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Holiball After Shark Tank Update 2024 – Where Are They Now

Holiball Before Shark Tank

Holiball is a company that makes and distributes colossal, inflatable Christmas ornaments for decoration. The ornaments were made to perfectly match the look of the smaller bulbs that are used to decorate Christmas trees. However, these bulbs are much larger and less fragile. Holiball ornaments are weather resistant so that they can be placed outdoors in rain, snow, and frigid temperatures without being damaged. These decorations are available in two different sizes: 18 inches and 30 inches, and they cost between $40-$60 each. They’re also available in a wide range of colors, some of which are Marigold, Vintage Red, and Pearl White. Though there are about 20 more colors as well. Once the Christmas season has concluded, Holiball’s can be deflated down to a smaller size, typically the size of a baseball, for easy storage.

Holiball was created by a trio of cousins, Amberly Hall, Kristy Moore, and Jennifer Couch. Before the debut of Holiball, the cousins were all on their own paths. Amberly was working as a real estate agent and an educator. Kristy was working hard, and still is, at being a stay-at-home mother. And Jennifer was working as a serial entrepreneur. Now, although this trio had not yet gained any experience within the realm of designing and manufacturing products, what they did have was Jennifer’s expertise in business and entrepreneurship, and Kristy’s creative skills. And these ladies surely used that to their advantage when creating Holiball.

Amberly, Kristy, and Jennifer came up with the idea for the Holiball ornament while on a road trip. Combining all their skills, the ladies set out to launch Holiball in late 2019. In 2020, the trio started traveling throughout Texas in order to find a market for their new creation. Their first stop was at the Chi Omega Christmas Market. Here, the entrepreneurs landed an invite to the Dallas Market Center. Not long after, the cousins were noticed by an Atlanta, Georgia representative during their time at the Home & Gift Buyer’s Market. This led them to travel to Atlanta, where they were successfully invited to take part in the Vegas Market Best in Show Showroom and Atlanta’s Americas Mart. From there, they received an invite to have their product launched in Australia and Latin America just one month later. Holiball Inflatable Ornament 6

Within just their first full year after their launch, Amberly, Kristy, and Jennifer had successfully gotten their Holiball ornaments into over 350 stores across 8 countries and 36 states. The ornaments ended up selling out entirely within just a few months, which was not was the entrepreneurs thought would happen. Nonetheless, they were able to restock their inventory and launch new, more unique colors such as black, lilac, and merlot. To their surprise, even these colors were in high demand. While these ladies sure have created a success of these ornaments, they would like to expand further past the smaller stores and venues they’ve been selling through. Although, for that to happen, they will need a sharks help with boosting them into those more well-known, big box retail stores.

Holiball on Shark Tank

Amberly Hall, Kristy Moore, and Jennifer Couch appeared on Shark Tank on December 4, 2020, with their Holiball ornament. They’re seeking a $150,000 deal in exchange for a 10% equity in their Holiball business. They begin pitching to the sharks while demonstrating how to use the Holiball ornament. They explained how the business had become a reality and they allowed the sharks a chance to inflate the ornaments themselves. Holiball has an estimated valuation of $1.5 million during this time. With that, the trio begins sharing their sales with investors. In 2019, the ladies had done $171,000 worth of sales. In 2020, up to the point of the episode airing, they had done $650,000 in sales. Given that, the Holiball’s cost just $10 to manufacture, and they sell for between $40-$60 depending on the size purchased. Holiball Inflatable Ornament 2

As their introductory pitch ends, it becomes time for the entrepreneurs to hear the sharks out. Kevin O’Leary states first that he cannot, and will not, invest in Holiball due to him already being invested in three other Christmas-related businesses. With that, he goes out. Next up, Barbara Corcoran offers the ladies $150,000 in exchange for a 25% equity in the business, although she thinks the valuation of the business is wrong. Nonetheless, she believes the product will go far. Mark Cuban ends up partnering with Barbara for the same deal she had already presented. This leads Lori Greiner and Daymond John to team up as well. They offer the founders a $150,000 deal in exchange for a 20% equity in Holiball. Ultimately, Amberly, Kristy and Jennifer accepted the deal from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran.

Holiball Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Following their success on Shark Tank, Amberly Hall, Kristy Moore, and Jennifer Couch have successfully kept the Holiball ornament business up and running. As of 2024, it has not been disclosed as to whether the deal made with Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran has been closed. Nonetheless, Holiball saw a spike in sales after their time on Shark Tank, and they even sold out of the inventory. With the Christmas season approaching, it’s possible that they will see more increases coming to their sales soon. While this business idea may seem unique, the Holiball ornaments business does have at least one competitor, which is Annabelle’s Holiday Noggins.

During Shark Tank’s season 13 episode, Holiball was able to give an update on how business is going for them. One of the first things they mentioned what that they had successfully bypassed a cybersecurity hack. While this hack didn’t affect their business, it did cost them a big sum of money to get their personal banking information changed. Nonetheless, the Holiball business is thriving still in 2024 and appears to continue to do so soon. Holiball currently has an estimated annual revenue of about $1 million and their ornaments can be found on Amazon and their website, as well as in some stores. Holiball Inflatable Ornament 3

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