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Filmora9 Video Editor- The Ultimate Video Editing Program for All Occasions

Filmora9 is the newest video editing program from Wondershare, and it is one of the best programs out there for editing videos. Wondershare has been one of the leaders when it comes to providing software programs that offer a ton of features and functionality at little cost. One thing we love about this program is that it is very easy to use. Even if you have never used a video editing program before, you will find that the process is simple to figure out.

You can look at their official website to get an idea of the variety of programs Wondershare offers. We thought we would tell you more about the newest version of Filmora, which is Filmora9. There are so many new features that are found in this release, and also many improvements. If you are looking for an all-in-one video editing program, then you should keep reading to find out why this program is really the best out there. We definitely think this is the best program for video editing regardless of what type of content you are creating.

Filmora9 Video Editor Offers 4K support & More

One of the new features that are available in Filmora9 is 4K support. We actually mean that it has true 4K support. When it comes to editing, you might have noticed it is more difficult when you have a full-sized video that you are trying to work with. With the support, you can edit the smaller proxy files that you have created. You will find it makes the editing experience much smoother overall.

You will also notice that there is both PC and Mac cross-compatibility with this program. That means you can use this program on your PC and then head on over to your Mac and continue with what you were working on. We love the cross-compatibility with Filmora9 because it means you have more flexibility on when and where you can use this program. Start the project in either operating system and then move to the other system if you need to.

Enhanced Audio Waveforms & Other Cool Features Found in Filmora9

With Filmora9, you will also have enhanced waveforms, which is really cool. There are more visible audio waveforms than ever before in this version. That allows you to edit the audio cues much easier and without the hassle of trying to figure out the part of the audio you want to edit. You can remove the noise quickly and easily using this program. Not only that, but you have an audio equalizer as well, and there is keyframe audio editing. The keyframe audio editing allows you to adjust the volume of your audio and it is super easy to do.

filmora 9 wondershare image 3

With Filmora9, you also can add up to 100 audio tracks in the program. The program will allow for 100 timeline tracks that you can organize. Any type of audio clips you have can be easily organized within the program, including both dialogue and music. Speaking of audio, you can also apply various transitions, filers, and other effects to your tracks. Compositing effects can also be created using Filmora9. Another improvement with this version is that importing and exporting the media can be done at much higher speeds than in the previous versions.

Filmora9 Brings Customizable Preview Playback & Video Stabilization

Another really handy feature with Filmora9 is that it has customizable preview playback. The speeds for the playback are 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16. Beyond that you also have video stabilization and enhanced Chroma key. The video stabilization is a great feature and you will find that your videos will come out much better with this new stabilization ability.

filmora 9 wondershare image 4

These are just some of the biggest features that you will get if you download Filmora9 right now. If you are in need of video editing software for your PC, you will not find another program that has all of the features and functions that Filmora9 does. Give it a try today and you will not be disappointed with the program, especially for the price!



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