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Chase Chrisley Net Worth 2018

A TV personality, Chase Chrisley is best known for his appearances in his family’s reality series, Chrisley Knows Best. The son of real estate mogul Todd Chrisley, he was introduced in the first season, which aired in 2014. In the end, he remained on the show for two years, until 2016.

Since his rise to fame on reality television, he has been featured in several other programs such as The View, Steve Harvey, Today, WWE Raw, Daily Pop, and The Wendy Williams Show. A well-known celebrity, he has earned himself a significant fan base on social media over the years, with more than 900,000 followers on Instagram and over 287,000 fans on Twitter.

How much was he paid for his appearances on the reality show? How wealthy is the 22-year-old? According to various sites, Chase Chrisley’s current net worth stands at $5.5 million. Where does he earn most of his income from? Let’s have a closer look at this below.

Chase Chrisley Net Worth 2018 – $5.5 Million

How did Chase Chrisley Make His Money & Wealth?

Born on June 1, 1996, in South Carolina, Chase Chrisley is the son of Todd Chrisley, a well-known real estate mogul. One of five children, he has four siblings named Lindsie, Grayson, Savannah, and Kyle. Growing up, he was an athlete and participated in several sports. Unfortunately, not much else is known about his early childhood at this time.

In 2014, he rose to fame in the reality series, Chrisley Knows Best. Premiered on the USA Network, it revolved around the lives of his family, including his parents and siblings. Responsible for his rise in popularity, the first season of the show had attracted over 1.1 million viewers. By the end of it in April 2014, he had earned himself a considerable fan base.

Since then, he has continued to star in the series, alongside the rest of his siblings. Renewed by the network, the series’ viewership has only gone up with time. In fact, just a few months ago, the sixth season had premiered in May 2018. Despite the popularity that the series has brought him, however, it’s unknown how much he has received from being on the show.

In terms of other television appearances, the twenty-something has been featured in several additional titles over the past few years. For instance, he has appeared in The View, Today, WWE Raw, Steve Harvey, and The Real. In fact, he was just invited onto an episode of There Wendy Williams Show earlier this year.

Thanks to his family’s reality series, he has gained a significant following on social media. For instance, he currently has more than 900,000 followers on Instagram. Likewise, he also has a decent fan base on other platforms such as Twitter, and Facebook. Considering the audience that he has online, it wouldn’t be surprising if he has pulled in some extra cash on the side from the platforms. For the most parts, however, it’s probably fair to assume that most of his current wealth is tied to his father’s fortune.

Chase Chrisley’s Personal Life and FAQ:

Is Chase Chrisley Married?

Earlier this year, it was announced that he had broken up with his long-time girlfriend, Brooke Noury. As far as we can tell, he is currently single.

Does Chase Chrisley Have Any Children?

No, Chase Chrisley does not have any children that we know of.

Does Chase Chrisley Go to College?

Yes, he has gone to college.

What is Chase Chrisley Famous For?

Chase Chrisley rose to fame in his family’s reality series, Chrisley Knows Best, which premiered on the USA Network in 2014. As of 2018, the show is currently on its sixth season.

Where Does Chase Chrisley Live now? Pictures of Chase Chrisley’s House 

Chrisley Chase currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. As one can expect, his family’s home is regularly featured in their reality series. 

What Kind of Car Does Chase Chrisley Drive?

Information on Chase Chrisley’s vehicle is not available.

How Much Money Did Chase Chrisley Make Last Year?

Unfortunately, we do not have any information on Chase Chrisley’s 2017 earnings at this time.

Recent Events

Currently, Chase Chrisley stars in the sixth season of Chrisley Knows Best, which premiered in May 2018. In terms of his personal life, it was recently announced that he had broken up with his girlfriend, Brooke Noury.

Want to know what the reality star is up to? If so, you’ll want to follow him on social media―Chase Chrisley is active on both Twitter (@ChrisleyChase) and Instagram (@ChaseChrisley). On Facebook, you can also show your support by liking his official fan page here.

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