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Grow Castle Cheats, Tips & Tricks 2024

Grow Castle is a mobile tower defense game. Don’t be fooled by its stickman graphics, the game is actually fun and requires careful strategy instead of just maxing out one type of tower or unit. The wide variety of options that open up different possible ways of gameplay set Grow Castle apart from your usual tower defense experience.

If you’re a new player or a veteran looking for cheats, tips, and tricks for Grow Castle in 2024 then read on.

Grow Castle Cheats, Tips, and Tricks For 2024

There are several things that you want to consider when playing the game, which we’ll be going over in detail below.

1. Get As Much Gold As Possible

Gold is super important in the game; you need it for pretty much everything, from upgrading your castle to purchasing new units. How can you earn gold? By defeating enemies. And don’t worry, you’ll still be able to keep the gold that you’ve earned even if you lose the wave so there’s no harm in trying. If anything, it’s a great way to farm gold so that you can get stronger.

grow castle gold
Gold is the main currency of the game. For example, you can use it to upgrade your castle or purchase Treasures

Another thing that you want to do is upgrade the “Bonus Gold” skill. It’ll cost you some skill points but it’ll significantly increase the amount of gold that you’ll get from defeating enemies so try to get it as high as possible. Not only that, but you can also get the Trophy Tower at the beginning to increase the amount of gold earned per kill.

You can earn gold by watching ads in the game. The amount that you get will depend on the amount of gold that you’ve earned from the current wave. There’s also a multiplier. Generally speaking, the higher the wave, the more bonus gold you’ll get from watching the advertisements.

You can also earn gold by leaving the game on. For example, you can leave your tablet or phone on overnight; the colonies will continue to produce gold even while you’re away.

2. Get All the Heroes For Your Castle Before Upgrading

There are 39 different types of heroes in the game, each of which has their own special skill. Take priests, for example, they can increase the damage of town archers by 100% for five seconds. And you can make them more powerful by upgrading their stats.

Before you do that, though, you want to make sure to get all of them first. Ultimately, the goal is to test all of them out so that you can figure out which you want to use to defend your base. From there, you can spend gold to upgrade their skills. If anything, the last thing that you want to do is upgrade a hero that you won’t use—it’ll just be a waste of gold.

grow castle heroes
Pay attention to the heroes’ skills – they each have their own abilities that make them unique

In terms of which heroes to use, it depends on your preference, however, the Druid and Golem Master are solid options. Why? They’re both capable of summoning a monster that will fight for you. Not only will that add an additional line of defense, but it’ll also help patrol the grounds.

Note: You’ll likely have to change your lineup as you progress to the harder levels but you should have a lot of gold saved up by then so upgrading the heroes shouldn’t be an issue.

3. Join a Guild

Guilds are great in that they give you free bonuses so there’s really no reason not to join. Basically, how it works is that whenever your guild levels up (this happens when members complete waves), it’ll receive a skill point, which can then be used to increase various things like leader damage or castle HP for the entire guild (all skills max out at level 20). Not only that, but members will also receive a certain amount of gold every day.

grow castle guild
A list of guilds (along with their rankings) will appear once you’re connected to the game server

How do you join a guild? Simply tap on the guild icon (you must have unlocked Wave 75, otherwise, it won’t work). The game will connect to the server and a list of guilds will appear along with their emblems and names. To join, simply press the “JOIN” button. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll only be able to join if there are vacant spaces in the guild (you can check by looking at the number on the bottom right-hand corner). You can also search for guilds on Discord and other platforms- the guild master will be able to send you an invite.

Or if you want, you can create your own guild for 100 million Gold. To do that, however, you must have completed Wave 2000. Keep in mind, however, that guild masters will not receive a daily amount of gold.

4. Conquer As Many Colonies As Possible

There are three different worlds in the game, each of which has its own colonies. To travel between them, click on the icon on the top right-hand corner of the map. You should see a list of colonies (the number beneath the flag indicates how powerful they are- number 50 means the colony is similar in strength as wave 50).

grow castle colonies
Each colony will have a number that represents waves

The type of colony matters as well. For example, battles in Orc and Hell colonies tend to be more difficult than those of Earth colonies. There are also seasonal colonies that reset every 10 days.

To liberate and conquer a colony, tap on its flag on the screen. Click the “Battle” button and the fight will begin. Not only will you receive gold for winning the battle, but your Town archers will also receive a boost in damage, attack speed, or critical damage (it depends on the color of the colony).

5. Exchange and Sell at the Market

The Market has two main functions: exchanging crystals and selling items, both of which will earn you gold. To exchange crystals, click on one of the three buttons below the exchange rate (the rate will tell you how much gold you’ll receive). And pay attention to the timer—it’ll tell you how much time is left before the rate changes (it fluctuates constantly).

grow castle market
The Market Price aka exchange rate changes constantly

To sell items, click on the item and select the “Sell button.” For example, you can sell items that you’ve obtained from defeating the Dragon bosses.

Note: You can obtain Hearts from the market by exchanging crystals for gold. If anything, you can think of them as a little bonus. For example, you’ll receive six hearts if you exchange 50 crystals for gold (it’ll tell you how many hearts you’ll receive on the buttons). The more Hearts you have, the more gold you’ll receive when selling items.

Other Grow Castle Tips For Beginners

  • Generally speaking, your castle’s level should be three times higher than that of your strongest hero. Your town archers’ levels should also be three times higher than that of your castle
  • Pure Wizards should always be placed in the middle; their passive ability will reduce the cool-down period of heroes on both sides

  • Always include Chrono in your waves- he’ll boost the speed of everything including colonies and workers
  • Some heroes work better together than others. For example, fire, lightning, and ice mages will post each other when fully promoted. They also do well in pairs

  • Lightning, Minigun, and Ballista are the strongest Castle Cannons

  • Try to focus on just one elemental type (fire is generally the easiest to use as there are several fire-type towers and fire heroes)

  • Equip your heroes with the right equipment. For example, items that improve cooldowns are especially useful for support units as they affect everyone

  • Make sure to spread out your upgrades between the different heroes- you don’t want to rely on just one high-level character

  • Don’t worry too much about your build at the beginning- anything will work. Just focus on getting experience boosters and gold

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  1. COLONIES ARE THE BEST GOLD INCOME !!!!! Big mistake…. everything is bad… colonies are usefull !! Il est fou.

  2. Don’t leave the game running overnight, it’s a MASSIVE battery hog, and even on the charger will kill your phone battery! I’ve experimented several times on battery-saver, low-screen and other battery options, every time my phone is dead in the morning when I wake up.

    • The market lets you sell crystals and each sale makes the marketer like you more, meaning you get more money when you sell items

  3. A friend of mine is over level 401, but I can’t get any further. I have maxed out all my extra skills in the Window A box. Would love to know how to get further in this game!!

  4. Thanks for the guide! I appreciate the confirmation that income not being collected when the app is closed is by design.

    I disagree, though, about bonus gold and bonus experience skills being worthless in the long run. They’re *always* useful. Rather than ignoring them, I would recommend getting them before any others, especially since the early waves are easy enough that you don’t need the combat-focused skills anyway.

    If your first skill is Bonus EXP, then it will help you get every other skill faster. It only takes 20 skill points to max it out and double your experience gains, which means the next 380 levels will be achieved in half the time. That sounds to me like a very good deal.


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