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DynoSafe After Shark Tank Update 2024 – Where Are They Now

DynoSafe Before Shark Tank

Over the years, online shopping and ordering groceries for delivery has become increasingly more common; however, with that comes the stress and frustration of having deliveries missed or stolen right from the porch. One’s porch should be a safe space for deliveries to be dropped off and left alone until the homeowner is able to bring them inside. Fortunately, one couple understood the frustration so much that they became determined to create a solution. Thus, creating DynoSafe.

DynoSafe is the first-ever made delivery lockbox that uses smart home technology to keep deliveries and groceries safe from any kind of tampering. The box also has a climate control setting where owners can set their own desired temperature for any groceries or food delivery they order. The DynoSafe lockbox is controlled by the DynoSafe app, making it easier for owners to adjust the settings even when they’re away from the house. After placing an order, the owner will have a code to enter in the delivery instructions section at checkout; this code will only be accessible by the delivery driver. Once the driver puts in the code, the box will open so that the items can be placed inside. Once the lid of the safe is shut, the DynoSafe securely locks. Owners will then receive a notification within the app that lets them know that their delivery has been made and that the box has been locked.

An entrepreneurial husband and wife, Rebecca and Eric Romancci, founded the DynoSafe lockbox in 2016. Prior to launching this business, Rebecca was a Registered Nurse and the owner of her own medical practice. She became a nurse in 1988 and concluded her role in 2016, when she launched DynoSafe. As a nurse, Rebecca often worked in many different scenes, including health care after natural disasters and hurricanes. Eric, on the other hand, was in the military for 27 years, where he served in Afghanistan and received his Bronze Star. Now, he is a Colonel in the United States Army Reserve, as well as a surgeon. DynoSafe Porch Safe 2

The founders initially launched the DynoSafe lockbox to make their lives easier; however, they soon realized how it could benefit many other people as well. As an advocate speaker for Veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and disabilities, for instance, Rebecca understood how difficult it was for them to get around and run errands. More specifically, being in crowded stores and having to wait in lines is typically hard on these Veterans. Due to this, she became inspired to create the DynoSafe as a means of safer delivery so that Veterans wouldn’t have to worry about going out to stores.

After DynoSafe was launched, the lockboxes were already becoming popular quickly. In fact, when the pandemic started, DynoSafe became an in-demand product due to people ordering more rather than going out. In 2017, Rebecca began applying for patents for her DynoSafe lockbox. These patents were quickly granted a year later; the founders now have four patents in place, but Rebecca is looking into getting more. Nonetheless, one of the patents she has been granted is for her AI interaction system that is compatible with drones, delivery devices, and cars. It appears that Rebecca has certainly been able to create a plan for a successful business, but she does still need the help of a shark to get the business up and running.

DynoSafe on Shark Tank

On April 2, 2021, Rebecca and Eric Romanucci made their appearance on Shark Tank in hopes that a shark would offer them a $150,000 deal in exchange for 15% of their business, DynoSafe. The Romanucci’s introduce themselves and pitch their lockbox to the sharks. They then go on to explain how the box works and that it can be operated by the DynoSafe app, which most of the sharks are intrigued about. They reveal that they are working towards getting a patent for the technology of the box as well. Their business was valued at $1 million at the time of filming the episode. While this pitch was quite short, the Romanucci’s did in fact receive two offers.

DynoSafe Porch Safe 4

Kevin O’Leary makes his offer first, presenting the couple with a $150,000 deal in exchange for a 40% equity in DynoSafe. He tells the founders that he can help them get the patent for the box’s technology. Their second offer comes from Robert Herjavec, who offers them a $150,000 in exchange for a 25% equity in the business; however, Robert also wants to be the one on the Board of Directors. With this, he wants to be able to choose what other members will join the board and he wants Mark Cuban to be one of them. Ultimately, Rebecca and Eric choose to do with Robert’s deal and DynoSafe secures a deal with the shark.

DynoSafe Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

After Rebecca and Eric Romanucci secured a deal with Robert Herjavec, the DynoSafe business appears to be doing well in 2024. The deal they got with the sharks has yet to close, but that could be due to negotiations still being a work in progress. What we do know is that the founders are currently working on getting more inventory in order to keep up with the many orders they’re receiving. With that in mind, there is currently a waiting list that customers can join if they’re interested in buying a DynoSafe in the near future. This is not only due to the lockboxes being more in demand but also because the business does still focus on getting the boxes to Veterans and their families. Customers on the waitlist will get a notification when a DynoSafe is available for them.

As of 2024, DynoSafe boxes are only available on the company’s official website. Rebecca and Eric are working on getting partnerships with a variety of delivery programs to ensure that deliveries will be even safer as well. In addition to that, the DynoSafe technology has received a bit of an update; the boxes now have a built-in alarm, temperature adjustments, battery keypad, and better sustainability for resources. While the update doesn’t include any information on Rebecca’s goals for the shark’s investment to boost the business to the next step, the founders have stated that they will be continuing to work on improvements, as well as connecting with future partnerships this year. Given that, there’s a good chance that the company may release some more great updates soon. DynoSafe Porch Safe 6

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