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Moment Drink After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Moment Drink Before Shark Tank

Moment Drink is a caffeine-free anti-stress drink that was created with the intention of calming people without them having to meditate. The drink also does not contain any added sweeteners or sugars. The ingredients used to produce the Moment Drink are all natural, which allows it to give consumers a similar feeling to if they had meditated. Because this drink is made with botanical water, it is non-carbonated and non-genetically modified. Not to mention it is keto-friendly and each drink only contains up to 15 calories. Moment Drinks are available on their website and on Amazon in a pack of six, which costs $21 for three different flavors. The flavors currently available are blood orange, lemon, dragon fruit, and many more. Additionally, Moment Drinks can be purchased as still water or sparkling water.

Moment Drink was created by husband and wife, Faheem Kajee and Aisha Chottani. The couple met while they were working at McKinsey and Company in South Africa; they both were Senior Engagement Managers. Aside from working at Moment, Faheem is a venture capitalist, as well as an entrepreneur to a few other businesses he is working on. As is Aisha. Two of which are spa resorts in Malaysia and Thailand. As for Aisha, she graduated from Harvard Business School in 2012 and went on to work at Gap, Inc; however, she quit that job when it came time to launch Moment.

Faheem and Aisha are both interested in health and wellness. When Aisha started working at McKinsey and Company, she also started doing meditation to boost her focus and performance while decreasing her stress levels. Nonetheless, meditation requires and quiet and peaceful space away from to work scene, and due to their busy schedules, it was difficult to find the right time to do so. Instead, the couple decided to investigate ingredients that could help reduce stress. What they found was that certain herbs and spices can help, though they don’t do as much as actual meditation would. With that information in mind, Faheem and Aisha thought about potentially turning these meditation-like ingredients into a drink for those who are on-the-go or just can’t set aside time to meditate. After some time, they’d created the Moment Drink as a “meditation in a can” equally healthy alternative. Moment Drink 2

In 2020, Moment Drink was officially launched, and, within just a month and a half, their founders were able to do $15,000 worth of sales. The drink became a best seller shortly after. Additionally, Faheem and Aisha were awarded with the BevNET New Beverage Showdown, and they were successfully accepted to enter the Amazon Launchpad program. Considering this program only accepts about 35 firms, it was certainly a great accomplishment for the Moment Drink business. Now, Faheem and Aisha want to shoot for their goal of getting their drinks into retail stores, but they’ll need a shark’s investment. With that, they want to take on Shark Tank.

Moment Drink on Shark Tank

Faheem and Aisha enter the Shark Tank searching for a deal of $200,000 in exchange for a 10% cut of their business, Moment Drink. Their business has a valuation of $2 million. The couple is hoping to get a deal with a shark who can help them better their distribution and get their meditation drinks into stores. They begin pitching the sharks about the Moment Drinks, adding in that the drink has already become a best-seller on Amazon. By this time, the sharks are trying the drinks, which they all seem to like. Unfortunately, they aren’t too impressed with the business itself though, and things take an even worse turn once Faheem and Aisha share their next business goal. They tell the sharks that they want to launch a subscription for the drinks, where customers would be paying $20 for it. Immediately, Kevin O’Leary shuts down the idea, stating that a goal like that has never been a success with a beverage company. The remaining sharks agree, leaving Moment Drink to leave the tank with no deal. Moment Drink 1

Moment Drink Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Moment Drink remains in business after leaving the Shark Tank without a deal from a shark; however, the business is not growing as the founders imagined it would. But it is still growing, nonetheless. Given that, there’s not much to update on the company or the founders. The Moment Drink social media accounts are still running and have been posted on. Additionally, on their company website, it does appear that Faheem and Aisha are indeed working towards launching their subscription regardless of the sharks’ opinions on it. As of 2024, the website shows that they have bi-weekly and monthly plans available. As for their sales, there is no recent release of those numbers. The most recent annual revenue found is from their 2021 sales, which was at $5 million.

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