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Living next to two big cities, there’s one thing I love, and one thing I hate. The thing I love is that when I feel like it, I can hop onto a rideshare app and make bundles of cash on people wanting to travel into or out of the city. What I hate is when I am in their position and usually end up just taking public transportation, which while cheaper, usually means I have to leave over an hour earlier than I could in a car. Usually, even if I can find parking in either city, I’m looking at spending $5 to $35 depending on how long I anticipate being in the city and if it’s a popular day to go into either. But what if these two bad choices aren’t the only ones? With SpotHero, it might not be.


SpotHero Promo & Coupon Codes 2018

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Offering plenty of spaces and lowered rates, SpotHero partners with parking facilities nationwide to ensure that people can get the parking they need, at a price that can be afforded. With passes for a few hours and up to a month, you can save even more money if you’re looking for a parking spot for work. But can you get even more savings out of SpotHero? Here, we’ll give you an offer that should help make parking a far better part of your day.

About SpotHero

Given the fact that most users of this program will likely be work commuters, let’s take a look at how SpotHero can work with your job to maybe leverage some extra benefits. In many big cities, there are monthly or quarterly parking allowances given in the form of carpooler or commuter cars. Considered a pre-tax money withdrawal and can, in fact, be useful when it comes to tax time the following year. Usually, it is limited to $260 a month, which for some may be more than enough while in other cases, outside of SpotHero, this can be a struggle to keep below. SpotHero for its part fully accepts these cards so long as you are parking within 1 mile of your workplace (which will be verified through the input of card information). The only real limitation, in this case, is that you can only use this benefit cards at most 5 times per day, which most people will find to be more than ample. By using the SpotHero app, you can also track parking expenses far easier than by keeping track of such things yourself. If you find yourself in need of cancellations, there is also no need to worry as long as you are canceling at least 1 minute before your reserved time starts, making SpotHero a useful, forgiving, and efficient way to ensure you can get into work without issue.

Cody Carmichael
Cody Carmichael
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