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ASOONYUM Compression Sleeves and Waist Trainer Review

As a fitness enthusiast, I’m always excited to try out and review new stuff. Both of the products I’ll be reviewing today have similar usages, so I figured I’d just do both ASOONYUM products in one piece. Without further ado, let’s just get started!

About The Company – ASOONYUM

ASOONYUM appears to be a new company (assuming by their domain registration date) that focuses on producing high-quality compression fitness clothing. The point of these is obviously to alleviate any pain, prevent injuries and inflammation, and generally make your life easier. While the company did make the effort to make social media presences and design their website to look good, there isn’t much else to know about them. In any case, it is what it is.

If you are a person who needs compression gear, this might just be the company to look at. Why? Because all of their products really are as solid as advertised. And today, we’ll be focusing on two of them.

First up, the compression ankle sleeves.

ASOONYUM Compression Ankle Sleeves Review

Ankle sleeves are used to provide support for your ankles and make sure you don’t do anything harmful to them. Especially if you’ve already injured yourself. ASOONYUM promises a lot when it comes to their compression sleeves, so let’s see how good they really are. Usually, I divide my reviews into several categories, but there isn’t much to write about here, so let’s just get into it.

ASOONYUM ankle sleeves These compression sleeves do what they promise to do. They are firm, yet elastic enough for everyday use. They don’t shuffle around or fold inside socks (beyond annoying when it happens), but they don’t feel too tight around your ankles. If you’ve injured yourself and need some support for your ankles, they’ll do the job. If you stand on your legs all day long, or do lots of sports, and need them to prevent injuries, they’ll do the job. Another important thing to mention is that there won’t lose their shape, form or size after using them for a while.

In all honesty, I couldn’t find a single thing against these, so I’ve had to dig into their 1-star ratings. And all of those were for delivery issues. Yup, it seems that no one has anything bad to say about these, myself included. So if you are in the market for this product, look no further.



  • Perfect shape, elasticity, firmness, and compression
  • Doesn’t lose shape or form after heavy/long usage
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Helps with pain relief and supports your ankles
  • Affordable


  • The fact that you can’t have them appear instantly at your doorstep

You can find the ASOONYUM Compression Ankle Sleeve on Amazon.

ASOONYUM Waist Trainer Review

Similar to the above product, this one is also used to help with support, injuries and pain relief. And once again, since there isn’t too much to say about these types of products, here is all of it at once:

ASOONYUM waist trainer The waist trainer is built from neoprene, with a lining of mercerized cotton. In other words, it’s very easy to put it on or off, and it’s comfortable to wear. It will support your lower back and improve your posture (possibly because you’ll be constantly conscious of it). If you hit the gym often, be sure to take this thing with you, because it definitely helps with heavy loads. And while it will make you sweat a lot, it doesn’t itch (magic I swear). The belt itself feels very thick and firm, but it’s not bulky. After all, it’s advertised to also make you look thinner.

One issue that this product can have is that it that it isn’t colorfast, meaning that the color might wash out and make stains. Definitely can be an issue when sweating.

I won’t comment on the whole idea of using belts for weight loss, because the premise is not something I agree on. Or rather, I don’t agree with the idea of ‘easy’ weight loss. But we’re getting off the subject. This product definitely does what it advertised, but I can’t comment regarding its helpfulness with weight loss.



  • Supports your lower back
  • Improves posture (could be pseudo)
  • Easy to use, comfortable to wear
  • Firm, but not too thick
  • Good price


  • Stains

You can get the ASOONYUM Waist Trainer at Amazon. Also if you want to save 20% on your order you can actually emailĀ Discount@asoonyum.comĀ (use the title Asoonyum discount coupon in your email) and they’ll send you a 20% off coupon code you can use.

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