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Free Alternatives to the TutuApp VIP

TutuApp was the first of many third-party app installers to be released. Originally a Cydia repository, the decline of jailbreak tools in recent years, led the developers to bring their app store out of Cydia and into use for everybody, regardless of whether they had a jailbreak or not. To this day, it remains the most popular alternative available. However, sometimes, it doesn’t work, and it won’t always offer the apps or games you want. In that case, you might consider looking for an alternative and, with so many on offer now, and you won’t be stuck for something to use.

Top 10 TutuApp Alternatives

There are, literally, hundreds of alternatives to TutuApp, but not all of them offer very much. Our research found these 10, offering a comparable service to the popular app installer:

AppValley App:

One of the most popular app, installers, AppValley, offers a huge choice of third-party content. You’ll also find a whole heap of modified apps and games, all with exciting new features, and some Cydia tweaks too, including popular game emulators and screen recorders. It is fully customizable and is updated frequently with new apps and improvements.

Panda Helper App:

Another incredibly popular app, Panda Helper provides users with plenty of apps and games to choose from. There are official apps for free, third-party apps not found anywhere else, tweaked apps and modified games, and some tweaks too. Another installer that is regularly updated, new content is always being added, making Panda Helper one of the best choices of TutuApp alternative. You can download Panda Helper app from the official website

ACMarket – Android Only

ACMarket is the Android offering in this list, and it isn’t just a TutuApp alternative – it is an alternative app store for Android users. Looking and acting much like the Play Store, ACMarket offers thousands of Android apps and games, many of them modified and not found in the official store. Everything is completely free, and you can even find game emulators such as HappyChick.


A new alternative, CokerNutX, offers a reasonable choice of apps and games, including some o the most popular. There are few restrictions to using it like there are with some of the newer installers, and the apps and games come from all over the world. It’s a good alternative to fill in the gap when your favorite installer has gone down.


iOSEmus is something a little different. It doesn’t just have a great selection of third-party apps and games, it also has several iOS game emulators, as the name suggests. It is much like Emus4U, and it gives you a decent alternative to TutuApp.

Asterix Installer

Another new one, recently released, Asterix Installer offers quite a selection of apps and games, lots of third-party content, and a few tweaks too. Where this one differs is that you don’t need to provide your Apple ID, meaning Apple cannot track the app on your device and cannot revoke the app certificate.

Mojo Installer

Mojo has been around for a while now and, as well as being a great TutuApp alternative, and it is also the nearest third-party alternative we have to Cydia. Like the jailbreak package manager, Mojo allows you to add your own packages and also provides several, already built-in, for you to use too.

FTiOS Store

FTiOS is a popular alternative that comes from Vietnam. Inside, you will find half a dozen categories – simply pick one and look for an app, game, or tweak. You can browse what is in each category or, if you are trying to find a specific app, just type the name into the search box.


HipStore is another alternative that comes from Vietnam and is incredibly comprehensive. There are thousands of apps, games, and tweaks inside, and plenty of third-party content you won’t get from any official source.


Our final alternative is called Emus4U, and it offers a pretty good choice of content. There are lots of third-party apps, modified games, and a great selection of game emulators too. You will also find, similar to Cydia, some themes, iBooks, ringtones, movie streaming apps, and more.

There you have it, 10 of the very best alternatives to TutuApp available today. Some of them are relatively new, so don’t expect them to have the same level of content as others do, but all of them will offer something for everyone to use.

Whichever one you choose, you are bound to find some apps and games that you are looking for. Make your choice and enjoy everything these installers have to offer.

Andy Debolt
Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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