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Instagram Models Without Makeup – See What These Models Really Look Like

Models are often seen as a staple of beauty commonly used as a method of commercialism. They display or advertise a variety of merchandise or in some cases they are used to convey various forms of art. Most models are media proficient, in facebook and instagram etc. The general public’s typical view of models ranges from ideals of beauty to just fake. Models are often objectified and many of us forget that under the makeup and Photoshop they’re still real people. These models give their audience a look into their general life through instagram and without all of the smoke and mirrors behind modeling. These models display pictures of themselves living an above lavish lifestyle in luxurious homes eating food with their family and even pets.


15. Anja Rubiek (Anja_Rubik) No Makeup Pic

fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-anja-rubiek Anja Rubik is a highly successful model mostly appraised for her appearances within the Vogue Paris magazine, often identified by her dark blue eyes and light blonde hair. She was born in Rzeszów, Poland in the 80’s though she grew up in a variety of different locations ranging from Canada to South Africa. Anja’s long time modeling career kicked off full time as soon as she graduated high school. Not only has she had an exceedingly successful modeling career, she also has her own successful magazine series simply titled “25 Magazine” which currently has 3 volumes released. Anja has even delved into the fashion industry with her own collection. She recently garnered some attention when her instagram profile had been removed due to a large amount of her content featuring nudity. The model has continually stood firm on her view of nudity being something that should be much more widely accepted and after having her account reactivated she still often posts risqué photos of herself regularly. Anja has over one thousand posts; she is following over five-hundred people, and has four hundred and twenty seven thousand followers.


14. Constance Jablonski (constjablonski) No Makeup Photo


fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-constance-jablonski This model from Lille, France has been featured on the front cover, almost globally, of a variety of magazines from Asia to America and everywhere in between. She has piercing blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Typically known for her highly successful role as a runway model for various designers, the model was also a competitive tennis player for almost a decade prior to her modeling career. Constance also made headlines due to a 3.3 million dollar lawsuit which had been filed against her in 2013. She had broken a three year contract with her modeling agency at the time. Her instagram account ranges from scenic pictures, pigs, to volleyball matches. Constance has over one thousand posts, she’s following over three hundred people, and has three hundred and fourteen thousand followers.


13. Cora Emmanuel (coraemmanuel) Has No Makeup On

fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-cora-emmanuel Emmanuel is another one of the french models featured on this list. Typically she operates throughout the Caribbean though; she is pretty new to the modeling scene in comparison to others. This didn’t quite deter her though and after a few years of struggle she was seen modeling for Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, and more importantly John Pfeiffer. Her instagram shows Emmanuel in all kinds of tropical locals and even less luxurious backdrops like a backyard. One thing is for certain however, Emmanuel certainly doesn’t need makeup to cover her beautiful complexion.



12. Emily Didonato (emilydidonato1) No Makeup

fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-emily-didonato Emily is an American model living a well paid, early-twenties/late-teen’s life style. She is a favored model for Maybelline, New York. Her instagram has a wide variety of pictures starting with her at the beach and at work, in Paris and with her dad for father’s day, working out and hanging with her friends at the Jane hotel. She has blue eyes and dark hair. Emily has over one thousand posts, is following over nine hundred people, and has six hundred and eight thousand followers.


11. Karlie Kloss (karliekloss) No Makeup Pic

fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-karlie-kloss Karlie a blue eyed, blonde haired instagrammer is a US model, recently seen in ‘Vogue Paris’. Quite popular on social media, Karlie’s other hobby consists of selling ‘Karlie’s Kookies’ in a collaboration with ‘Momofuku milk bar’, ‘Momofuku’ is an excellent place that sells cakes and pies and shares profits with an organization called ‘FEED’ which helps feed and educate children. Karlie’s Kookies are a perfect fit for people who count calories, or are allergic to gluten or diary but still need a treat. She has published YouTube videos revealing her recipes; she also has passionate tips about restaurants and other recipes.



10. Kasia Struss (kasiastruss)

fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-kasia-struss Kasia Struss is a Polish model who started out in a teen magazine in 2005 and has since expanded to bigger names, on of her largest being Vogue. Many of the young models instagram posts display or sort of happy go lucky vibe taking place at either parties or in some cases in the car with her dog. There’s a large range of images but Kasia certainly doesn’t have a high and mighty attitude towards life. Quite the opposite!




9. Joan Smalls (joansmalls) Makeup Free


fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-joan-smalls Puerto Rican-gone New Yorker model Joan Smalls, well known for taking the role of Parisienne in the September 2011 issue of Vogue Paris, offers an instagram portfolio that sheds light on the “behind the scenes” life of modeling; her feed grants her followers a peek at events such as Fashion Weeks to after-parties. 67,000 followers can’t deny that this instagram is a must-follow for anyone wanting a sneak-peek into a model’s private life.





8. Lara Stone (lara_stone) Without Makeup


fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-lara-stone Lara Stone was marked in 8th place as one of the world’s highest paid models back in 2012 only four years after her major debut her career. Stone is a Dutch model with some English heritage stemming from her father. Over the years Lara has worked for all kinds of big names and on a personal level she’s also revealed her struggles with alcoholism. Stone’s Instagram ranges from adorable pictures of her dog Bert, as well as some darker black and white images of herself, and even a few more “unprepared” posts.


7. Magdalena Frockowiak (frockowiakmagdalena) No Makeup


fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-magdalena-frockowiak Magdalena is one of Vogue Paris most popular models and another polish one at that. She was born in Gdańsk, Poland, and she started her modeling career when she was just sixteen. In 2008 she also kicked off her career and was marked as one of Vogue’s top 30 models of the 2000’s. Her instagram is chocked full of makeup free shots, as well as a wide range of images focusing on what could be assumed to be her party life. Aside from that there is also quite a large collection of images of jewelry.



6. Natalia Vodianova


fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-natalia-vodianova Vodianova is a Russian model who rose from poverty and into the highlife of the modeling career and was later nicknamed Supernova. She’s ranked third on Forbes highest paid models earning roughly eight to nine million dollars a year. Her instagram account displays her newfound luxurious life featuring photos of herself in all kinds of various locals, helicopters, and festivals. There’s also quite of few pictures of her more casual life, and of course, her cats.


5. Beyonce Knowles Not Wearing Makeup


fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-beyonce-knowles Beyonce isn’t exactly a model though she may as well be. Knowles is an American musician and actress with all kinds of record breaking singles and the like. Knowles has been known for making a variety of provocative statements regarding appearance and she is certainly not one to hide behind of coat of makeup. She definitely doesn’t need to and she fully embodies this on her instagram page with plenty of her own all natural photos.


4. Kendall Jenner – No Makeup Photo


fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-kendall-jenner One of the few American models on this list Kendall Jenner is a fashion model and is part of what is being called the instagram era of modeling, making her a perfect candidate for our list. Her big year was in 2014 when she started walking the runway for all kinds of big fashion designers. One of her biggest success however, is her instagram clocking in over 38.8 million followers. Many of the photos on her instagram are from shoots but don’t be surprised to find some football games and natural shots in there as well.


3. Miranda Kerr Fresh Faced


fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-miranda-kerr Miranda May Kerr is a popular Australian model with her own booming instagram which as of right now boasts 7.3 million followers and all kinds of posts. Kerr started her modeling career back in 1997 and had her big hit back in 2007, now she is often the face of David Jones, a chain of department stores located in Australia. This 32 year old model’s instagram shows off pictures from the models childhood, family life, and of course locals from shoots and even shots from the runway itself. A lot of the pictures to be found bring out Kerr’s humorous side away from the modeling business.


2. Alessandra Ambrosio Without Makeup


fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-alessandra-ambrosio One of Victoria’s Secret’s favorites Ambrosio is actually a Brazilian model as well as an actress. The model began her path towards modeling when she was only 12 years old, starting with modeling classes and she quickly sprang into work when she turned 15. Ambrosia has since walked for Prada and Chanel and modeled for brands like Next, Christian Dior, and Ralph Lauren. She is also one of Victoria’s Secret Angels. Her instagram is full of nature shots ranging from urban streets to lakes and animals. Other pictures in her gallery show her with the family having fun. There are also plenty of photos from Ambrosio’s shoots to glance at as well.


1. Tyra Banks Without Makeup


fifteen-instagram-models-without-makeup-tyra-banks While Banks isn’t as active a model as she used to be that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an active and bustling instagram. Banks has become more of a television personality as of late after a massively successful career, which even had her mentioned as one of the most influential people in the world by TIME magazine. Banks was one of the first of Victoria’s Secret Angels similar to a few of the aforementioned models on this list. Her instagram shows banks with friends, on talk shows, and almost everywhere in between, with a few mottos and quotes breaking up the gallery. Doesn’t need to be as glammed up as she was in her prime time and as such, there are plenty of all natural shots on her account.


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