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Best Accessories for Dog Lovers – 2018 List

If you have a dog or are just a dog lover in general, then you likely are looking for some of the best accessories that you can purchase this year. With Christmas right around the corner, you might be looking for some cool items to purchase for a dog lover in your family. There are a ton of different accessories out there for dogs and dog lovers, and many of them are pretty reasonable in terms of price. We thought we would tell you about some of the best accessories for dog lovers available today, which can make a great gift for your own dog too.

Dog Bandanas

When it comes to the best accessories for dog lovers, we have to first mention dog bandanas. You probably have seen a lot of dogs out and about wearing various types of bandanas. These bandanas are very cool because there are different ones for various seasons and fashion trends. You can choose a bandana that makes a statement or a bandana that is trendy for 2018.

best accessories for dogs dog bandana 1

Some people like to dress their dog in a bandana that matches the personality of the dog, while others choose ones that match the personality of the owner. What we love about the selections of dog bandanas is that there are always new ones being created, to go with the seasons, holidays, political world, and entertainment world. Any type of bandana you want your dog to wear you will be able to find, including plaid and seasonal.

PAWABOO Dog Carrier Backpack

One of the best accessories available for dog lovers that you have to own is the PAWABOO Dog Carrier Backpack. This item comes in both large and small and allows you to carry your dog with you anywhere. With this backpack, you can carry around your dog hands-free, which is great if you are out hiking or just taking a walk around the neighborhood. You will have a ton of new adventures with your dog if you get the dog carrier backpack.

best accessories for dogs dog backpack image 2

What we love the most about this product is that it uses breathable mesh and also polyester fibers. This allows for both you and your dog to be comfortable at all times. The material is very durable and it will last for years. There is a zipper, hook and loop, and also elastic opening with this backpack to allow your dog to fit comfortably inside. The tail of your dog will be out and the legs also will be out with this backpack, which is great since it is not too constraining for your animal. You can wear this backpack either on the front or on the back, just like you can with the backpacks made for infants and small children.

Yellow Vinyl Raincoat

We cannot talk about the best dog accessories without talking about the Vinyl Raincoat. This is a much-needed item for any dog lover who enjoys taking their dog on a walk. This yellow raincoat allows your dog to stay warm and dry from the weather, including dry from rain or snow. It comes with a black zipper and Velcro closure. You will love the sizes available with this specific product, because it will allow a dog of any size to be completely covered.

yellow vinyl raincoat for dogs best dog accessories 1

Any dog lover who likes to take their dog outside but does not like it when the dog gets wet will love this item. Not only does it keep your dog dry from the rain, it also prevents them from smelling like they have gotten wet, which is known as wet dog smell. Other dogs also do not like to get wet and will not want to go outside if it is raining.

If your dog is one that does not like going outside when it is wet, then this raincoat can help that problem. Once your dog puts on this raincoat, he or she will be more likely to go outside even if it is snowing or raining. This is also a great product to keep on hand in your car, in case you are traveling with your pet and run into some bad weather.

Paw Print Ornament

If you know a dog lover in your life, then you might want to get them a paw print ornament. Since Christmas is coming up, this is a great gift to give to someone or purchase for yourself. This item is nor really for the dog, but more or less is a great way for you to pay homage to your four-legged friend. You can find a DIY ornament kit and then use this kit to create your own paw print ornament, and you can even paint it if you want.

best accessories for dogs and dog lovers image 4

Obviously, you will have to do a little arts and crafts with your dog in order to make your ornament, which is what makes this such a great accessory. While this item is meant to hang on a Christmas tree when done, you can actually put this ornament up at any time. You could choose to make this keepsake item and leave it hanging up in your room or use it as a decorative piece for your living room. We love this item because if you are a dog lover, then you know how important it is to get the paw print to always have a special reminder of your pet.

Friendship Collar & Bracelet

Lastly, if we are talking about the best accessories for dog lovers, then we have to talk about the friendship collar and bracelet. You know how for people we have the “Best Friends” necklaces that two people wear and it makes a heart when both necklaces are put together? This is just like that, but one is for your dog and the other is for you.

best accessories for dogs and dog lovers image 45

The dog obviously would wear the friendship collar, and you will be able to wear the friendship bracelet. This item comes in five different sizes and it allows you to find the perfect one regardless of the breed of your dog. You will also love how this item is made from vegan animal-friendly leather.



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