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iTube Reigns Supreme As The Top YouTube Playlist Downloader Tool

We wanted to tell you about the best YouTube Playlist Downloader tools available on the market right now. Downloading YouTube playlists have become more complicated over the past couple years. One issue that is facing this popular market is that some software has quit working due to various copyright issues involving YouTube.

If the tools you were using before have stopped working, the simplest solution is to find new software tools that will download the YouTube playlist. There are several different tools that you can use, but we wanted to tell you about the most efficient tool if you would like to download YouTube playlists.

Top YouTube Playlist Downloader Tools Still Working Includes iTube

XYDownloader, iTube, and Any Video Converter are three of the YouTube playlist downloader tools that are still working these days. When it comes to which one is the most efficient, there’s no question that iTube is the best. You just have to click one time in iTube in order to begin downloading your YouTube playlist. We wanted to go into more detail about how iTube works and why it really is the best tool out there for quickly and effortlessly downloading YouTube playlists nowadays.

itube youtube playlist downloader step 1

Step 1. The first step is to download and install the iTube Studio YouTube Playlist Downloader. The picture above shows you the first step you need to take in order to get iTube on your Windows or Mac PC. There will then be a button that will be added to every single YouTube playlist that you have and it will say “Download.” With this button installed on your computer, you will be able to just select “Playlist” in order to begin downloading all of the videos that are in that YouTube playlist at once. This button is basically an extension put into your browser.

itube youtube playlist downloader step 2

Step 2. The second step picture is shown above and it’s focused on downloading that playlist all with just one click. Open your YouTube playlist and then click on the “Download” button right under the name of that playlist. You need to click on “Playlist” and this is when the dialog box will open up. From there, you can just select all of the videos you would like to download. You also will be able to choose the video quality for those videos. Click on “Download” to open up the iTube YouTube Playlist Downloader and then download those videos right away.

itube youtube playlist downloader step 2 alternate

There is also the option to download the YouTube playlist using the URL. We have shown this picture above so that you can see what that would look like. You can just drag and drop that playlist URL into the iTube YouTube Playlist Downloader and it will download all of the videos. You also can just copy and paste the URL from your address bar in the browser into the tool. Click on “Paste URL” and then click “Download Playlist” which is in the “Download” section.

itube youtube playlist downloader step 3

Step 3. In the picture above we show you the last step in the process which is the download process. Your settings will determine just how this works out, but often times eight videos at a time will begin downloading at once. If you have more than eight videos, you should pause the others from the playlist and they will begin downloading as soon as those videos have finished.

Using iTube YouTube Playlist Downloader is So Easy & Simple

If you would like to know more details about using iTube in order to download your YouTube playlist, just head to the official iTube website for more details. You will also see more information about other tools that allow you to download your YouTube playlist in just one click. While some of the other programs are also great, none of them can compete with iTube in terms of ease-of-use and user-friendly setup. We know that if you try iTube you will not want to use any other software tools for downloading YouTube videos and your playlists because this tool is really the best out there nowadays.



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