting which program do you want to run. If you chose the photo editor, you’ll be met with some samples that you can do your editing on. Of course, you can also use your pictures as well. Once you’ve loaded up a picture, you’re ready to start photo editing. You are greeted with a bunch of effects (filters) that you can apply to your photos. There’s a staggering amount of them, so I’m sure you’ll easily find whatever it is that you might need. You can also easily crop your photo or do some adjustments such as color balance, tone curves, change the brightness & contrast, vignetting, and lots and lots more. The features under the ‘Adjustments’ tab really are plentiful, making this a very powerful image enhancement tool. You can then add a frame and play around with that, as well as apply a texture to your newly-created masterpiece. Finally, you can of course also add text to your image. And to top it all off, you’re able to create your own effects, so if you fiddle around with some adjustments and decide you really love it, next time it will only be a click away! Overall, I was only disappointed in one little thing – being unable to add a text outline.

The entire thing is very powerful and very user-friendly if you are new to the world of photo editing. With just a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to have your picture look exactly the way you want it to. It took me minutes when I first started using this software to practically master it.  So I’m sure you’ll be able to do the same.

About Photo Cutter

FotoPhire Photo Cutter
Using this tool I was able to send my gamepad on a vacation in Paris in just a few minutes.

Photo Cutter is the program which offers one of the most powerful features of this toolkit, which is to remove the background from an image. So if you need to replace the background or just want your object to have a transparent background, this is the one that will do the job for you. All you need to do is to simply color the areas you want to be removed and the ones that you want to be kept. Of course, this doesn’t need to be precise, because once you do a rough outline, the program does everything itself. And you can of course easily replace the background after you’re done erasing the original one.

Like the previous one, the photo cutter will greet you with a tutorial if you open up one of its sample images. You’ll be able to remove or replace a background in just minutes, which is excellent.

As for the functionality itself, it works wonderfully for the most part. From my experience, it only has trouble with the usual stuff such as fur or hair, which is generally hard to do for any such program. But if you consider that it only takes a couple of minutes to finish the background replacement, it’s more than functional enough.

In the end, there isn’t almost anything bad to say about this one. It’s very powerful, it really works and you can start using it even if you are a complete beginner. If I had to choose one con, it would be that there isn’t a manual eraser that you can use to smooth things out after the program does its magic.

About Photo Eraser

photo eraser comparison
All of this combined took less than 5 minutes (both taking the photos and fixing them up). On the top image I used cloning, and on the bottom one, the Photo Cutter did everything itself once I used the eraser.

Last but not least is the Photo Eraser, the software you use to erase an object or two from your images. Again, upon opening the sample images you’ll be greeted with tutorials on how to use this tool to erase objects from pictures. You are able to fix photos in two different ways, by cloning or erasing. Erasing means you simply select the part of the picture that you want to remove and let the Photo Eraser do its thing. Depending on the image, this can be done flawlessly, or you might have to mess around a bit. Cloning on the other hand just lets you select a part of your picture that you want to be cloned onto the other (non-wanted) part. This works best if your image has similar looking objects, such as trees, grass, water, etc., so it really blends in well.

As you would expect, the program is once again very easy to use. After you finish the short tutorials, you’ll be able to fix any of your photos very easily. Functional and easy to use. I know I’m starting to repeat myself, but this toolkit really hits on the head everything I value in a software.

WonderShare Fotophire Conclusion – Is It Worth Buying?

For me, as someone who deals with photo editing and image enhancement almost every day, this is a definite buy. If you are even remotely interested in image editing, this is a best-buy solution in my opinion. Even if you only want to clear up some vacation photos, this will work wonders, and the same applies if you are a big-time graphics designer. It simply works.

And the best thing is that there’s a 30% discount on Fotophire, thanks to their Mother’s Day sales. So if you’re looking to buy WonderShare Fotophire, now is the best time. In my honest opinion, you will not regret it the slightest.

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