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PHP and MYSQL – Web Development and more

Web development and web design can be done using different programs. Web developers try and incorporate many different web programs to make the website an interesting, interactive and feature-rich experience. There are many different programs and PHP & MySQL Training courses available as well. Programming languages can be used in various combinations as per the requirement of the web content or as per the imagination of the web developer. The most used combo for web development is PHP and MYSQL. Many developers turn to this combo as it provides a perfect solution for their needs.

Web Development Using PHP and MySQL requires a fair bit of skill to ensure that the web content is interactive and useful for both the user and the client. PHP is a scripting language that is very rich in features and is available as an open source language. It can be used to develop web content as well as intranet applications. On the other hand, MYSQL is a very powerful Oracle backed database server that can handle a large number of concurrent database connections.

Some examples of websites and applications that use PHP and MYSQL include wordpress, multiple forum software solutions, and e-commerce platforms.

How to set up MYSQL

Setting up a MYSQL database requires setting up a unique username and password for your database.  A simple way to do this is via cpanel and PHPMyAdmin. Once you have your credentials in place you can create a table name. You can then connect PHP to the MYSQL database using mysql_connect (localhost,$username,$password.)

Executing PHP commands

Exectuing PHP commands can be done as soon as the MYSQL database has been connected and configured correctly. Execution of PHP commands can be done by entering the syntax Mysql_query($query) or by defining the command to be a variable like most programming languages.

Advantage of PHP

The advantage of PHP over HTML in terms of web development is that the script doesn’t need to be changed for each new input for an individual output. Users can easily input their individual data on the web page or via the backend.

To submit the data, PHP has two different methods, GET and POST. In one hand GET displays the data and the variables in the page address whereas with the POST method it is not visible to the user.

PHP and MYSQL work together as a lethal combo in terms of web development. PHP comes with quite a number of built-in functions to make use of MYSQL and MYSQL is one of the most widely used Relational Database Management Systems available.  It’s a great combo for developing web content.

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