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DodoCool Magnetic Wireless Wood In-Ear Headphones Review

Dodocool is offering some really great Magnetic Wireless Wood in-ear headphones that we thought we would tell you all about. This company is always bringing out new innovative products to the market, with a huge focus on technology and smart accessories. With the Magnetic Wireless Wood, you will get a high-quality product at a fraction of the cost of most other brands. If you are looking for a new part of in-ear headphones, then keep reading to learn all about the Magnetic Wireless Wood headphones.

Magnetic Wireless Wood Headphones Offer Amazing Sound

With the Magnetic Wireless Wood in-ear headphones, you will get amazing sound quality. The sound quality will come in handy whether you are listening to music or taking a phone call. The headphones come with a high-definition microphone, which allows you to have hands-free phone calls with stereo quality sound. There are three different ear cap sizes with these headphones, which give you the option to change out to whichever ones are most comfortable for your own ears.

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Speaking of the in-ear headphone caps, they will also filter out noises, which means you do not have to worry about not hearing clearly due to outside sounds. These headphones use the CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology, which gives you high-quality sound with low latency. The in-ear Magnetic Wireless Wood headphones also have a really good ergonomic design quality. That makes them more comfortable and provides a lot of stability.

Magnetic Wireless Wood In-Ear Headphone Details

Other special details about the Magnetic Wireless Wood in-ear headphones is that they have IPX5, which means they are sweat-resistant. You will not get any sweat or water in the earphones due to the materials used. That is one reason why these headphones are so great for working outside or while you are on the go, because sound quality is never impacted due to sweat or other water situations.

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Did we mention you can get more than six-hours of listening with a full battery charge? There is an LED indicator light that will tell you the battery level status. The Wireless functionality of these in-ear headphones allow for you to pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device you own. Whether it is your smartphone or your tablet, you can pair the Magnetic Wireless Wood in-ear headphones easily, and you can listen up to 33-feet away!

Worry About Losing Ear Buds? Not Possible with the Magnetic Wireless Wood In-Ear Headphones

Do not worry about losing the Magnetic Wireless Wood in-ear headphones either, because they have a built-in magnetic design. This allows you to put the two ear pieces together and then put it around your neck like a necklace. You will never lose these in-ear headphones because they can be attached together and placed anywhere, either on your neck or around a coffee cup. Dropping the in-ear headphones becomes a thing of the past with the magnetic technology and design.

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If that all does not sound good enough, there are also many different control buttons on these headphones. They are all placed on the right side and allow you to do many different things with just the click of a button. The in-line remote gives you the option to control the volume as needed, transfer calls, answer calls, reject calls, or control your media playback with a snap.

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Our final thought on the Magnetic Wireless Wood in-ear headphones is that they are well worth checking out if you need some new ear buds. The fact that these are wireless makes them great for travel or for just roaming around the house. We love how you can use the magnetic design to ensure that you are not losing either of the ear pieces and prevents you from losing the entire headphones altogether. The sound quality is amazing, with perfect stereo sound and noise-canceling technology giving you the best listening experience possible. If you would like to check out the product for yourself, click here to head to the Dodocool product page to make your purchase or learn more.



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