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The Benefits of Drinking Coffee

For some people, (actually, for very many people), the day seems unable to start before drinking this magic formula. Indeed, coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world nowadays. We adore the taste, smell, as well as the boost which comes from coffee.

Some of us drink it in the morning, some during the day as well, and others live by the rule that coffee time is all the time. So, let us see what benefits there are from drinking coffee.

Improved energy levels

Coffee can help consumers feel less tired and boost their energy levels because it contains caffeine which is the most commonly used psychoactive substance in the world. When you drink coffee, the caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream and starts traveling to your brain.

In the brain, this substance blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine. As this happens, the activity of other neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine increases, which leads to enhanced firing of neurons.

Many studies have been conducted, and they all reveal that coffee improves several aspects of brain functions, including mood, memory, energy levels, vigilance, reaction times, as well as overall mental function.

Fat burner

If you take a look at most commercial fat-burning supplements, you will see that they all contain caffeine. That is not by mistake, as this element is one of the few natural substances that has been proven to help burn fat.

First of all, according to various studies, caffeine can increase the metabolic rate by 3 to 11%. Secondly, it has been discovered that caffeine can specifically increase fat burning by as much as 29% in lean people and 10% in obese individuals.

Of course, these effects can diminish in long-term coffee drinkers. But that is normal. If you constantly drink coffee, you will not feel like it does a lot of good when you are very sleepy. However, a person who rarely consumes this drink will almost immediately feel more energetic, because his or her body is not used to this substance.

Essential nutrients

Did you know that coffee also contains various essential nutrients? Actually, they are stored in the coffee beans but some of them manage to find their way into the finished brewed drink. A single cup of coffee contains vitamins B2, B3, and B5, manganese, and potassium.

Of course, these are in small quantities, and it is not enough to only drink coffee to get some of these nutrients. However, when you drink several cups a day, some of them do quickly add up.

Improved physical performance

Since caffeine stimulates the nervous system, it also signals fat cells to break down body fat. In the process, it also increases the levels of epinephrine or adrenaline in your blood. This is known as the fight-or-flight hormone which is responsible for preparing the body for intense physical exertion.

Caffeine helps break down body fat and it thus creates free fatty acids that become available as fuel. Thanks to these effects, caffeine can enhance physical performance by 11 to 12%, on average. Because of this, it makes a lot of sense to serve a strong cup of coffee approximately 30 minutes before you head out to the gym.

Coffee makes you happy

This is not just a saying. Coffee can literally make you happy and can help you fight depression. This is a very serious psychological disorder which causes a reduced quality of life. Currently, approximately 4.1% of people in the United States meet the criteria for clinical depression.

According to a study conducted by Harvard that was published in 2011, women who drink four or more cups of coffee a day have a 20% lower risk of becoming depressed.

Another study carried on 208,424 people revealed that individuals who serve four or more cups of coffee per day are 53% less likely to die by suicide. In conclusion, coffee seems to lower the risk of developing depression and may reduce suicide risks.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach

Even though the benefits of consuming coffee extend to more than those mentioned in this article, we must note that there are also negative effects. We are not going to go into that here, but it would be good to read about these as well. One of the things that we would like to mention is drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Let us face it, many of us have this habit.

Many people do not even open their eyes wide before they have a few sips of their favorite drink. In short, drinking coffee on an empty stomach may cause damage to this organ’s lining and cause indigestion as well as heartburn. In can also increase anxiety and limit your ability to focus.

If you can, try drinking your first coffee in the mid-morning or after you’ve had something to eat. For some of us that might seem impossible, but it was worth mentioning it.

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Andy Debolt
Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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