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Lisa Mantler Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Lisa Mantler is a young social media celebrity from Germany, who got famous thanks to her lipsyncing videos from the popular Musical.ly app. She has a twin sister called Lena, and the two of them do everything together. Including social media!

Together with her sister and family, she lives in Stuttgart, Germany. She is currently in high school and plans to attend university once she graduates. Together with her sister, she makes a living from her social media accounts. Their estimated net worth is $150,000, and it keeps growing every day. They also recently started a fashion brand together.

Next up, we are listing all of their social profiles, including Lisa Mantler’s Snapchat username.

Lisa Mantler Snapchat Username – lisa.maaa

lisa mantler snapchat code


Lisa Mantler’s Snapchat username is @lisa.maaa. To add her, all you need to do is simply scan the above Snapchat code. You can also click on the username below the code, or simply search for “lisa.maaa” in your app.

Lisa Mantler – Other Social Media Accounts

Lisa and Lena are social media icons, and as such, they have to have profiles at most mainstream sites. And they sure do. How cute is the fact that all of their social media accounts are joint accounts that the two of them share?!

Lisa Mantler Facebook Account – First off, the twins’ Facebook account. You can find them on Facebook as @lisaandlena, where they have around 200,000 followers. The Facebook account feels a little left behind since it is only active maybe once a month.

Lisa Mantler Twitter Username – Their Twitter is in a much better situation. The sisters use it every day and have around 200k followers on it. Their username is same as the above one, @lisaadnlena.

Lisa Mantler Instagram Username – Lisa and Lena’s Instagram is by far the biggest of the three ‘main’ websites. The account has an amazing amount of followers, over 12 million to be exact.  You can find them under the handle @lisaandlena.

Lisa Mantler YouTube Channel – Lisa and her sister launched a YouTube channel in 2016, and are already well on their way to cross the 1 million subscriber mark. The account is definitely worth checking out, as there are many behind the scenes videos on it.

Lisa Mantler Musical.ly Username – Like most of their accounts, their Musical.ly app username is @lisaandlena. It’s this app that made them famous, and now they have over 20 million followers on it.

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