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Backlink Checker: How to Get & Check Backlinks

Backlinks are significant in Search Engine Optimization. It improves the position of the site if you gain a good backlink that will increase the points of the site in the PageRank chart of Google. A beginner should be well aware of the strategy and the ways to get the many backlinks for the site including article submission, guest posting, forum posting, and others. Many ways are helpful in getting backlinks for your website. Getting backlinks is not a big deal. Getting the correct details and right backlink tool is vital. By using the Backlink Checker, you can have an instant overview of the backlink profile of a page and the domain.

Which is the powerful backlink Checker?

Open the link and get the best backlink checking tool ever. You need quality links because poor quality can put you on Google penalties because they can ruin your reputation. This efficient tool helps to check everything about your and competitor’s backlink.

  • Offers deep link analysis
  • Recognizes referring domain’s authority
  • Checks types of the backlinks
  • Spots your link’s geolocation

It will help you get links that are of high quality and will never cause to decline your site. There are many other ways to get the backlinks. All these methods are very useful and enhance the traffic to your website in a highly effective manner. You can use these methods to get the backlinks, but the only way to check the quality of the backlinks and its information is the Backlink Checker by Small SEO Tools.

1. Yahoo Answers

One of the effective ways for this purpose is to post the answer on Yahoo. It has numerous advantages for the website. The software WP Robot can be placed on the site to extract the answer and is used to display all those answers on the site. The key to getting success and the popularity of the website is to answer a famous but relevant niche such as Bollywood gossips, money making, and many others. It is the best method to raise the popularity of your site and getting the viewers and links for it.

2. Multiple Series Link

It happens that a long article needs to be divided into some parts. It is the way that is highly effective and is recommended by the Tech Entrice that both parts should be linked together for getting views and links. In this way when the viewer visits the one article, he automatically gets a connection to the other. It is incredibly proficient and expert in rendering the technical services. These are the definite solution of your website popularity among the other sites as per the requirement of the Search Engine Optimization.

3. Edit Wikipedia

These are extremely consistent, quality ways that provide with a surety of website’s popularity. The Wikipedia is the most famous encyclopedia that is available on the web for guiding the users. It is used to provide the knowledge and information of every required topic. Moreover, it has the option of editing and giving the updates for the topic. It is an effective way to provide a break to your website that you edit here provides the knowledge of the relevant topic. It guarantees that all the edited information execute the best result and work at the ideal standard.

4. Testimonial and Social Bookmarks

It is very important to visit a recognized website and write professional feedback and the testimonials on the site that provides you with great fame. Several websites offer the opportunity of the social bookmark. It is the best strategy that is useful for the backlinks gaining to bookmark your site and share it on social media. All these steps are very productive, steady and stable.

What do you check with the Backlink Checker?

Now, you have got the backlinks with your effort, and it is essential to check its quality.

  • Check the backlinks to domains or individual pages
  • Check numerous links in a short time
  • SEO matric filters the links
  • Get a quick view of the profile of the backlinks
  • Export the data of the backlinks instantly
  • Check the link ratio including Follow, not follow, link type and countries
  • It allows the users to export data of backlinks quickly

The use of the SmallSEOTools Backlink Checker will help you to get the best quantity and quality of the backlinks.

Jeanne Rose
Jeanne Rose
Jeanne Rose lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been a freelance writer since 2010. She took Allied Health in vocational school where she earned her CNA/PCA, and worked in a hospital for 3 years. Jeanne enjoys writing about science, health, politics, business, and other topics as well.


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