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Hay Day Tips, Cheats, & Tricks – 2024 Update

One of Supercell’s top three best-selling games along with Boom Beach and Clash of Clans, Hay Day is a mobile MMO strategy game similar to Farmville where players manage their farm, make it grow, and sell goods to earn coins and experience points.

Managing a farm in this game is very time-consuming and making your business grow and profit requires smart strategies and techniques. Below are some of the tips and tricks you need to know in order to get the upper hand and to seamlessly grow your business and make huge amounts of money and experience points (XP).

9 Hay Day Tips and Tricks to Know For 2024

Want to succeed in the game? Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Getting Free Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency on Hay Day. While they’re not required to play the game, they let players progress faster. Not only that, but you can also use them to buy different customization options. You can even use them to make special items such as gracious bouquets, mystery nets, and diamond rings.

As it is, the easiest way to get diamonds is to buy them through the app. For those who don’t want to pay, however, there are other ways that you can get them.

For example, you can get an extra diamond by following Hay Day on Facebook. And once you’re a follower, you can participate in their contests, most of which give diamonds out as prizes. That’s not all, you also get diamonds when you progress through the game. Not just when you level up, but when you complete achievements as well.

Another way to earn diamonds is by using movie tickets (one will appear on your farm every day ). Simply tap on the ticket when you find it and a 30-second trailer will begin to play. Watch the entire thing and you’ll be rewarded with items- possibly diamonds.

And when you hit level 24, you can get diamonds by mining (the drop rate will depend on the extraction tool that you’re using). For that, you’ll need a few things: shovels, pickaxes, sticks of dynamite, and TNT barrels. Keep in mind, however, that there’s a daily limit of 10 diamonds per day.

Tip: Spend your diamonds wisely. For example, you probably don’t want to use them for the rush feature. You also want to avoid using them to speed up your crops. Consider using them to increase your production queue instead- that’ll allow you to make more stuff overnight.

2. Making Money Fast

Wheating is one of the best ways to make money. Simply plant them in the ground and they’ll be ready to be harvested in two minutes. For every 70 fields that you grow, you’ll receive a rare item- one that you can use to upgrade buildings, expand your land, and work in the mine.

Sell off what you don’t need and you’ll earn a considerable amount of money. Just put them in your roadside shop. If you want them to go fast, sell them for a penny; if you don’t mind waiting, you can list them for a bit more. Not only will that earn you money, but it’ll also clear some room in your silo, which will allow you to grow more wheat.

You also want to take advantage of Tom (he’s free to use for the day once you reach level 14) If anything, you can think of him as an errand boy. Make sure that you’re free all day and send him to find crops and goods for you every couple of hours. Whatever you receive you can then sell in your roadside shop.

You can also send Tom to get apples, cherries, and berries. These crops tend to sell for a higher price as they take longer to grow. Avoid selling to farm visitors as they don’t pay full price for the items.

Last but not least, you can take advantage of the ads in the newspaper. Look for good deals that you can get and resell at higher prices. There are so many ads you’ll practically never run out. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always “refresh” the ads by changing the language in the settings.

Tip: Don’t limit yourself to your own newspaper- you can steal and use someone else’s instead.

3. Consider the Time of Day

Consider the time of day. Remember, even when you’re not playing, time is still flowing in the game. Things haven’t stopped and you can take advantage of that. For example, you can set it up so that things are happening when you’re sleeping or are at school or work. That way, everything will be ready for you when you open the game. If anything, it’ll save you a lot of time!

For example, you can plant crops during the evening or at night before you go to bed. Some good options include berries, coffee beans, tea leaves, and onions- they all take a long time to grow so you’ll save yourself a considerable amount of time.

You can also do the same thing with items- ones that take a long time to make. Start the production process before you go to sleep and they’ll be ready for you by the time you wake up in the morning.

4. Ask For Help With Boat Orders

The boat is unlocked when you reach level 17. Once you fix the dock, you’ll see it come down the river. Complete the orders for crops and other items within the time frame and you’ll get XP, coins, vouchers, and leadership points. If you’re lucky, you might even get puzzle pieces or expansion permits!

Over time, however, the orders will get tougher. In cases like that, you can ask your friends for help. Simply tap on the “Ask for Help” button- you can find it on the grates. With each order, you can ask the public for help three times.

You can also place an ad in the newspaper asking for help. To do that, go to your roadside shop. Select the ad option and make sure to select the “Advertise” box (otherwise it’ll go unlisted). Once you do that, your ad will be visible in the newspaper. You should see a small yellow piece of paper next to the item- that indicates that you need help with an order.

And here’s another tip- you can make the ad stick around for longer by selling an item that nobody wants. For example, you can sell some eggs for wheat for full price. Nobody wants them but it might earn them a “thank you” letter in return, which they can use for mystery boxes and such. That way, your ads will get a lot more exposure.

5. Getting Experience Points

Experience points appear as blue stars in the game. Once the bar at the top of the screen is filled up, you’ll level up, which will unlock new rewards, features, and items (you can see what items are unlocked at the next level by tapping on the star).

As you progress through the game, you’ll require more and more XP to level up. Don’t worry, though, there are several ways to gain experience points. For example, you can get XP by harvesting crops and animal goods. Not all crops are equal when it comes to XP, however. Instead of planting slow-growing crops such as peaches and onions, plant some wheat or corn instead. They might only give 1 XP each, but they grow super quickly so it’ll add up over time.

Another thing that you can do is craft items; you can do this using production buildings. You can find them on the farm and around the fishing lake area. The higher your level, the more buildings will be unlocked, which will allow you to make more products. For example, you can unlock the Duck Salon at level 50 and the Yogurt Maker at level 103.

Keep in mind, however, that each building, by default, only produces one item at a time and depending on what you’re crafting, it can take up to several hours. For those who want to save some time, you can unlock more slots with diamonds or coins.

You can also gain XP by filling boat, town visitors, and truck orders. You can also sell goods to visitors, though they might not always give you the full amount. Feeding your pets will also give you 30XP.

6. Don’t Forget the Treasure Chests

Treasure chests are locked chests that contain items. Every day, you can open one free chest on your farm and one free chest on another farm. Not only that, but you can also open a free chest in the sea in your own town and another in someone else’s town. After that, you must spend five diamonds (we don’t recommend doing this).

Once a chest has been opened, it’ll sink back into the water. Some possible rewards include diamonds, supplies, vouchers, boosters, and puzzle pieces.

7. Decorating Your Farm

Decorating your farm is a great way to set yourself apart from others. For example, you can separate different areas with fences. Not only that, but you can also lay walkways. Some decorations also come with special effects. Take flowers, for instance, they tend to attract butterflies. Keep in mind, however, that some will only become animated when you tap on them.

And like most buildings, you can move, rotate, or store your decorations. Simply hold your finger over the item and wait for the meter to fill completely.

8. Don’t Hesitate to Say No to Visitors

Every now and then, a visitor aka NPC will visit your farm. There are five of them in total: Mary, Joan, Greg, Tilly, and Mike. Upon visiting, they’ll ask for a single type of crop or product that you can craft or grow. If you sell them what they’re looking for, you’ll gain 5XP regardless of the item.

However, they generally won’t pay a reasonable price for the item- you can make a lot more money by selling your crops and products in your roadside store instead. So don’t hesitate to say no when they come with a request; they won’t get offended.

The only exception is if they’re asking for quick-growing crops such as wheat or corn. If that’s the case, you can sell them the items for XP.

9. Refuse Orders You Can’t Fulfill

As you play, your board will quickly fill up with orders. The good news is that the businesses are usually willing to pay you a good price for the items. However, you might not always have the products that they’re looking for. If you don’t have the equipment to fill the order or if you simply don’t want to wait to grow or create the items, you can always say no.

The order will disappear and another will take its place after a few minutes.

Other Tips and Tricks

  • People are more likely to buy full stacks of raw goods such as eggs and milk. Processed items such as cakes and pies, however, usually go quicker if sold in smaller stacks

  • Keep your extra building materials- don’t sell them. Chances are, you’ll need them eventually (and they can be scarce later on in the game)

  • You can prevent yourself from accidentally spending diamonds by turning on double-tap confirmation in advanced settings. Keep in mind, however, that it doesn’t apply to the five that you need to spend to get your boat early in the game

  • Focus on making as much money as possible in the beginning- you’ll need it to buy extra machines as you level up

  • Don’t spend your coins on decorating till you get further in the game – save them to buy machines as you level up

  • Prioritize fishing spots over land spots – the former is functional while the latter is only for aesthetics

  • Try to join a friendly neighborhood. Most people will be more than happy to help you get on your feet. Some might even give you some gold if you ask nicely

  • Visit and buy out Greg’s shop every day. You can sell all the items in your store to make a profit. It’ll make you a lot more than if you were to give them to your farm visitors



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