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Hold Your Haunches 2024 Update: What Happened After Shark Tank

Hold Your Haunches on Shark Tank

Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer are two sassy moms from Macon, Georgia. They are the “head honchos” of Hold Your Haunches, a clothing brand aimed towards women. They are seeking a $75,000 investment in exchange for 20% of their company. Hold Your Haunches is a fashion trouser, with a fully integrated shaping liner. Their unique one-of-a-kind product offers smoothing and slimming support for women of all ages and stages, and can be worn for any scenarios from car-pooling to cocktail parties. Awhile back, the two friends were on a walk and Jenny was mentioning the facts that despite her diet, she wasn’t able to keep her behind from sagging down below her underpants line, creating the “two-butt effect.”
Jenny said to Erin at that point, “there has to be a better leg covering with more generous shaping.” They couldn’t find a single one, and Erin has been searching for one for a year since they created Hold Your Haunches, which was created since the pair of moms couldn’t find a product that worked for them. They created a trouser that was more flattering and form-fitting than other leggings, and Jenny says that actually both her and Erin are wearing Hold Your Haunches products right now.

An example of how well Hold Your Haunches works, as modeled by Jenny

However, Hold Your Haunches is not just about butts; Hold Your Haunches also has products for muffin tops and belly flab, saggy cheeks, and saddle bags. The pair then give out samples of Hold Your Haunches products to the Sharks. Since these products are more familiar with the female sharks, Lori and Barb, Lori speaks out first; she says that she thinks the Hold Your Haunches products are strong, and she has never found a pair of leggings or shaper that has felt so intense and firm. Even Kevin admits that he thinks the Hold Your Haunches leggings could “hold a lot of hiney” in them. Barb jokes that she thinks the leggings would give her a blood clot, while Mark jokes that he’s disgusted that they don’t make a version for men.
Kevin asks about the “promise” of the nature, and asks if there is a guarantee that women with a more voluptuous figure who elect to use the Hold Your Haunches leggings are told they’re going to have a more attractive figure. Kevin says he just wants to disclose this; what happens if the woman with a voluptuous figure goes on a date and consummates and the leggings/pants eventually have to come off? This would be considered false advertising, and there could be litigation. However, Erin says that bras and make-up do the exact same thing.
Robert says his problem with the Hold Your Haunches leggings are the fact that they’re so hot and a heavy material, but Jenny insists the material is breathable due to the lack of cotton. However, Lori says that she wants to inform her “fellow male Sharks” that women love shapers for a variety of reasons. Mark says that he understands completely that “every tush needs a push,” but it’s not his core competency. Mark is the first Shark to exit out, and with a good reason.
Robert says that he honestly cannot see anyone purchasing the Hold Your Haunches leggings and wearing them since they seem so heavy-duty and heat resistant. Leggings are not up his area of expertise, so Robert exits the deal as well. Barb brings up that every time there is a female product on the Shark Tank, some of the guys usually exit the deal right away and wonders why that is. Lori and Barb try to push the narrative that the male Sharks don’t want anything to do with the female products, but Kevin insists that he “knows a lot about shapers” (his exact words) but finds the business of shapers to be fraudulent. Kevin says that he is all about compliance and transparency, and he doesn’t find any in the Hold Your Haunches leggings. Kevin is also out of the deal, calling the Hold Your Haunches products “fraud and false advertising.”

Jenny and Erin
Jenny and Erin

Lori says that there are two things that she doesn’t know about the product; what is the margin of each pair of leggings (what it costs to make and how much they sell them for), which Jenny says each pair costs $18 to make in Asia, and to sell them door-to-door is about $30. Wholesale is about $69, and retail is $139, and Jenny says that all the prices are due to the nature of the business as they have primarily committed to smaller quantities prior to taking Hold Your Haunches to a larger scale. Barb asks about profit, and Erin says they profited about $50,000 which was all re-invested right back into the business. Sales so far have tallied $280,000 worth in just 3 years of sales. Within the past 12 months, sales were $165,000.
Lori says that she would like to combine with Barb to make an offer just to show-up her male Shark companions. Barb agrees, and says that she wants to make Hold Your Haunches the biggest seller of the season just to prove that the female sharks are better than the male sharks. Lori continues on, saying that she knows for a fact she can get the product on QVC and that the customers would appreciate it like crazy, and the combined strength of Lori and Barb would get it into retailers with ease. However, Barb doesn’t let the sexism blind her, and says she still wants to get a good deal and she would prefer to “huddle up” with Lori to discuss things. They ask Erin and Jenny to leave while they discuss.

Lori says that she sees the investment in Hold Your haunches in a variety of ways; the first is that she sees it as a challenge against the male Sharks that they can find wise investments. Mark bickers that he might come in to swoop up the deal from underneath that. Returning to the negotiations, Barb says that she will not take less than 10% equity on the deal, and they appear to come to a hushed conclusion.
Jenny and Erin re-enter the tank, and Lori gives the offer of a $75,000 investment in exchange for 40%. Even Kevin asks, “What kind of greed is this?” Barb also mentions that Lori wants to bring in a “special piece” of the offer as well, which comes in the form of an extra $100,000 line of credit that the two moms are going to need in order to help fulfill purchase orders.
Jenny and Erin accept the deal without a second’s hesitation, and say that Lori and Barb are the two women who can help take Hold Your Haunches to where they need to go. Lori and Barb have found their investment in Hold Your Haunches to help prove that maybe the female Sharks are better than the male Sharks. Mark jokes that he and Kevin will start their own line for male shapers, called “Tush Push.”

Hold Your Haunches Now In 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Sales exploded after their segment aired–to the point where they were selling a pair of pants every minute. Within a couple of days, they had doubled what they had sold over the past two years. They also sold out of most sizes; all they had left were a few pairs of extra smalls and a few plus sizes. And they had ordered as much stock as they could after hearing about their air date two weeks in advance.

While their website experienced a few glitches with the shopping cart, it held up against the insane traffic. They also went from having 800 e-mail subscribers to more than 10,000 overnight, which goes to show just how powerful the “Shark Tank Effect” is. Not only that but they were also featured on several news networks including HLN, Gawker, The Today Show, and Jezebel.

In fact, their business was so successful that they were eventually given an update segment in season six. In the update, Erin and Jenny revealed that they’ve sold more than $1.5 million in products and that they have moved to a new facility to keep up with the demand.

By the end of 2016, they had expanded their collection to include other products including vests, long-sleeve tops, short-sleeve tops, tank tops, camisoles, ponchos, and slacks. They also began selling their leggings on Amazon.

hold your haunches
Their official website is still up, however, their online store is “currently unavailable due to maintenance”

Fast forward to 2024 and Hold Your Haunches is still in business, or at least their website is still up. However, their online store is down due to maintenance. As far as we can tell, it was still up and running a few weeks earlier (they had a variety of tank tops, bootcut pants, capris, tank tops, and leggings on sale back in December). They also revealed in a blog post a few months back that they were working on a Hold Your Haunches bathing suits line.

hold your haunches items
They offered various products from leggings to capris prior to going “down for maintenance”

Interestingly enough, however, their social media accounts have gone dark. While the “@headhaunchos” Twitter account remains active (though they don’t mention the Hold Your Haunches brand at all), the brand’s official Facebook page seems to have been deleted. Are they actually “down for maintenance” or are they gone for good? It’s hard to tell at this time but unless they give us an update, it’s not looking good.

hold your haunches fb
Their official Facebook page has since been deleted, which isn’t a good sign for the business

From what we can tell, some “Hold Your Haunches” pants are also still available on Amazon. Having said that, we’re not sure whether or not they’re actually from the brand or if they’re copycats as the brand itself is listed as “Generic” on the site. The leggings also don’t have any reviews on the site, which make us question their authenticity.



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