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Easy Treezy 2024 Update – What Happened After Shark Tank

Easy Treezy Before Shark Tank

Easy Treezy is a company that manufactures and sells artificial Christmas trees in order to promote less stressful holiday decorating each year. The company also offers a range of Christmas accessories. Easy Treezy Christmas trees are sections of collapsible cones that, when adhered together, form a tree. Their trees com in pre-lit and pre-decorated options to make the task even easier on families. The trees currently run at prices from $279 to up to $899, depending on the tree and accessories that are chosen, and they can be flawlessly set up in a quick minute. When the tree isn’t being used, just simply unattached the cones, flatten them, and store them in their bags for next year.

Kurt Stange is the founder of Easy Treezy. Before coming up with the idea, Kurt was attending the University of Miami, where he graduated in 2005. After graduation, he went on to work with a company called Miami Christmas Lights. During his career, he would set up colorful Christmas displays, where he would show off lights and decorated trees. Many visitors would enjoy Kurt’s designs so much that they encouraged him to create his own trees that could be placed in homes.

With that advice, he began thinking about how stressful the Christmas season can be when it comes to setting up trees. He figured that there had to be an easier way to do so. Shortly thereafter, he got to work on his ideas. He got inspired by his mother’s illness. She was unable to put up a Christmas tree, she ended up having to sit out of family activities like that. Thus leading Kurt to come up with the collapsible cones for the Easy Treezy trees. Not only would these quick trees help his mother, but they’d help a majority of other families and individuals as well. easy treezy pre decorated featuresWhen Kurt launched Easy Treezy, he had the help of The Entrepreneurs’ Organization in South Florida, along with a networking club and a business mentorship. Soon, Kurt was able to have the trees manufactured offshore, which he managed himself. Before appearing on Shark Tank, Kurt had already made Easy Treezy quite the success. The company has opened their own warehouse and have hired a large group of full-time employees. Within just a short time, the Christmas trees sold out entirely on QVC; however, now he wants to see if the sharks can make them sell out again. Kurt is interested in being on the show just for extra publicity.

Easy Treezy on Shark Tank

While Kurt Stange doesn’t seem to and the investment, he chooses to go on Shark Tank to further impact his publicity. When he enters the Shark Tank, he’s asking for a deal of $400,000 in exchange for 10% of his company, Easy Treezy. This would imply that his company is valued at $4 million. During his pitch, he talks about the sizes and prices of the trees, as well as showing them off to the sharks. To demonstrate his products, Kurt sets up an entire Christmas display within just a few quick minutes. This was impressing enough for the sharks; however, they become more impressed by the sales.

Kurt mentions that he has already done $600,000 worth of sales this year, and h thinks he’ll be able to get up to $2.2 million by the year’s end. This may actually happen, considering the trees would be more in demand during the Christmas season. With that, he quickly adds in that he previously lost an $8 million order that was placed by the Home Department. Unfortunately, the turning point for the show was when Kurt shared that the trees cost anywhere from $279 to $899. The sharks are immediately turned away by these prices as they believe those prices are too high for artificial trees. easy treezy

Kevin O’Leary speaks up and tells Kurt that he isn’t going to get a customer to pay $700 for a fake Christmas tree. Lori Greiner agrees with him, and the two sharks drop out of the deal. Kurt chimes in once more before allowing the sharks to talk. He wants to talk about his marketing tactics. He shares that he has done some digital marketing; however, not much. Furthermore, he also tells the sharks that he isn’t doing too will with his Direct sales to his customers. This turns the sharks away once again because they are seeing that Kurt isn’t aware of how to market these trees. This is when Mark Cuban chimes in.

Mark decides that he isn’t going to invest either. The reason being that he isn’t impressed with Kurt’s marketing tactics, especially considering he had only done $120,000 worth of online advertising. At this point, Robert Herjavec is the only shark left in the deal. Before potentially presenting an offer, he explains that he thinks Easy Treezy is overvalued. Given that, he thinks it’s only right that he would get a 40% equity in the company, if they had worked together. Kurt counteroffers that for a 25% equity, but Robert rejects it, and Easy Treezy leaves without any deal.

Easy Treezy Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Since Kurt Stange appeared on Shark Tank with his Easy Treezy Christmas trees, the company seems to be doing quite well. In fact, as of November 2024, their website says that they are all sold out of trees for the 2022 Christmas season. This is great considering the company has a couple competitions. Some of the competition is with Lake Norman Pest Control, Quick Sidekick International, MOBILE ILLUMINATION, Holiday Lights, Decorating Elves, and a few more. Given that they have already sold all the inventory for this year, they must be doing well. 51xToz8EN5L

Since the Shark Tank episode aired, Kurt has expanded and has begun selling his trees on Amazon, as well as in big box retailers such as Walmart, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Target. It appears that the prices for these trees do, however, vary in price from store to store. Kurt has also announced that he is able to customize heightened trees for these big box retailers; from a size 5.5 foot tree to a 7.5 foot tree. Additionally, Easy Treezy now sells storage bags, wreaths, garlands, and decoration kits. As of 2024, the company has an estimated sales of $1.4 million every year. If the company continues expanding, that number may increase in the years to come.

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