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Comcast Promo Code – Get $100 Bonus Free

Internet Providers, hate them or love them, to read this you (most likely) have to have them. They can be expensive, and from time to time the service can lag to the point where a carrier pigeon seems the better alternative to sending an email. Where this isn’t true, however, is if you have Comcast internet. If you are interested in making a switch to Comcast, either with a new residence or just wanting to upgrade your current one, then perhaps you are also interested in some savings. Here, we will look at the best current promo code or coupon deal to save some extra money with Comcast Xfinity service.

Comcast Promo and Coupon Codes – Updated May 2018

Get $100 Free – 1ROBJQ

While rare, Comcast does occasionally give promo codes and coupons out, and by entering the code 1ROBJQ while signing up in the referral code section, you can get a free $100 bonus.

This can easily help pay for a month or two’s worth of service and makes for a great start to a new home entertainment package.

About Comcast

When it comes to ISPs, not many can stand up to Comcast in terms of sheer size, hotspot availability, or performance. Full disclosure, I’ve been using Xfinity internet from Comcast for the past few months after dealing with other brands, and so far there’ve been no real problems, just consistently fast internet. As in, can play first-person shooters in online multiplayer without getting kicked for lag while my partner streams Netflix level fast. I’m talking I can download multiple gigabytes worth of GIS structural and layer data in the time it takes for me to brew a cup of tea and question my life decisions.

As for the price for all this speed? Honestly, it’s been pretty reasonable and upfront at around $50 a month, which while not the cheapest on the market, again, has made for a very fast and consistent experience that is worth the extra 10 or 20 bucks a month.Aside from Xfinity internet, Comcast also offers home phone service (in case you need a landline), a home security service (including automation and monitoring) and of course, cable services which include several hundred channels and a load of on-demand content.

Cody Carmichael
Cody Carmichael
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