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LITOM 30 LED Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Lights Review

We have a great product to tell you about today which are the LITOM 30 LED Solar Lights Outdoor, Enhanced IP67 Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Lights. You might have heard about Litom before, as it is a leader within the industry of solar lighting. Whether you want some amazing winter lights to decorate your home or you just need some outdoor lighting, these are a really great choice. We have all of the details about these amazing outdoor solar lights so keep reading to learn more.

LITOM 30 LED Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Sensor Lights Offer Brightness & Reliability

When it comes to solar lighting, there is not a more reliable brand and more recognized brand than LITOM. This company is behind some of the biggest innovations within the industry, and the design of these lights are always evolving. In fact, nearly 6,000,000 outdoor solar lights have been sold in total by LITOM. Almost all of these customers have left positive reviews of these products. That just tells you a little bit about how reliable and great LITOM is at solar lighting.

The LITOM 30 LED Solar Lights Outdoor Sensor Lights also offer you the brightest lights possible. There are more than 30 LED high-powered beads at the center of this product. Speaking of the innovation of LITOM, these lights have a wide-angle that allows the lights to be even brighter.

The lighting angle is about 50 percent better than other brands and the utilization of light is increased by over 30 percent! Beyond that, one of the motion sensor lights has the ability to light up over 200-square feet. If you use four of the solar lights simultaneously, then you will be able to light up more than 800-square feet at once. The range of these solar lights are really amazing, and it is hard to find any other solar lighting outside that even comes close.

LITOM 30 LED Outdoor Solar Lights Have Higher Life Span

When we talk about the LITOM 30 LED Solar Lights, we have to talk about the life span. These lights are some of the best out there in terms of overall life span. In fact, these lights use IP67 to offer you the most protection possible. These are the first lights to have IP67, which protect your battery and the battery circuit.

Due to the protection that IP67 offers the battery, you will have a substantial increase in your battery life. You will have about three-times longer life span on these lights compared to other solar lights out there. So not only is LITOM one of the best and most innovative solar light companies around, it is also the most durable.

LITOM 30 LED Solar Lights Offer More Solar Power

Speaking of durable, LITOM offers you more solar lightning than most other companies. LITOM uses the same SunPower technology to offer you a higher conversion rate in solar power. During the day, the solar lights will absorb the sunlight. This sunlight is stored up and turned into electricity during the evening time when the lights are on.

The lights will illuminate for 30 seconds in the dark once motion becomes detectable outside. If there is still motion being detected once the light comes on, it will illuminate once more to offer you the security you need. We love how the natural sunlight during the day is stored and then used as the source at night to provide all-night long lighting coverage if needed.

LITOM 30 LED Outdoor Solar Lights Use High-Quality Sensors

Lastly, we wanted to tell you about the sensors that come in the LITOM Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Lights. These sensors were developed by LITOM itself, and these PIR sensors are some of the best in the sensor market. The PIR sensors with these lights are 20 percent more sensitive than other similar solar lights. You will also have 20 percent more range with the PIR sensors in these solar lights.

You definitely should check out these solar outdoor lights if you need some new motion sensor lightning for your home or business. There is no better brand out there than LITOM in terms of solar lighting, and these lights are some of the highest-quality on the market. Reliability, durability, price, and technology are just some of the reasons why you need to get these solar lights right now. We know you will be as impressed as we were with just how bright and long-lasting these outdoor solar lights are.



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