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Interesting Facts Never Knew About WWE Referee’s

Whether it’s a single match, battle royal, Fatal 4-Way or even a Triple threat, there has never been a rarity of WWE Celebrities in the ring simultaneously.

And while each and every WWE Celebrity wishes to make a reputable name on their own with their in-ring persona and ability, a single person who usually gets ignored is the respectful referee.

Since the time of 20th-century professional wrestling evolved into the necessity of entertainment, there’ve been referees, all those few individuals who’re (supposed to) sustain order amongst the natural talent.

As the most well-liked sports entertainment organization on the planet and the most discussed in the wrestling news, WWE is no different, using the services of a multitude of referees through the years.

But despite turning into a staple of the sports industry, there’s still an element of obscurity about those in the lines.

Listed here are a few things you probably did not know about the life of a qualified WWE referee.

Former Wrestlers Become Referees

Life as a WWE celebrity is actually difficult. Years on the road, hours and hours spent in a fitness center, and that is before you even take agonizing punches in the ring for an incredible number of fans throughout the world.

So, for some Superstars, the life of a WWE referee seems like a fairly sweet job, as while they may still take punches in the ring, they’re a lot rarer.

They Are Not Mic’d Up

If you look at any WWE referee, then you will see that they have a small earpiece, which helps them to ‘communicate’ with backstage.

The word communicate os pretty attractable here because this mic helps them to take instructions from the backstage that what should they do, as it is not pretty clear that what they are being instructed but it only shows that the referee cannot give instructions, he just listen, as the thing that he has on his ears is earpiece but not a microphone.

They Don’t Get Paid with the Same Amount

As in the wrestling industry, the risk of life is always there in the ring; they are paid with different amounts even sometimes for the intense situations they are paid heavy amounts.

As WWE never discloses the payments of referees, they are usually paid $3000 for bumps in the ring. If the risk is higher after the evaluation on the recorded match referees are paid more than the said amount.

This amount is only paid to the referees who are experienced enough to control the match or personal disputes of the wrestlers. New referees are usually paid $2000 or even less.

Senior referees are hired for the big events around the year and paid big bucks on weekly or monthly contracts.

They Are Trained to Provide Instant First Aid to The Wrestlers

As it is called entertainment, but in the fight, we should never forget the element of physical risk of being engaged in wrestling, no matter if the contestants are fighting for the money and everything which is happing is scripted. Anything can happen anytime, that’s the reason referees are trained to provide the instant first aid to the injured wrestlers.

At any point in the match, the referee has the liberty to draw or cancel the match during serious injuries.

Referees’ Health and Wellness Insurance Policy

The WWE provides a strict Health and wellness Insurance policy, which sticks to a simple ‘three strikes, you are out’ rule.

If any Wrestler violates this policy, they’re suspended for 1 month, the next violation suspends them for two months, and the next means their release.

Andy Debolt
Andy Debolt
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