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Countries with the Highest Crime Rates – 2024 List

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Crime Rate

Murder, burglary, theft. Every country on the planet has had to wrestle with how best to deal with the darker side of humanity. Whether through mass incarceration, rehabilitation, or exceedingly harsh punishments, many countries have tried to develop strategies to help curb such acts from occurring. Here, we list the ten countries that need to work on said strategies a bit more.

10. Jamaica

Jamaica is plagued with gang activity, government corruption, and high levels of violent crime (e.g. sexual assault). What’s worse, is that the Jamaican police force is understaffed with limited resources.

Travelers are advised to specifically avoid Spanish Town, St. Catherine, as it has a strong reputation for sexual assault, drug trafficking, gang turf wars, and gun crime. In fact, shootings occur on a regular basis in the town. For that reason, it should be avoided at all costs.

Other dangerous places in Jamaica include Tivoli Gardens, Grants Pen, Cassava Piece Road, and Montego Bay (Rose Heights, Norwood, Canterbury, Flankers).

9. Brazil


Brazil has one of the highest crime rates in the world. In 2020, the homicide rate was 23.6 per 100,000 inhabitants, which was actually a decrease from 2019. Violence between rival gangs is also a massive problem, as are corruption, drug trafficking, and domestic violence.

Feira de Santa, in particular, is dangerous for travelers. For one thing, they have the highest homicide rate in Brazil (61.21 per 100,000 inhabitants). Not only that but there’s also high drug trafficking activity in the region, which is often carried out by different gangs.

8. El Salvador

Organized crime is a massive problem in El Salvador. In fact, it’s often referred to as the murder capital of the world. As of 2024, there are 25,000 gang members at large with another 43,000 in prison.

Some of the largest gangs in the area include Barrio 18 and Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), the latter of which is often public in its violence. Aside from drug trafficking, they’re also involved with human smuggling, murder, and extortion, among many other illegal activities.

Property crimes such as car theft and robbery are also common due to high unemployment rates and low wages.

7. Guyana


Guyana is known for violent crimes such as murder and armed robbery. In fact, its homicide rate is three times higher than that of the US. Criminal gang activity is also common. Not only are they involved with human trafficking, but they also participate in prostitution, robbery, gun-running, and drug trafficking.

Georgetown is particularly dangerous to travelers as the area is prone to heavy gang activity. Attacks on foreigners are also uncommon.

6. Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago have long been troubled by gang activity. In 2021, the murder rate was 32 per 100,000 inhabitants. Gang-related violent crime is particularly high in and around the city center of Port of Spain, including Morvant, Laventille, and Barataria.

For example, many crimes such as kidnapping for ransom, rape, murder, theft, and robbery take place in taxis and private vehicles. Pickpocketing is also a common problem for visitors.

Currently, the Caribbean island nation has a Level 2 travel advisory, which means that travelers should exercise increased caution.

5. Honduras


Honduras has a crime index of 74.54, making it one of the deadliest countries in the world. In 2012, the country experienced nearly 20 homicides per day, most of which were carried out by criminal gangs such as Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18.

Weak law enforcement has also made it easy for criminals to smuggle weapons and drugs. To make matters worse, Honduras is a major drug route to the United States.

As of 2024, the US has issued a Level 3 travel advisory for the Central American country, indicating that visitors should reconsider visiting the area.

4. Afghanistan

Afghanistan has the fourth-highest crime rate in the world. In 2020, the country supplies more than 80% of the world’s illicit opium. The Taliban had pledged to stamp out the illegal drug trade after regaining control of the company in 2021, however, it’s proven to be difficult.

Not only that, but many are involved with kidnapping, money laundering, and murder. Corruption is also an issue among government officials. High unemployment rates also add fuel to crimes such as robbery and assault.

3. South Africa

south africa

South Africa has a notably high rate of homicides, assaults, and other violent crimes. This is due to several factors including poverty, social exclusion, inequality, and the normalization of violence.

They also have one of the highest rape rates worldwide. According to a survey, more than one in four men admitted to committing rape.

Many brutal and violent gangs are also based in South Africa including the Numbers Gang (the 26s, 27s, and 28s), which has one of the most fearsome reputations in the country.

2. Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has a reputation for violence and crime. This is especially true for the capital, Port Moresby, and in the cities of Mt Hagen and Lae, which have become hotspots for many forms of violent criminal behavior such as sexual assault, carjacking, theft, breaking and entering, and murder. Human trafficking also occurs extensively throughout the country, specifically in Port Moresby, and most victims are under the age of 18.

On the Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability index, it ranks 136th out of 140 countries.

What’s worse, is that local law enforcement services are typically unreliable. In fact, corruption is a major problem among state officials.

1. Venezuela


Venezuela is considered the most dangerous country in the world. In fact, they’ve been in a state of crisis for many years, roiled by mass protests, political turmoil, a soaring drug trade, and food and medicine shortages. They also have one of the highest homicide rates in the world. In 2021, there were nearly 41 homicides per 100,000 residents.

Corruption is also common among authorities. According to one survey, only 24% of Venezuelans were confident in their local police and only 17% felt safe walking home at night.

Cody Carmichael
Cody Carmichael
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  1. Is this some sorta cheap tabloid!? You have it all wrong on Trinidad and Tobago!! Lies!

    Why are you people lying in my country Trinidad and Tobago? Kidnappings are non-existent,our general crime rates are at an official 33 year low,only gang violence among gangsters in a few run down areas are the main problem. Decent normal people are more likely to be killed in the US by some random gunman than in Trinidad And Tobago!!! This is an agenda driven report how can you try to do this to our country!?

    We have no kidnappings,that was a problem years ago,we won tha with new legislation and advanced specialized policing methodst!!! Our general crime is a t a 33 year low!! How can you people lie on us like that!!! ?? The US is much more dangerous to the average person,in T&T you just have to stay away from certain activities and people and you’re in heaven,no one going to kill you at the mall,school or movies!! Now that’s hopelessness,not some idiot gangsta boys killing each other in a few dark alleys!! Please fix this!!

      • Crap calculating…that would mean 600 by year’s end,I don;t see that happening…although too damn high,this high is no way near the all time highs,you’re an empty vessel devoid of any idiot with no data.

          • You’re a foul mouthed lowlife idiot who probably got sent back or have a Trini tabanca…your rants are a perfect example of your literacy and human developmental rates. Bye now small brain..

          • wow you really must live on another planet, Crime is a big problem in Trinidad, 463 murders in 2016 and 12 in 12 days for 2017 already. either you are just trying to wind people up to get a reaction or you have never been to Trinidad. this article actually makes Trinidad sound good compared to what is actually is. get your head out of la la land and stop talking total rubbish!!

          • Are you an idiot I do not dispute we have crime problems but we are not as bad as they are making us out to be here,our murder rate was 31/100,000 last year,Jamaica’s was 50/100,000 and we are 6th in the Caribbean murder rate and lower in general crime,our general crimes are among the lowest per capita even Barbados has higher robber/burglary rates etc..

            This no name blog has an agenda to further discredit Trinidad that’s all,how can we be so high in this list and other neighbors are much higher than us? I deal with facts you deal with hearsay,fact is there are 4 other islands with higher rates than us yet they’re classing us with some of the highest in the world,although we’re not highest in the region. Random people don;t get killed here,it’s mostly gang/drugs murders,and it’s all about controlling the drugs that pass through here bound for the salivating USA and Europe,maybe they need to control their drug addicted populations and stem the outflow of arms and ammo to small countries such as ours.

            In closing I am putting it to you that T&T isn’t even the highest in murders and general crime in the Caribbean yet we make this list,something is clearly wrong and I never said stuff doesn’t happen here but you have to be in it to pay with your life,no random mall ,school,office, or cinema shooters,now that’s scary,gimme a few criminals killing each other over some crap turf or disputes over getting killed at the movies or mall any day..

          • With over a thousand murders a year? Really? You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

          • Jamaica had over 1400 murders last year,T&T would’ve had to have 700 to be on the same level as Jamaica last year. Although high by T&T’s standards if Jamaica had T&T’s rate last year they would’ve had just over 900 and a DAMN good year!! Come good pal..I deal with info,bring yuh info..

          • i agree with you that trini shouldnt be on here and its overranked even using the same countries

            check my lists out geoquip, you might like them (at least one of them)

          • or click on ‘oldest’, it would be easier reading my comments in order. they should be at the bottom this time however

          • If this article was genuine Jamaica would be on the list ahead of Trinidad. Where’s Haiti? Do you even read anything other than Newsday?

          • i wouldnt even have jamaica on it

            now youre talking with haiti, id have it in the top 20 maybe rather than top 10 however (dangerous world out there!)

          • lots of places are worse than trini that arent listed. in fact, its the safest place listed. have a look at the lists ive put up

      • You are a Jackass living on Cloud 9. We’re prisoners in our own home in Trinidad. Crime is rampant as is Kidnapping. This article is underrating us. 6 murdered in one day.

  2. I know you would never approve my comments but I’m going to expose this callous injustice on other media!! You owe us an apology!

  3. How can this be info from the UN or our authorities when officially our general crime is at a 33 year low! HOW!?

    What’s the agenda here?

  4. For the past 2 weeks there have been only about 5 murders,kidnappings are non-existent or very rare for years now!!

      • Very enthusiastic you are, but even at this very high rate we would have 521 at the end of the year,though disheartening not unprecedented by any means..and still much lower than Jamaica,St Kitts& Nevis,Belize,Bahamas etc.. At this very high rate by T&T standards Jamaica would have just over 1000 this year, I’m certain Jamaica would relish just over 1000 at the end of this year,that would definitely be progress,it would be a relatively a good year,especially since they had almost 1400 last year for a rate of 50/100,000,,we would have had to have 700 to be on the same level and were horrified with the 400+ that took us to 32/100,000 last year,already in some places in Jamaica the rates have gone up 1,100% in 2017. T&T going to win this don’t worry new laws are in process…it’s growing pains,LA,NY and Miami had higher Rates than T&T and implemented new laws and policing methods which have since worked,Detroit can learn a lot from them.

  5. you need to avoid numbeo and ‘national’ sources, the point of being a dangerous country is that its so dangerous and corrupt (the two generally go hand-in-hand) or has such poor infrastructure that a significant portion of the crime (incl. murder) isnt RECORDED. hello? your silly papua new guinea comments?

    robbery is low in el salvador? more like nobody reports it

    as far as south africa is concerned, dangerous, corrupt countries dont report massive numbers of burglaries and common assaults. you also have to look at what ‘rapes’ they put in their rape stats. their definition of ‘rape’ is bizarre, all sorts of nonsense makes their numbers. traffic accidents are also recorded as murders there sometimes when they should be culpable homicides

    i have no idea what you were referring to with regards to corruption, no idea whatsoever. baffled

    the list is also a carbon copy of numbeos which is a very misleading website. the position of many countries (and cities on its city list) doesnt correspond AT ALL with empirical security sources (south africa is far too high for one, columbia, mexico and countless african and middle eastern/near asian states are far too low etc.)

  6. the order of the entries given in the list above should look like the one below (its ‘tiered’), with the security risk level from control risks’ risk map and the corruption score from transparancy international (the latter in parentheses after the country name). *high risk with extreme parts* means most of the country is colored red (high security risk) but a smaller portion(s) is/are colored brown (extreme security risk), and so on):

    1. *extreme risk* south sudan (175)

    2. *high risk with extreme parts* nigeria (136)

    3=. *high risk* el salvador (95), honduras (123), papua new guinea (136), venezuela (166)

    7. *medium risk with high parts* kenya (145)

    8=. *medium risk* brazil (79), south africa (64)

    10. *medium risk with low parts* trinidad & tobago (101)

    it doesnt allow me to post links sadly.

    south sudan also has the worst corruption while south africa (unsurprisingly) has the lowest and drops the most places for security risk (not surprising either).

  7. what it should look like considering all countries of the world (same rank system as before):

    1=. *extreme risk* afghanistan (169), libya (170), south sudan (175), syria (173), yemen (170)

    6=. *extreme risk with high parts* central african republic (159), somalia (176)

    8. *extreme risk with high and moderate parts* iraq (166)

    9=. *high risk with extreme parts* nigeria (136), pakistan (116)


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