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Love and Pebble After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Love and Pebble Before Shark Tank

Love and Pebble is a brand that makes beauty pops that promotes keeping skin clean, clear and beautiful. Although, the company also sells derma-rollers, serums, and serum micro-needling tools. Love and Pebble’s beauty pops are made from all natural ingredients such as banana, turmeric, papaya, and Aloe Vera, and they do not contain any added preservatives. Additionally, the pops are completely free from parabens and alcohol. These ingredients combined work well with tightening the skin and keeping it looking young. The pops are also highly nourishing and exfoliating for one’s skin. Love and Pebble’s beauty pops come in a kit that consumers will be able to construct themselves. To make the beauty pops, just mix the beauty powder in with some water, stir, and pour the mixture into the beauty pop trays. Place the tray in the freezer until frozen. Once they’re frozen, just massage the mask in a circular motion onto the skin.

Love and Pebble was co-founded by husband and wife, Paul Tran and Lynda Truong, who launched the company in 2021. Lynda was her own inspiration for the creation of this company. Growing up experiencing acne at a younger age, Lynda often felt her self-confidence being tampered with because of it. And considering how pricey most skin care products can be, she was unable to afford one that would help her with her acne and her self-confidence. This lack of skin care products eventually led her to make her own solutions from scratch. After two years, and many tests of trial and error, Lynda had finally mastered an effective skin care recipe. After using her product for some time, she got to see the surprisingly outstanding results and how beneficial it had been for her skin. Wanting to share this product with many others suffering from acne, Lynda teamed up with her husband, Paul, and launched Love and Pebble. The name of her company is inspired by penguins. Penguins show their devotion to their mates by gifting them a single pebble, thus giving the company its name, Love and Pebble. Love and Pebble 5

Having experience within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as expertise in research and development, Paul quickly became a great asset to the company. Especially when it came to launching the company. When Love and Pebble officially launched, the founders had only been selling their initial product, the beauty pops; however, they’ve now added a variety of other skin care tools as well. Given that the company was launched in 2021, this meant that the world was right in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic. Considering everyone was having to wear face masks for most of their days, many were experiencing stubborn acne. And, while Lynda had not anticipated how big her company was going to become, it’s no wonder it took off quite quickly. At the time, Love and Pebble was being heavily promoted across TikTok, which led many viewers to Lynda’s website eager to purchase the product themselves.

Shortly after seeing a drastic increase in sales, Lynda was featured on the Today Show to promote her product further. To no one’s surprise, this publicity led to yet another spike in sales, as well as a better online presence for the company. As it stands, Love and Pebble’s beauty pops are being sold for $46 per kit on Amazon and on the company’s website. But, given how popular the products have become, Lynda sees that she will need to expand the Love and Pebble business soon. To do so, she will need a shark to help her better her marketing. With that, Lynda and Paul will be attending a visit to the Shark Tank to, hopefully, blow the sharks away with their skin care products. Love and Pebble 2

Love and Pebble on Shark Tank

Lynda Truong and her husband, Paul Tran, show up to the Shark Tank searching for a deal of $150,000 in exchange for a 10% partnership in their $1.5 million skin care company, Love and Pebble. They are hoping to get a shark’s investment, as well as guidance, so that they can improve their marketing and expand the company sooner rather than later. Lynda and Paul begin pitching their company as they hand over a sample of the beauty pops to each shark. They then show the sharks how the beauty pops are meant to be used, while they explain how the recipe contains all natural ingredients. Guest shark, Daniel Lubetzky, asks the founders if the samples can be eaten. To which they responded by saying yes. Kevin O’Leary then chimes in to ask Lynda if the product would work the same if plain ice were in place of the beauty powder mixture. She explains that ice cubes are great for reducing puffiness of the skin; however, her beauty pops are better for acne and nourishment of the skin.

Although the sharks like the pitch thus far, Kevin wants to hear about their recent sales numbers. The entrepreneurs reveal that they’ve done a total of $898,000 since their launch in 2021. They also shared the news about their debut on TikTok and how the platform has skyrocketed their sales. With that in mind, each beauty pop kit costs the founders $9.20 to produce and ship, and they are priced at $46 per kit. This leaves the customer acquisition cost at $7. When asked what they’re looking to gain an investment for, Lynda and Paul mention that they need help with marketing their products into getting into stores. Love and Pebble 1

Mark Cuban isn’t interested in investing in a skin care company, so he goes out after advising the founders not to rule out selling their products online. Kevin chimes back in to announce that he is going out as well due to it just not being a company for him. The next shark to back out is Daniel. He states that he doesn’t know enough about the skin care industry to invest in it. Then Lori Greiner drops out as well. She tells Lynda and Paul that she likes them; however, she feels that they should be focusing on improving their growth to a steadier pace. This leaves Barbara Corcoran as the final shark to state her offer or resignation. Unfortunately, she is concerned that the spike in sales from TikTok could only be a one-time thing. Given that, she doesn’t believe that the founders need sharks help, so she is out. Thus, leaving Lynda and Paul to leave the Shark Tank without a deal in place for their company, Love and Pebble.

Love and Pebble Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Though Lynda and Paul didn’t get a deal on Shark Tank, the Love and Pebble company continues to stay in business ad appears to be doing good. Of course, the company did see an increase in sales following their appearance on the show; however, specific sales numbers have not yet been disclosed as of 2024. Neither has information regarding their annual revenue. Nonetheless, as of December 2024, the website shows that they have sold out of their holiday bundles entirely. Given that, their sales must be doing great. Fortunately, Love and Pebble doesn’t have any competitors currently. Love and Pebble’s beauty pops, and other products, are still being sold on the company’s website, as well as Amazon. Love and Pebble 3

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