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Fortress Clothing 2024 Update – What Happened After Shark Tank

Fortress Clothing Before Shark Tank

Fortress Clothing is a clothing business that manufactures, and sells outdoor clothing, made from high-quality materials. They also sell athletic clothing as well. Fortress Clothing uses a patented insulation technology in order to keep individuals warm during the most frigid weather conditions, whether it be rain or snow. The way the insulation works is it traps one’s body warmth from escaping the clothing, while fighting off moisture so that wearers can stay warm and dry throughout the day. Fortress Clothing offers a wide range of clothing options such as overalls, vests with and without hoodies, parkas, hybrid hoodies, jackets, pull-over pants, gloves, and even booties. The brand caters to everyone including snowboarders, hockey players, skiers, law enforcement, military personnel, and more.

The founder of Fortress Clothing, Dale Lewis, has proclaimed himself to be an entrepreneur hustler as he has been in the position of creating his own businesses prior to launching Fortress Clothing. His other businesses, however, were based in the telecommunications industry, which is seemingly much different from this new company he’s started. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Dale studied at the University of Utah, where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in business marketing. Following his graduation, he then went on to open his own businesses. By the time he launched Fortress Clothing, he had already gained extensive experience with business-related strategies and insight on working towards expansions.

The inspiration for Fortress Clothing came to Dale in two ways. For starters, Dale had already wanted to create an apparel company in which he would produce pieces of high-quality clothing to keep consumers warm and dry in any harsh weather. Nonetheless, after hearing about how his neighbor had created a thermodynamic polymer to lock in an individual’s body heat and keep moisture from breaking in, he became determined to bring his idea to life. Thus, officially launching Fortress Clothing in 2012. Later, in 2014, Dale has Aeris, the insulation technology within the clothing, copyrighted. Fortress Clothing 2

In 2017, Dale kicked-off Fortress Clothing by starting a Kickstarter campaign, where he raised $46,264. This was a decent lift off to get the company rolling. Following Kickstarter, Dale went on to pitch his company to CNBC’s Adventure Capitalists. Considering Dale is very into capital within his businesses, this was a great accomplishment for him. Then, in 2018, Fortress Clothing was named one of the best new products at the Worldwide Winter Show. It was also chosen as a best-in show product as well. Now, Dale feels as though it is time to seek guidance from a shark in order to better his market research.

Fortress Clothing on Shark Tank

Dale Lewis and his Fortress Clothing business entered Shark Tank on episode 10 of season 11. The entrepreneur is seeking and investment of $600,000 for a 15% equity in his business. He pitched the company to the sharks, telling them the story behind his clothing and how they work to lock in warmth. After giving each of the sharks a sample piece of clothing, he invites Robert Herjavec on stage to test out a cryo-chamber. Inside the chamber, the temperature is freezing; however, Robert is equipped in the Fortress Clothing to keep him warm. Once he exits the chamber, he reveals that he did indeed remain warm. He then goes on to tell Dale that he loves the idea but that he won’t be investing because he is concerned about the marketing of the clothing brand.

Having already had one impressed shark drop out of the deal, wasn’t what Dale had anticipated would happen. Though, he continues with his remarks about the business. Eventually, the sharks ask Dale who these clothes are intended to reach and how he markets the brand. Unfortunately, Dale doesn’t respond. Instead, he reroutes the discussion and begins talking about his sales. Since launching Fortress Clothing in 2012, Dale has seen $3.5 million in sales. If the nonchalant redirection following their questions wasn’t enough to disinterest some of the sharks, the sales numbers surely would. Considering that amount was the result of seven years. Fortress Clothing 4

Before the sharks begin stating their resignations or offers, Dale reveals that he has tried to have the apparel brand licensed; however, it never worked out due to a lack of marketing. Lori Greiner drops out first. She explains to the founder that she is confused about how just one layer of clothing would keep someone warm on its own. She then concludes, saying that she feels like the clothing would be harmful and that it’s not a good investment for her. Barbara Corcoran concurs with Lori; she also thinks the concept is confusing and she won’t invest. Next, Kevin O’Leary chimes in. He tells Dale that he believes that asking for a $600,000 investment is too much for a company with little to no business strategies. Given that, he drops out of the deal.

The final shark to state his resignation is Mark Cuban. He agrees with what the other sharks have expressed regarding the marketing tactics. Fortress Clothing needs to be marketed clearly, with a purpose, and Mark doesn’t believe that that has happened yet. He also agrees with Barbara’s comment about Dale only incorporating a single base layer into the clothing. With that being said to his surprise, Dale Lewis and Fortress Clothing leave Shark Tank without a deal.

Fortress Clothing Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Unfortunately, Dale Lewis didn’t receive a deal when he appeared on Shark Tank with his Fortress Clothing. Nonetheless, the company remains in business and appears to be doing great. In fact, they have gained many happy customers since the Shark Tank episode aired. The apparel brand has continued to be active on their Facebook and Instagram accounts as of recently, but their Twitter account hasn’t seen any activity since May 8, 2020. Now, while there isn’t much of an update on how the company is doing now, there is a small update. Fortress Clothing 3

Dale has continued to sell the same products that he introduced to the sharks. Though, he has launched some new clothing pieces as well. On the company’s website, customers can now purchase socks, balaclavas, and even bags that can be used to carry the clothing items for travel. The clothing can be bought in bundles or in singles. As of 2024, there hasn’t been any new information regarding the sales of Fortress Clothing; however, the business does have an annual revenue of more than $5 million a year.

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