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Lost Dog Returns Home After Finding Way to Shelter and Ringing Doorbell

Bailey, a rescue dog who had recently been adopted from the Animal Rescue League of El Paso, went missing from her new home in January. Immediately, her parents contacted the animal rescue to let them know about the situation. In an effort to help find the pup, the shelter also posted about Bailey on their Instagram page.

In the post, they wrote that Bailey “[had] gotten loose in the Mesa and Sunland Park area” and pleaded for followers to call if they spotted or found her. They also included several pictures of Bailey.

bailey 2
Bailey returned to her previous shelter despite her new home being 10 miles away

In the end, it didn’t take long before they received calls from their followers with reported sightings of the pup. However, as it turns out, they wouldn’t need them.

Baily ended up surprising everyone by returning to the Animal Rescue League of El Paso early on January 31. Not only did he show up at the shelter, but the pup was also smart enough to ring the doorbell for help.

According to the rescue, which posted about her safe return, Bailey “made her own way back to [the rescue] and rang [their] doorbell at 1:15 am.” Staff immediately rushed to the center and let her inside. In the post, the rescue also included a picture of the pup, which was taken by the shelter’s doorbell camera.

bailey the lost pup
The Texas animal shelter posted a picture of Bailey that was taken by their doorbell camera, along with another to indicate that she had safely returned to the center

The founder of Texas’s Animal Rescue League of El Paso, Loretta Hyde, said that she was amazed that Bailey was able to find her way back to the shelter- an extraordinary feat seeing as how her new home is ten miles away.

Staff is unsure how long Bailey was away from her new home but she is now back with her forever family, settling in, with the help of the animal rescue.

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