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What Happened to Gretchen Rossi – 2024 Recent News & Updates

Known as one of the blond bombshells of the Reality TV world, Gretchen Rossi would become an icon of the show The Real House Wives of Orange County. While occasionally doling out emotional details of her past, but keeping plenty secret, her secrets and 4 seasons of appearances captivated the audience for years. But it’s been quite a while since she’s been in the spotlight and many wonder what Gretchen Rossi has been up to these past few years. Here, we take a look back at her life as well as see what Rossi has been up to in 2024.

The Early Years and Real House Wives of Orange County

While Rossi has kept most of her past close to the chest, there are a few things we know about her from her days before reality television. She was born on October 30, 1978, in the state of Michigan, and grew up primarily within the town of La Crescenta, California.

She then ended up getting a Psychology degree at Baylor University in Waco, Texas and then tried her hand at the real estate business well before the economic downturn of 2008. During this time she would meet her first fiancé, who would end up dying of Leukemia, causing her to regularly work alongside organizations that help fund research against the disease. It is rumored to this day she is still in close contact with the children of her late fiancé.

After this event, she would find herself in the whirlwind of reality television, being picked up by the Bravo! Real Housewives series, this time set in Orange County, California. Appearing in the 4th through 8th seasons of the program, she would quickly make an impact with personalities and fans alike.

Somewhat entertaining is the fact that during her connection with the series, she would end up in a relationship with Slade Smiley, who was recruited to film a show called Date My Ex: Jo and Slade. In this show Slade would help his ex, Jo De La Rosa, get to know new people on televised dates and advise actions thereafter based on what he and friends saw of the guys. While this series only lasted a season, we will soon see that Slade and Gretchen Rossi have lasted much longer so far.

Lord of the Freaks and Smiley

In 2009, not long after being picked up on the Real House Wives of Orange County, Gretchen would also appear on the A-List Awards of 2009. Hosted that year by Kathy Griffin, this show award event has often been called the “Award show for the Who’s Who of nobody”, and had a certain comedic flair about it, with which Gretchen acted gracefully. Outside of this event, she would not be seen outside the reality show for much work until 2015, where she would appear on Lord of the Freaks.

Showing up as herself in this odd chronicle, this was Rossi’s first film appearance and depending on who you speak to, it was either a film of great artistic merit or of the pure grotesqueness of humanity. Chronicling primarily the stunts either pulled or funded by media mogul and Coca-Cola heir Alki David, the movie depicts some of the darker fringes of what people do for attention, money, or curiosity.

This has included Alki paying $1 Million for someone to streak during a speech done by Barack Obama, and a man who got crucified on television. Central to this movie is the asking of why, and very little being explained, except that the world can provide an audience for nearly everything. Rossi herself played a minor and thankfully harmless role in the film, and likely found some content of interest as a result of her previous psychology experience.

In the same year, Rossi was slated to marry Smiley in May. This, however, was not to be. Not due to a breakup or any huge relationship issue, but instead due to logistics. It appears that the planning had failed to be in enough advance for friends and family to work schedules around the wedding and yet to have occurred to this day. In the meantime, Slade and Rossi both planned on having a child sometime soon, as they now owned a three-bedroom house, and Slade went through a “de-snipping” process for her 37th birthday.

What’s Gretchen Rossi Doing Now in 2024– Recent Updates

Gretchen Rossi hasn’t been on The Real Housewives of Orange County since the twelfth season in 2017 when she made a guest appearance. Will she be returning to the show anytime soon? Maybe. According to a recent podcast interview, she would consider returning if certain demands are made. She also revealed the cast that she believes would make the most sense.

In terms of recent television appearances, she appeared in an episode of Face to Face with David earlier this year. She was also invited onto Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2021.

Many fans have also been wondering whether or not she and Slade have gotten married (they got engaged back in the eighth season of RHOC). In response, she has said that they have “no wedding plans, as of now”. However, the pair did welcome a baby girl named Skylar Gray in 2019, after multiple rounds of IVF treatments.

She also talked about the postpartum depression she experienced after giving birth via C-section—that she “was depressed and had a lot of anxiety” and “wasn’t able to connect with her at the beginning.” Realizing that she might have postpartum depression after breaking down at a pediatric appointment, she decided to seek medical help. While those feelings haven’t gone away completely, seeing a doctor has helped her cope with her changing lifestyle.

gretchen rossi daughter

Asked whether or not the pair would be giving their daughter a sibling, she replied that they “would love” to and that they still have “one more genetically sound embryo” but that she’s also “nervous about possibly experiencing those feelings again.” And that’s completely understandable, seeing as how she’s also a full-time working mom.

For those who’d like to keep up with her online, you can follow her on social media. Gretchen is active on Instagram (@gretchenrossi) and also has a Twitter account where she cross-posts her photos. In addition to that, she has an official Facebook page, which she updates regularly.

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